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Premika ne pyaar se jo bhi de diyaa

Posted on: June 4, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

Today is the first birthday of Balu sir after he left us due to Covid related complications. The singer, actor, music director, dubbing artist, television presenter and film producer Sripathi Panditaradhyula Balasubrahmanyam a.k.a S.P. Balasubrahmanyam would have turned 75.

He was a huge bhakt of Mohd. Rafi. There are various video available in the public domain where he has stated this.
Last year our Nahmji had poured her heart into this post when the news of Balu sir’s passing broke on the news channels. And our Pradeepji had written his feelings in the comments to this post. Those were the feelings of practically all his fans.

But I don’t want to make this into a sad tribute as Balu Sir was a very lively person. He was a live-wire in his shows and performances on stage. He had a great hold on his art. And he was an automatic choice for giving playback when Southern superstar Kamal Haasan made his debut in Hindi films.

He played the hero’s friend (who is a singer) in the 1981 remake of the 1953 Telugu hit ‘Pakkinti Ammayi’. The remake was also called ‘Pakkinti Ammayi’. And no marks for guessing that these were the Telugu remakes of the Bengali original ‘Pasher Bari’ which was the inspiration for ‘Padosan’. ‘Pakkinti Ammayi’ was possibly Balu Sir’s acting debut. Before that he had done guest appearances in a movie or two. Hope that explains why I have listed him as an actor in the opening para. This was not his only acting assignment.

I have seen a Tamil movie in the late ’80s where he played a 40-year-old widower father to a teenage daughter. His was a natural and effortless acting. The highlight of the movie was a song in which he sings the antaras in a single breath. The director of the movie had asked Balu Sir if he could do the entire five minute song in a single breath and the singer was said to have replied that then he would have to find someone else to complete the movie as it was impossible to sing a song of that length in one shot. 🙂

There was one other movie, again in Tamil, where he played a good-natured cop and friendly father to Prabhu Deva. This was the movie with which audiences got to see Prabhu Deva the dancer for the first time and SPB as his father was simply too adorable. And he had acted in many Telugu and Tamil till 2018. He was seen in a few Kannada movies too and one Malayalam movie.

He was the default choice when it came to dubbing Tamil movies into Telugu (and the other way too) for Kamal Haasan till 2010. He had dubbed for Ben Kingsley when Gandhi was released in Telugu. He gave voice for seven characters (including the female character) in the Telugu version of Kamal Haasan’s Dasavathaaram out of the 10 characters that Kamal played.

His work in Hindi films began with “Ek Duje Ke Liye” as we all know and was the preferred voice for Salman Khan in some of his initial movies. And he has sung for many movies the last of which was ‘Chennai Express’ and the dubbed version of ‘Linga” in 2014.

He had hosted and judged the Telugu and Kannada equivalent of Indian Idol.

He was a recipient of Padma Shri (2001), Padma Bhushan (2011) and Padma Vibhushan (announced this year). He has won 6 National awards for Best Singer for songs in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. He has records for recording 21 songs in a day in Kannada, as also 19 Tamil songs in a day. He is said to have done something similar in Hindi also.

Personally I am a huge fan of this personality and would have loved to post that Tamil song where he has sung the Antaras in a breath. But I am settling for the dubbed version of his song/dance with Prabhu Deva from the dubbed movie ‘Humse Hain Muqabala’. It’s Tamil original was “Kadhalan” (‘Loverboy’ that released in 1994). It had a cast of Nagma, Prabhu Deva, Girish Karnad, Raghuvaran and S P Balasubrahmanyam. It was directed by S. Shankar who has made movies that had a lot of special effects of which we can see samples in the songs of this movie too. A R Rehman was the music composer. The songs for the dubbed Hindi movie were written by P K Mishra. Today’s song is in the voices of Udit Narayan, SPB and his daughter SPB Pallavi. The same trio sang this in the Tamil movie too.

Tamil original

Audio – Hindi

Video – Hindi

Song-Premika ne pyaar se jo bhi de diya (Humse Hai Muqaabla)(1994) Singers-Udit Narayan, S P Balasubrahmaniam, SPB Pallavi, Lyrics-P K Mishra, MD-A R Rahman


tara tara tara tara ra ra
tara tara tara tara ra ra
premika ne pyar se jo bhi de diya
tere vaaste hai neelam jaisa
premika ne pyar se jo bhi chhu liya
tere vaaste hai sone jaisa
premika ko teerth maano
pyar ko bhi swarg jaano
pyar ke sangeet mein
mm hmm mohini suraagini
pyar ke sangeet mein
mm hmm mohini suraagini

hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm
sa ni sa aa
sa re ga re
sa ni pa ni
sa ni sa aa
sa ga ma ma pa ga re sa
sa ni sa aa
sa re ga re
sa ni pa ni
sa ni sa aa
sa ga ma ma pa ga re sa
tara tara ra ra
tara tara ra ra

premika ne pyar se jo bhi likh diya
mere vaaste hai kavya ke samaan
dilruba ne pyar se jo bhi de diya
mere vaaste prasaad ke samaan

phool mala do rupaiya
teri zulf mein sajaa phool sau rupaiya
jo mithaai ek rupaiya
tumne munh laga ke mujhko di
toh lakh rupaiya

hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm

saajana ne pyar se chhu liya jinhe
woh shool hai phool jaise
saajana ne pyar se chhu liya jinhe
woh shool hai phool jaise
premika ko teerth maano,
pyar ko bhi swarg jaano
pyar ke sangeet mein
mm hmm mohini suraagini
pyar ke sangeet mein
mm hmm mohini suraagini

pyar kabhi waqt-faqt dekhta nahin
har ek waqt hai theek pyar mein

pyar kabhi rang-roop dekhta nahin
kaaluraam bhi hai theek pyar mein
prem-jyoti na bujhegi
aaj hamdam kuchh to prem kar le

yahaan maan apmaan to kuch bhi nahin
ye haqeeqat duniya samajhti nahin

badale yeh zameen aasmaan
par chaahaten nahin badale
laila-majnu pyaar ki woh
dastaan poochhe inn hawaaon mein
saajan teri chaahaton mein dil mera
kho gaya teri chaahaton mein kho gaya
saajan teri chaahaton mein dil mera
kho gaya ye dil tumhaara ho gaya

tara tara tara tara ra ra
tara tara tara tara ra ra

1 Response to "Premika ne pyaar se jo bhi de diyaa"

Peevisie’s Mom,

One can feel that this post comes from the heart. Thanks for writing this birthday post for SPB.

I did not know that he was an actor too. I have seen the videos of SPB talking about his love of Rafi Sahab and the way he idolized him. May they both meet in heaven and exchange notes, God willing.


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