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Rehti nahin hamesha ye chaand ki jawaani

Posted on: December 27, 2020

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Today’s song is from a B grade Costume drama film- Teerandaz-1955.

The music was from an A grade composer who was going downhill via B and C grade films and within 2 years’ time, would walk into a path leading to the end of a spectacular musical career – C. Ramchandra. With the strong competition from New blood composers lika Shankar Jaikishan, Madanmohan, O P Naiyyar and others, C Ramchandra was finding it difficult to maintain his leading position.

In 1955, C Ramchandra had actually 8 films on hand, out of which film Baap re Baap slipped out of his hands and went to O P Naiyyar, leaving him with only 7 films. They were Yasmin, Teerandaz, Pehli Jhalak, Lutera, Insaniyat, Duniya Gol hai and Azaad. As far as the film Baap re Baap is concerned, C Ramchandra had composed 3 songs ( 2 Asha solos and 1 Kishore solo) before quitting the film. The songs remained in the film ( since its shooting was already done), but commercial records were not issued. Effectively, all the 8 songs out of the total 11 songs were by Asha Bhosle ( because of O P Naiyyar, obviously).

Film Insaniyat had Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar (for the first and the last time) together in the lead. The film was made in Madras, where C Ramchandra was quite popular amongst the Madrasi producers. There was a trained monkey ‘ Zippy ‘ in the film ( Baburao Patel had said that Zippy’s acting was the best in the film ! ). The monkey was brought from Hollywood. Out of the 7 films in 1955, film Yasmin was C Ramchandra’s favourite film. He is on record saying that he had taken extra efforts for that film. However Yasmin songs did not become very popular as he had expected and even the film was not very successful. C Ramchandra was upset, more also because it was made by Musical Pictures, a joint venture by Lata and C Ramchandra !

Film Teerandaz had only 6 songs and as expected all were Lata songs ( like all Asha songs in O P Naiyyar films). In 1956 C Ramchandra had only 3 films, in 1957 5 films. This was also the year when there was a rift and separation of C Ramchandra and Lata. Consequently, succeeding 3 years, C Ramchandra had only 4, 2 and 3 films. His downfall gained momentum.

The film was directed by H.S.Rawail. Harnam Singh Rawail aka H.S.Rawail was born in Lyallpur,Punjab, British India on 21-8-1921 and moved to Mumbai to aspire to be a filmmaker. Here he wrote lyrics for films, Veer kesari-38, Na hone wali baat-38 and Yaad rahe-40. Later, he moved to Calcutta where he wrote several film scripts and debuted as a director with Dorangia Daaku -1940. His three consecutive films; Shukriya-1944, Zid-1945 and Jhoothi Kasmen -1948; were commercial failures. His next film Patanga-49 was successful and was the seventh highest grossing Bollywood film of 1949. The film is still remembered for the song “Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon” sung by Shamshad Begum.

Later, Rawail’s nine consecutive films from 1949 till 1956 did not perform well at the box office. In March 1956, Rawail started with two new projects, Chaalbaaz with Meena Kumari and Baazigar with Vyjayantimala. Both the films were dropped eventually. However, in 1958 director Nanabhai Bhatt revived both the projects starring Nirupa Roy, Jairaj and a Dog- Tiger. Chitragupta was the MD for both films. Chaalbaaz-58 was a Stunt film and Baazigar a Costume Drama. Rawail took three years sabbatical and returned in 1959 with a comedy film Shararat, starring Raaj Kumar, Kishore Kumar and Meena Kumari. The film was not a commercial success along with his next two films, Roop ki Rani Choron ka Raja-61, starring Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman and Kanch ki Gudia -63 starring Manoj Kumar. But the film brought recognition to Manoj Kumar after having starred in various unsuccessful films before.

Rawail’s major success came with 1963 musical film Mere Mehboob starring Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana Shivdasani. Kumar had earlier worked as an assistant director to Rawail. The film was praised for Rawail’s direction and is remembered for the title song composed by music director Naushad and performed by singers Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar. His next film Sunghursh -68 was based on a novel written by the Bengali author Mahashweta Devi. The film was set in the 19th century and showcased the lives of bandits. It was praised for the “exceptional performances” by its actors like Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Balraj Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar and Jayant. The actor-director Rajesh Roshan had worked as an assistant director on the film.

His next film Mehboob ki Mehndi -71, featuring Rajesh Khanna and Leena Chandavarkar performed average at the box office but was recognised for its music composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. However, his 1976 film Laila Majnu, starring Rishi Kapoor and Ranjeeta Kaur in lead roles, became a huge blockbuster. Rawail’s last film as director Deedar-E-Yaar -82 was a commercial failure with which he took sabbatical from the film industry. He directed,in all, 22 films.

His son Rahul Rawail is also a film director and is best known for films like Love story -81, Betaab-83, and Anjaam-94. He paid a tribute to his father’s “best work”Sunghursh -68 by titling one of his film as Jeevan Ek Sanghursh -90.Rawail’s grandson Bharat Rawail is an upcoming director, who recently assisted Yash Chopra for his last film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012). Rawail died on 17 September 2004 at the age of 83 in Mumbai.(adapted from Wiki, with thanks).

