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Jeewan ki gaadi chalti hai

Posted on: December 31, 2020

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The year that was … “2020” … we have finally come to the end of ‘Year 2020’ which has shaken the whole world and while people are trying to come to normal, the pandemics’ ‘aftershocks’ and its ‘new improved stains’ are still threatening to harm the humanity further.

Our heart goes to those who have lost their lives, those who have struggled and those who have faced difficulties in the ‘pandemic period’.
From that point of view all of us, those who will see the morning of ‘2021,’ are fortunate and should express our gratitude to the almighty, well-wishers, family members and friends, and to all them who have been caring for each other and maintaining social discipline to help the country fight back to this calamity.

Life moves on … and for people like me and like-minded music lovers this blog has been the main sources of motivation where we visited and enjoyed music to give us that much needed ‘therapeutic’ relief to forget for some time the harsh realities of life and sometime making us philosophical to think over and give a fight back or even to do an introspection.

Here I would like to highlight one comment on the blog by our regular inspiration Shri Manohar Lal Dave ji.

Suddenly it seems ONE DAY match for SHANKAR JAIKISHAN because there was no such T20 in their time. Thanks to Avinash ji, Atul ji…With SJ nearing 1K mark, the trio of lyricist-singer-composer in a song will be achieved and the BLOG will be complete in a sense in this gloomy year 2020. It will be an achievement for SJ to touch 1k mark first which they justifiably deserve like Sunil Gavaskar touching 10K mark in test.

I do not know how many of us have read this above comment and how everybody of us had interpreted it. But, for me it is a very big comment and while it also shares ‘feelings’ of many like me, it’s also the love for this blog and its magic that we are looking for our daily motivation here.

Regulars on the blog are aware of my (our) love for the railways 😊 When I came back from Kenya last year I had so many plans to visit my Mother (in Maharashtra) and other relatives and gang-outs with our team members, and thus travelling by train and relive the experience of train journey (after a long gap). However, fortunately or unfortunately it could not happen. The one ‘mini gang-out’ chance was missed on account of my health issues and after that the ‘lockdown’ happened and train services were cancelled. Secondly, then I got a job and it turned out to be the ‘shortest tenure job’ of my career. Meanwhile health issues continued and after some time they became ‘mind issues’😊

During this time where everything was looking going wrong the only thing I was doing ‘right’ (or I was able to do it correctly) was contributing to the blog with write-ups and sharing songs. It was like a retired person life or semi-retired life for me. (sabbatical is the other word – ‘Doctor’s terminology 😊)
Well, I was daily praying to the almighty to bring my life on ‘track’. (मेरी गाड़ी को पटरी पर ला दो भगवान्). And as it so happened the almighty got me engaged indirectly in the ‘maintenance’ of ‘tracks’ for all. (or मैंने उपरवाले से प्रार्थना की थी के मेरी गाड़ी को पटरी पर ला दो भगवान्, पर भगवान् मुझे काम ही ऐसा दिया के मैं सब के लिए पटरियों के मरम्मत के काम में हाथ बटाऊँ).
While the first job was around 35-40 kms from my residence the second one is 50-55 kms away from the city. Travelling for the first job I have to cross a over bridge on a railway line near the satellite station of the city and I used to see trains coming and going from a longer distance.
But now I am getting to watch the ‘tracks’ daily with those beautiful ‘track maintenance machines’ (innovation of the technology). Secondly a railway line passes around this place so I can watch trains coming and going. That reminds me of all the ‘train songs’ from our movies and specially ‘gaadi bulaa rahi hai’, which is a source of inspiration and motivation and how accurate are the words in this song …

dekho wo rail,
bachchon ka khel,
seekho sabak jawaanon
sar pe hai bojh,
seene mein aag,
lab pe duaa hai jaano
phir bhi ye ja rahi hai,
naghmein suna rahi hai
gaadi bula rahi hai,
seetee bajaa rahi hai

This has become my daily inspiration and motivation now.

Another good thing happening at the end of the year was the pre-engagement function of elder daughter 😊 (Sahir’s song always playing in the back ground in my mind).

