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Ek shama jaley kahaan

Posted on: January 20, 2021

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“Dhuen Ki Lakeer-1974” was directed by Kishore Sahu for ‘Rupanjali Productions Ltd, Bombay’. It had Parveen Babi, Ramesh Arora, Dinu Harish, Preeti Ganguly (all four making their debuts in Hindi Cinema), Aatm Prakash, Urmila Bhatt, Pinchoo Kapoor, Lalita Kumari, Major Sudan, Montu, Malini Bhatia, Uma Dutt, Ashalata, Ved Sharma, Khalid, Rajkumar and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 21.07.1974.

“Dhuen Ki Lakeer-1974” had four songs as listed below;

S.No. Song Title Singer Lyricist Posted On
01 Daur wah aa gayaa dil ke armaan beekey Mohd Rafi Saajan Dehalvi
02 Gori ki maang mein sindoor Shamji Ghanshamji Saajan Dehalvi
03 Teri jheel si gehri aankhon mein Nitin Mukesh, Vani Jairam Rameshwar Tyagi 18.01.2009
04 Ek shamaa jaley kahaan Ajit Singh, Krishna Kalle Khalish Dehalvi Being discussed today

It can be seen in above table three lyricist contributed four songs in this movie. Music for this movie was composed by Shamji Ghanshamji who also making his debut as music director with this movie.

I think this was an obscure movie of its time though I am aware of one song from this movie i.e., ‘teri jheel si gehri aankhon mein’ (I vaguely remember to have heard this song on a rainy night on radio in my childhood days and since then I have never forgotten it 😊 ). Also, this song seems to be the only known song from this movie.

Today 20th January 2021 is the ‘sixteenth remembrance anniversary’ (04.04.1954 – 20.01.2005) of one of the beautiful actresses of the seventies Parveen Babi. I have watched many of her movies and liked her performance in all of them. I am going to list all her movies and I leave it for yet another post in the future on her.

On this occasion here is a song from this movie ‘Dhuen Ki Lakeer-1974’. This movie had made its debut on the blog on 18.01.2009. Since that day, 4385 days have passed while this movie is represented in the blog with just this one song i the blog.

Today’s song is sung by Ajit Singh and Krishna Kalle and on screen it is performed by Ramesh Arora and Parveen Babi respectively.

Pinchoo Kapoor, Urmila Bhatt and many others can also be seen in the picturization of this song.



Song-Ek shama jaley kahaan parwaanon ki bheed yahaan (Dhuen Ki Lakeer)(1974) Singers-Ajit Singh, Krishna Kalle, Lyrics-Khalish Dehalvi, Md-Shamji Ghanshamji


laa ri ri ri raa raa aa
laa aa aa
laa aa aa
oo oo oo

ek shamaa aa
jaley kahaan
parwaanon ki bheed yahaan
raaz ki baatein
kise bataaun
jaam pyaar ka
kise pilaaun
arrey hai koyi deewaana
arrey hai koyi deewaana
arrey hai koyi deewaana
dil ka fasaanaa jo sun le mera
ek shamaa jaley kahaan
parwaanon ki bheed yahaan

aise na aa mujhko sataa
aa haaye na mujhko jalaa
a haa haa
a haa
dekh idhar bhi zara
baahon ka haar banaa
ya oo oo
aur na mujhko sata
aur na mujhko bana
aha aha
dekh idhar bhi zara
baahon ka haar bana
ek shamaa
jaley kahaan
parwaanon ki arre bheed yahaan

la la laa aa
aa aa
a ha aa
aa aa
a ha aa aa

kehti hai ye kaali ghataa
aa thhodisi munh ko lagaa
a aa aa
iss’se hai nafrat agar
labon se tu meri pee jaa
kehti hai ye kaali ghataa
aa thhodisi munh ko lagaa
is’se hai nafrat agar
labon se tu mere pee jaa
ek shamaa
jaley kahaan
aa parwaanon ki bheed yahaan

raaz ki baatein
kise bataaun
jaam pyaar ka
kise pilaaun
arrey hai koyi deewaana aa
arrey hai koyi deewaana
arrey hai koyi deewaana
dil ka fasaanaa jo sun le mera
ek shamaa jaley kahaan
parwaanon ki bheed yahaan

4 Responses to "Ek shama jaley kahaan"


Thanks Avinash ji for the rare song


During my schooldays, I remember browsing through printed pocket book giving the screenplay of this movie, which was provided to me by the library of my Hindi class


Preeti Ganguly (One of the party guests-fat girl) and Lalita Kumari Sinha(the elderly lady sitting with Pichoo kapoor)also feature in the song picturisation, I miss Parveen Babi`s screen presence very badly, One of my favourite artiste, I watched sometimes back her Chritra(1973) movie(with Salim Durrani) only for her sake, ……….

No one is there to tell the world about her sufferings or her point of opinion about whatever printed(to this date they keep on printing things about her) on her personal life……..She should have been there…….

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