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Maiyya maiyya boley baal Kanhaiyya

Posted on: November 29, 2020

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Today’s song is from the film Sautela Bhai-62. The film was made by Alok Bharti, Bombay. It was directed by Mahesh Kaul and Anil Biswas provided the Music.The cast of the film was, Guru Dutt, Pranoti Bhattacharya, Bipin Gupta, Rajkumar, Ratna, Honey Irani, Sarosh Irani, Asit Sen, Bela Bose, Kanhaiyalal etc.etc.

The film was based on a famous novel in Bangla- ” Baikunther will “, written by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee. Many people mix up this novel with another novel- ” Krishnakanter will “, written by Bankim chandra Chatterjee. Films were made on both the novels. This reminds me that in 1932, Bharat Laxmi Pictures of Calcutta had made a film ” Krishkanter will” in Bangla language. When I went into details, I found that a silent film was also made on this novel in 1927 and a Talkie was made in 1932. One more film was also made in 2007. Even a Tamil film was made on this novel -Rohini in 1953. Its storyline was woven around a forged will and it was very popular. Comparatively, Baikunther will was made only once in Bangla and now this in Hindi. This novel was based on a family issue.

The screenplay and dialogues of film Sautela Bhai-62 were by Dev Kishen and Mahesh Kaul had directed it. The story of film Sautela Bhai-62 was….

Baikunth Muzumdar (Bipin Gupta) is a small time grocery merchant, having property and money in a village. After his first wife’s death, who has borne him a child, he gets marries again to Bhawani (Pranoti Bhattacharya). Contrary to everybody’s fears, Bhawani gives her love to Gokul, the infant. When she gets her own son, Vinod, both brothers love each other, like Ram-Laxman. Gokul (Guru Dutt) looks after family business, while Vinod (Rajkumar Khatri) goes to Calcutta for college studies. There, he gets into bad company and starts drinking etc.

Meanwhile, Baikunth dies after making a will, giving all property to Gokul, on wife’s instructions, as she is sure that Gokul will look after Vinod very well. When Vinod comes back, he is taunted by Gokul’s wife and father in law (Kanhaiyalal). Vinod thinks that, being a step brother, Gokul has instigated this. He leaves the house with his mother against her will. He also plans to put a case against Gokul.

When Gokul learns all this, he goes to Vinod’s house, drags him out, beats him and gives away all the property to him in exchange of his love, which he professes with tears. Seeing all this, Vinod repents and realises how much Gokul loves him. He begs pardon and then all is well in the end.

In the star cast, you find 2 names Rajkumar and Sarosh Irani. I remember, when I was new in this Blog group, there was a discussion in 2011 about who this Rajkumar was. It was only later, when I started my research on my project ” Same Name Confusion”, I found that this Rajkumar was different from the ” Jaani” wala Rajkumar.

In fact, I found that there were 5 Rajkumars operating at the same time in the film industry, causing so much confusion that filmology details were mixed up of everybody. The first was Kannada Hero Dr. Rajkumar. However, he never worked in any Hindi film, so no confusion about him.The second was the famous Dialogue master Raaj Kumar ‘Jaani’. Third was Rajkumar Gupta ( from Ranchi), who was the main character in popular film Jagriti-54. He never worked again in any film. Fourth was Raj(u) Kumar, a junior artist, who did minor roles- mostly uncredited-in films like Shri 420-55, Jagte Raho-56. Dilli ka Thug-58, Aaj aur kal-63, Ziddi-64 etc etc..The fifth was this Rajkumar, who mostly worked in Religious and Mythological films. His name was Rajkumar Khatri.

Rajkumar khatri may have been born in or around 1940. He started as a child artiste in films like Janmashtami-50, Jai Mahakali-51 and Insaan-52. His first film as an adult was Shuk Rambha-53, in which he did the role of young Shukdev. He was a fine actor, not extraordinary, but there was something special about his screen presence. Apart from his boyish looks, he had an unspoken charm and emanated an inherent goodness. In his second film “Tulsidas”-54 he played the role of Shri Ram. He was hardly 15-16 year old then. This must be the youngest and most boyish looking Shri Ram ever seen on the screen !

Rajkumar khatri acted in 61 films, mostly Religious and Mythological films (47 to be precise). Not that he did not work in any social films, but such films were less. He was seen in films like Sautela Bhai-62, Aaj aur kal-63, Ustadon ke ustad-63, Ziddi-64, Nai umer ki nai fasal-65 etc etc. Due to his young looks, boyish face and innocent looks, he was generally given roles of younger brother. As Laxman, he acted in 7 films. His last film was probably Chintamanee Surdas-87.

In the mid 80s, when film offers became scarce, he joined Prakash Mehra as an assistant. He used to live in Chembur. He was known as Chhota Rajkumar in the industry. He worked with Prakash Mehra for a long time, as Assistant Director and as also his P.A. Reportedly, he died in September 2014. No further information on him was available. (Thanks to for information.)

Now let us come to the other name Sarosh Irani. Normally the filmgoers are aware of Daisy Irani, Honey Irani or Aruna Irani. Few people even knew Menaka Irani, but hardly anyone knows about Sarosh Irani. Being an unusual name we debated earlier whether this is a Girl’s name or Boy’s. Here is some information on Him….