So, the year ‘2020’ is ending on a very happy note for me on both home and work fronts. At work I have taken a new challenge but the daily inspiration and motivation – the train – with me. I get to read this tagline ‘the journey continues … with many miles to go’ daily now and it reminds me that the journey is still on … my journey continues…

And, that is why the today’s song is a ‘train song’ sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Talat Mehmood. It is from the 1955 movie ‘Do Dulhe’. Lyrics are by Pandit Indra and music is composed by B.S. Kalla.

On screen it is performed by a male and a female actress whom I am unable to identify, however Shyama and Sajjan are also seen in the picturisation of this song.

I had come across this song more than two years back now, when there was a discussion about train songs on the ‘Whatsapp group’ of Atulites.

Lastly, I wish to add about the other love of our group that is ‘cricket’. The year ended on a happy note for India as our team scored a win over Australia. The ‘year-ending’ also reminds me of statistics like most ‘runs’ or ‘wickets’ and ‘run and wickets double’ in a single ‘calendar’ year. If the scores in single calendar year is to be considered with reference to ‘write-ups’ and/ or ‘lyrics’ shared will be interesting to know (tnih) for the artists (as well as the contributors) 😊

Let us now enjoy this philosophical train song …



Song-Jeewan ki gaadi chalti hai (Do Dulhe)(1955) Singers-Talat Mehmood, Lata, Lyrics-Pt Indra Chandra, MD- B S Kalla


Jeewan ki ee gaadi chalti hai …

Jeewan ki gaadi chalti hai
Kuchh rukti phir chalti
Jeewan ki gaadi chalti gaadi chalti
Oonchi neechi raahon pe
Yoon nadiya chali machalti
Gaadi chalti
Jeewan ki ee gaadi chalti

Koyi sukhi hai
Koyi dukhi hai
Koyi gaata
Koyi rota aa
Koyi gaata
Koyi rota aa
kamar jhukaaye khadaa hai koyi
Paaon pasaare sota aa aa
Paaon pasaare sota aa

Kabhi sawera hota sukh ka aa
Aa aa aa aa
Kabhi sawera hota sukh ka
Dukh ki sandhya dhalti ee
Aansoo aur geeton ki duniya
Rehti sadaa badalti
Aansoo aur geeton ki duniya
Rehti sadaa badalti

Gaadi chalti
Jeewan ki ee gaadi chalti

Jeewan ki gaadi chalti hai
Kuchh rukti phir chalti
Jeewan ki gaadi chalti gaadi chalti
Jeewan ki gaadi chalti gaadi chalti

Devnagri Script lyrics (Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)
जीवन की ई गाड़ी चलती है …

जीवन की गाड़ी चलती है
कुछ रूकती फिर चलती
जीवन की गाड़ी चलती गाड़ी चलती
ऊंची नीची राहों पे
यूं नदिया चली मचलती
गाड़ी चलती
जीवन की ई गाड़ी चलती

कोई सुखी है
कोई दुखी है
कोई गाता
कोई रोता आ
कोई गाता
कोई रोता आ आ

कमर झुकाए खडा है कोई
पांव पसारे सोता आ आ
पांव पसारे सोता आ

कभी सवेरा होता सुख का आ
आ आ आ आ
कभी सवेरा होता सुख का
दुःख की संध्या ढलती ई

आंसू और गीतों की दुनिया
रहती सदा बदलती
आंसू और गीतों की दुनिया
रहती सदा बदलती

गाड़ी चलती
जीवन की ई गाड़ी चलती

जीवन की गाड़ी चलती है
कुछ रूकती फिर चलती
जीवन की गाड़ी चलती गाड़ी चलती
जीवन की गाड़ी चलती गाड़ी चलती

3 Responses to "Jeewan ki gaadi chalti hai"

Loved this song. Keep pouring like this Atul.


Accept my sincere Thanks and gratitude for my comments appreciation.
Wish You and all Atulites a Very Happy and Prosperous and Healthy 2021.


Happy new year to you too sir


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