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Maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayee

Posted on: November 6, 2020

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Sometime back, I had come across a list of unreleased songs of Mohammed Rafi on the internet. The number of such songs were close to 100. A scrutiny of the songs revealed that these were not necessarily unreleased songs. Some songs were from unreleased films which were released later on gramophone records in some cases. Then, there were songs which were composed for released films but were not picturised. Some songs were deleted from films mainly to reduce the length of the films. Some of the songs in the list have already been covered in our Blog.

To begin with, I checked from the list to see which of the songs, especially of 1940s and 50s are available on the video sharing platforms which are yet to be covered on the Blog. From the list, I found two of the earliest songs among others rendered by Rafi for an unreleased film, ‘Geet Aur Aansoo’ (1940s) which are yet to be covered in the Blog. I am presenting one of Rafi’s two songs in the film, ‘maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi’. The song has somewhat unusual lyrics by Surjeet Sethi.

Arun ji has confirmed that not much details about the film in HFGK such as the name of the director, star cast and other crews of the film is available except that it was produced under the banner of S. S. Moviemakers. One website ( has shown the film as that of 1947 but as unreleased and has listed 7 songs in the film of which 2 songs were sung by Mohammed Rafi, 4 songs by Kusum Mantri and remaining one song sung by S Mohinder who was the music director. SAREGAMA has also listed S Mohinder as the music director for three mp3 clips of the songs of the film. All the songs were written by Surjeet Sethi.

I find from the filmography of S Mohinder that in most of the films for which he was the music director, Surjeet Sethi wrote lyrics for him. He wrote lyrics for S Mohinder in ‘Sehra’ (1948), ‘Neeli’ (1950), ‘Bahadur’ (1953), ‘Paapi’ (1953) and ‘Sau Ka Note’ (1955). After 1955, Surjeet Sethi seems to have given up writing lyrics for the film. After a gap of many years, Surjeet Singh’s name propped up as a producer-director-lyricist of an obscure film ‘Sandli’ (1980s, UR) for which S. Mohinder was the music director.

‘Geet Aur Aansoo’ (1940s UR) raises a point to ponder as to which was the debut film of music director S. Mohinder – ‘Sehra’ (1948) which has been marked as such or ‘Geet Aur Aansoo’ (1940s) songs of which were supposed to have been recorded in 1947? Surprisingly, I have not come across in any article on S. Mohinder or his interviews in which he had ever mentioned ‘Geet Aur Aansoo’ while discussing his film music.

I personally feel that ‘Geet Aur Aansoo’ may be the debut film both for music director, S. Mohinder and lyricist, Surjeet Sethi. First, the style of singing of Mohammed Rafi reminds me of his song in ‘Jugnu’ (1947). Secondly, I came to know from the Rajya Sabha interview which S Mohinder gave about 4 years back that he and Surjeet Sethi got acquainted with each other only during their train journey from Lahore to Bombay Central in May 1947, a few months before on the partition. During the conversation in the train, Surjeet Singh introduced himself as a shaayar. Their friendship in Mumbai may have led to their collaboration in ‘Geet Aur Aansoo’ (1940s, UR) and some more films.

Audio Clip:

Song-Maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayee (Geet Aur Aansoo)(1947) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Surjeet Sethi, MD-S Mohinder


maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi
liya aagosh mein jyonhi wo muskaayi
maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi

uski hansi ne khud ko naashaad kiya aa aa aa aa
uski hansi ne khud ko naashaad kiya aa aa aa
uski shokhee ne khud ko barbaad kiya
usko le doobi uski hi angdaayi
maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi
liya aagosh mein jyonhi wo muskaayi
maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi

mil gayi raakh mein aaj uski jawaani
mil gayi raakh mein aaj uski jawaani
maut ki dulhan bani wo husn ki raani ee
naseeb-e-maut ab teri kahaan sunaayi(?)
maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi
liya aagosh mein jyonhi wo muskaayi
maut uski jawaani pe lalchaayi

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