Sarosh was born to Perin and Noshir Irani on 7 August, 1948 in Bombay. He is third among five siblings, namely, Menka, Bunny, Sarosh, Daisy and Honey. In 1979 he married Mona and the couple is blessed with two lovely daughters, Sabah and Delnaaz. He did his initial schooling in Deolali’s well-known boarding school, The Barnes School. After he joined the film industry he went to St. Teresa’s High School in Bandra.
Sarosh’s first film as a child-actor was Masoom released in 1960. He was finalised to play the eldest of the three siblings in the film. Little Honey Irani was chosen to play his younger sister. The song ‘Nani Teri Morni Ko Mor Le Gaye‘ picturized on her, sung by Ranu Mukherjee.

Sarosh says “Satyen Bose was a good Director. He had a lot of patience, he would wait till we gave the shot just like he had visualised. He would keep encouraging, even enact and show us at times. He was very friendly, never rude. I had a nice time shooting with him. Soon I got offers for Aarti (1962) and Sautela Bhai (1962). I started liking acting.”

Tarachand Barjatya‘s Aarti (1962) was directed by Phani Majumdar. Alok Bharati‘s Sautela Bhai (1962) directed by Mahesh Kaul was based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay‘s “Baikunther Will” and had Pranoti Ghosh, Bipin Gupta, Guru Dutt, Raj Kumar and Kanhaiyalal playing pivotal parts. It’s a story of two step-brothers, the elder one a good-hearted rustic played by Guru Dutt and the younger, an educated weakling, spoiled by his crooked friends played by Raj Kumar. The film was honoured with the All India Certificate of Merit for the Third Best Feature Film at the 10th National Film Awards. The film is also known for Guru Dutt’s best ever performance as an actor. Sarosh played his childhood part.

Sarosh did a total of 5 films as a child actor – Masoom (1960), Aarti (1962), Sautela Bhai (1962), Man Mauji (1962) and Grahasti (1963). By the time Grahasti (1963) was released Sarosh was about 15 years old, an age when one is neither a child nor an adult and child stars hardly get acting assignments. In his short acting career Sarosh has left a mark, Masoom (1960) and Sautela Bhai (1962) are among our most loved films. Around 1967 Sarosh joined his brother-in-law Kamran as an assistant director. The first film he assisted on was Watan Se Door (1968) which had Dara Singh and Nishi in leading roles. He assisted Kamran on about six films including Chalbaaz (1969) and Aisa Bhi Hota Hai(1971).

After his stint as a child-actor he and his brother, Bunny started their own construction company, B Irani S Irani. In 1976 looking at favourable opportunities he went to Iran where he worked in the construction business. When the war broke out he was forced by the family to return and he came back to India with his wife towards the end of 1983. On his return he joined his brother Bunny (now retired) who by then was looking after the Irani Cafe, B Merwan which was started by their grandfather.

Since then he hasn’t been associated with the film Industry directly but is glad to see the next generation, his nephews and nieces, Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar do well and make a mark in the entertainment industry. ( Thanks to for information.)

The music director Anil Biswas, once upon a time in Top rung and respected as the original composer and a Mentor to many MDs, including C Ramchandra, was on the way to end his musical career. After this film, he only did one more film- by his friend Motilal- Chhoti Chhoti Baten-1965. Then he retired from the films and joined All India Radio at Delhi. Today’s song is sung by Meena Kapoor, Pankaj Mitra and chorus. The song is shot on Dulari and Radhakrishna. The video also shows Pranoti and Bipin Gupta.



Song-Maiyya maiyya boley baal kanhaiyya (Sautela Bhai)(1962) Singers-Meena Kapoor, Pankaj Mitra, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Anil Biswas


maiyya aa aa
maiyya aa
maiyya aa
maiyya maiyya boley baal kanhaiyya
chalat chalat pag dukhan aaye
ab to god uthha le
maiyya aa aa aa aa aa aa aaaa aa aa aa

aa ha ha haa ha ha
aa haa haa haa
balihaari yashoda hari leenhe godi uthhaaye
yashoda hari leenhe god uthhaye
aah mamta ki ye chhavi jo dekhe
mamta ki ye chhavi jo dekhe
dekhat hi rah jaaye
chhavi dekhat hi rah jaaye
chhavi dekhat hi rah jaaye
chhavi dekhat hi rah jaaye
yashoda hari leenhe god uthaaye
yashoda hari leenhe god uthaaye

hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm
lori ga nit rain sunaaye
bhor hi choom jagaaye yashoda
bhor hi choom jagaaye
kahe jaago o
jaago o o o
kahe jaago jaago jaago re kanhaiyya jaago
re gopaala
jaago jaago jaago

paraat mein nand kunwar ka
maa mukh chandr dhulaaye
dekho maa mukh chandr dhulaaye
jal bich sundar shyam hanse ae ae ae ae ae ae
jal bich sundar shyam hanse
jyun neelkamal muskaaye
jyun neelkamal muskaaye
sheet lage na lage natkhat hari
sheet lage na lage natkhat hari
kat kat daant bajaaye

hari kat kat daant bajaaye
yashoda hari leenhe god uthhaaye
yashoda hari leenhe god uthhaaye

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Got to know so many details. Request you to continue to regale us with such wonderful piece of information. Thank you for your endeavour.

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Thank you.

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Very informative write-up. The song has appropriate lyrics. Guru Dutt performed very well in this role.
There were two Bangla films made on this novel as I noticed on Youtube. One was a 1950 film and the other one was made with Soumitra Chatterjee in the leading role.

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Thank you for the information on Sarosh Irani. And B. Merwan— 🙂

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Thanks for your thanks.

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