What makes a film successful ? So far, no one has got the answer. We have seen Big star films flopped and ordinary films like Jai Santoshi Maa-75 doing record business. That is why, maybe, producers try various tricks like taking 2-3 heroes, 2-3 heroines, a battery of Comedians etc. Film Teerandaz had 2 Heroes-Jairaj and Ajit, 2 heroines- Madhubala, and Kuldeep kaur and 3 Comedians, Gope, Sundwer and kumud Tripathi. It also had 3 dancers-Helen , Kammo and Mohana. Even Madhubala’s sister Chanchal had a song in it. Despite all this, the film did not do well.

As far as Kumaud Tripathi is concerned, he joined the films as a Lyricist and wrote songs for films Rimjhim-49, Bijli-50, Sandesh-52, Jeevan Sathi-57 and Nai zindagi-51. Then he became a comedian. His role in the film Apradhi-57 kaun was the best among his 73 films. After films, he joined TV serials. His role as Guptaji, General store owner in serial Nukkad was much appreciated. In his initial days, he shared a cottage in Bandra slum along with Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar.

Comedian Sunder Singh aka Sunder was born in Sialkot, Punjab in August 1916. His father was working in Madon Theatres, Calcutta. Sunder also started working there. Initially, for a long period,he did Girl’s roles. Once his work was seen by H.S.Rawail (Director in later life). He was quite impressed. Later Rawail started working with R.N.Vaidya as his assistant in direction.Meanwhile Sunder started working in Talkie films. His first film,where he was credited, was ” Na honewali baat”-38. Before that, Rawail and Vaidya were preparing to make the film Banke Sipahi-37.Rawail recommended Sunder and Vaidya gave him an uncredited small role in that film.

Sunder and Rawail became good friends and started staying in one flat in Calcutta. After a few films here, they both went to Lahore and Sunder got the Hero’s role in the film ” Shukriya”-44. There were 4 Heroines in the film- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Raksha. Sunder’s role in this film was that of a young man from a village and Ramola was from a City. Sunder’s one song from this film-‘ Nayanon ke teer chala gayee ek shehar ki laundiya’ became very popular all over India, However the song was banned in Punjab due to its lyrics. After this they both came back to Calcutta.

His next film was Albeli-45, in which too there were 4 Heroines- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manoram and Usha. In the 40’s , Sunder acted in many films like Arabian Nights, Baap, Shabri, Chandrashekhar, Ek aurat, Grihalaxmi, Lottery, Samapti, Jhoothi kasme, Savyasachi, Do baaten, Shadi ke baad, Bawra, Khiladi, Nai Bhabhi etc. In Calcutta, Sunder got married to a girl from his community. Rawail left for Bombay. After a few months, Sunder also returned to Bombay.

Rawail was very happy to get him back and gave him roles in almost all of his films. Not only Rawail, but also J.Om Prakash, Mohan Kumar, Lekhraj Bhakri, Manoj kumar etc gave him roles in their all films and he became a busy actor. He was at one time, in great demand. He was quite popular due to his nature.In the decade of 50’s he did 88 films, which increased in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s however films came haltingly.

From singing Hero, he became a Junior artiste( extra), in presence of the new crop of actors. The role of comedians was on decline, as Heroes like Amitabh and others did comedy scenes themselves. His health started troubling him. His last film was probably Bahurani-89. He became ill for a long time and finally died on 5-3-1992. Sunder acted in 436 films. He was a good singer and sang his own songs in early cinemas. In all, Sunder sang 40 songs in 25 films. ( Thanks to Harish Raghuwanshi ji for material for adaptation.)

The story of film Teerandaz-55 was about a masked Teerandaz who supports the oppressed janta against a Tyrant Senapati. The Teerandas is a girl- Madhubala. there were only 6 songs, out of which 2 are already posted. let us now enjoy the third song by Lata and chorus.

Song-Rehti nahin hamesha ye chaand ki jawaani (Teerandaaz)(1955) Singer- Lata, Lyricist- Rajendra Krishna, MD- C Ramchandra


rehti nahin hamesha ye chaand ki jawaani
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jab tak hai zindgaani
jab tak hai zindgaani
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

guzre jo mastiyon mein
achchi wohi ghadi hai
warna ajal to kabse
peechhe tere khadi hai
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa

jab tak chale calaa le
ye saans ki kahaani
jee bhar ke aish kar le
ji bhar ke aish kar le
jab tak hai zindgaani
jab tak hai zindgaani
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

ye khwaab hai sunehra
rangeen hai ye dhokha
mat chhod zindagi ka koi haseen mauka
aayega haath phir na
behta hua ye paani
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jab tak hai zindgani
jab tak hai zindgani
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

rehti nahin hamesha ye chaand ki jawaani
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jee bhar ke aish kar le
jab tak hai zindgaani
jab tak hai zindgaani
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa

3 Responses to "Rehti nahin hamesha ye chaand ki jawaani"

Nuggets of information shared is really amusing and fantastic. Many many thanks.




Dear Arun ji,

May be Teerandaz was flop but for me songs were top class, from Ashqon Main Doob Doob, Ae Pardanasheen, Badi Bewafa Hai, Rehti Nahi Hamesha, Yeh Hassen Sham to Maine Rakh Di Nishane Pe …were all excellent songs.

Yasmeen & Teerandaz both were superlative like other hit movies of Anna IMHO.

Thanks for lovely info as usual!

Warm Regards,



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