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Hamen maar gayi re tirchhi najariyaa tori

Posted on: April 15, 2021

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Geeta Dutt – Solos and Duets (05)
Among the first few songs, I had selected for posting in this series, is this group song, with folksy tune. The film is Chaalbaaz(1958), the music is composed by Chitragupt and lyricist is Prem Dhawan. The title of the film evokes memories of Late Sridevi and her double role and the comic act in the film of same title in the year 1989.

The song is a brief one for a group song and the lyrics are very colourful, and not just because of the color-coding. Reminds me of a famous song, a truet of Lata-Rafi-Mukesh, with choruses and Rafi Sahab’s alaaps Ramaiyya vastavaiyya ramaiyya vastavaiyya. This is called a famous song, and we know all about this one.

Present song is not so famous one, but for all I know it might have been a hit and popular one in 1958. Singers are Geeta Dutt, Mohammed Rafi and Usha Mangeshkar. I found it last year on youtube and saved it for this series, as it sounded folksy and peppy, with the clap sounds enhancing the enjoyment. Apart from ‘Qawwali’ the ‘tappa’ genre and other folk forms use the clap as a rhythmic addition in the song, which must be enjoyable for those not actually singing or playing music instrument, as they can also participate. Hindi film songs are a dime a dozen for using ‘claps’ in songs.

A few such songs (non-Qawwali) which come to mind :
Laara lappa laara lappa laai rakhdaa
Na munh chhupaa ke jiyo
Iss duniya mein jeena hai to
Ye chaand ra roshan chehraa
Purvaa suhaani aayi re

Also there are many ‘garba’ songs which had women dancing with accompanying hand claps.

These 4 songs out of 7 are posted in the blog:

Song Date posted in the blog
Duniya hai aisi chaalbaaz 21 June 2015
Ho chat mangni to pat shaadi 7 May 2017
Tin tina ke teena kisi ne dil hai chheena 17 December 2019
Koi dil ko lage apna apna 6 April 2020

I have found a pdf file containing list of all hindi film songs by Geeta Dutt. But I dont know a way of sorting data, if it is possible in pdf file. I will try to get it converted in excel, that will make it easy to sort data. For example, we can know how many songs Geeta Dutt sang for Chitragupt in her career.
Atulji is doing a great job of collating information of all Lata mangeshkar’s songs year wise viz-a-viz songs posted in the blog. I can see that a similar collation of data is possible with a list of all songs of Geeta Dutt, with the help of this pdf file.

Okay, I found a way. I searched and found 94 times Chitragupt’s name in the pdf list of Geeta Dutt’s songs.
So here goes the stats:

Sr. no. Name of singer/s Total songs with Chitragupt Songs posted in the blog
1 Geeta Dutt 94
2 Geeta Dutt-Rafi 28*
3 Geeta-Rafi-Usha Mangeshkar 2 0

*Includes 4 truets, Two with Usha Mangeshkar and two with Balbeer.

This is the other song of the same team with Bharat Vyas as the lyricist:

Sukhi Nahin Wo Jo..Bhaiya Kaam Karo Mat Aaraam
Balyogi Upmanyu(1958)
Mohd Rafi, Geeta Dutt, Usha Mangeshkar
Bharat VyasTotal tally in the blog of this team independently is:

Name Total songs Posted
Chitragupta 1057 488
Prem Dhawan 936 448
Geeta Dutt 1418 908
Usha Mangeshkar Not available 203

Done with the stats, so let us move to the song, of which only audio is available.

Audio Link:

Song-Hamen maar gayi re tirchhi najariya tori maar gayi (Chaalbaaz)(1958) Singers-Rafi, Geeta Dutt, Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Chitragupta
Male chorus,
female chorus
All chorus


Tinak tinak dhin
dhinak dhinak dhin
tinak dhinak dhin
taat daat dhin tinak
taat dhin
taat tiba bap
bap brrrrrrrrrrr…

ho ooo oooo
ho ooooo

ho ho
ho ho ho ho
hoy ye……

ambuwa ki daal pe jhoole pade
arey saawan mein tere sang naina lade
hamen maar gayi re ae
tirchhi najar tori maar gayi ee ee
hamen maar gayi re ae
tirchhi najar tori maar gayi

kaisi ghadi haay naina lade
dil ko hazaar dukh sehne pade
main to haar gayi re ae
tose sajan main to haar gayi ee

ae ji haar gayi re ae
tose sajan main to haar gayi

aisi najar se sainyyan ne dekhaa
nanha sa jiya mera dol gaya

ha aaa aaaaaa
ho ooooo
aaaa aaaa
ho oooo

aisi najar se saiyyan ne dekhaa
nanha sa jiya mera dol gaya
dheere se aa ke
ghoonghat uthhaa ke
nainon ki boli koyi bol gayaa

dekhi sooratiya to
reh gaye khade
poonam ki raat jaise
chandaa chadhe
hamen maar gayi re
tirchhi najar tori maar gayi haan aan
hamen maar gayi re
tirchhi najar tori maar gayi

dhokha hai pyaar jaane saara zamaana
phir bhi kisi ne yehaan pyaar huaa

ha oooo oooo
ooo oooo

dhoka hai pyaar jaane saara zamaana
phir bhi kisi ne yehaan pyaar huaa
kis ka kalejaa hai bolo jahaan se
nazron ka teer nahin paar huaa

baithhe hain haathh haay
dil pe dhare
aage teri marzi hai jo bhi kare
hamen maar gayi re ae
tirchhi nazar tori maar gayi ee
haan aan
hame maar gayi re
tirchhi najar tori maar gayi
ae ji haar gayi re
tose sajan main to haar gayi

ooo ooooo ooo
ae ji to haar gayi re
tose sajan main to haar gayi
oooo ooooooo
ae ji haar gayi re
tose sajan main to haar gayi
ae ji haar gayi re
tose sajan main to haar gayi

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