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Tum ho sajni meri tamanna

Posted on: June 17, 2021

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Today’s song is from a film called Daughters of India-1939. The film was made by Super Pictures, Bombay. It was directed by V M Vyas and the Music Director was Pt. Ram Gopal Pandey. Twelve songs of this film were written by Munshi A. Shah ‘Aziz’. The cast of the film was Khursheed, Ashiq Hussain,Radha Devi, Vimla Devi, Shah Ali, Leela etc.etc.

Film’s Hero Ashiq Hussain hailed from U.P. He was a Handsome person. He could act and also sing reasonably well. He was selected by Jaddanbai as a side Hero in her first film “Talash E Haq”-1935, wherein, her own daughter Nargis also made a Debut as a Child Artiste with the name Baby Rani. Jaddanbai was in the female lead opposite Yaqub, who also hailed from a Tawayef family. Ashiq hussain acted in all the 5 films made by jaddanbai, namely Madame fashion-36, Hriday manthan-36, Moti ka Haar and Jeevan Swapna-37- all directed by her. Ashiq hussain acted in 25 films. His last film was ‘ Utho Jaago”-1947, in which he was cast opposite actress Shahzadi. She was also the producer of the film. After the film was released, Ashiq Hussain married Shahzadi and they both migrated to Pakistan.

I do not know what was the story of the film Daughters of india-39. I had seen an advertisement of this film in Film India magazine, wherein they said ” after Mother India-38, another social film “. However I found that both films were made by different banners and different Directors too. The Music Director was the same.

I have heard 3 songs from the film Daughters of india-39 and frankly I was disillusioned. The songs are so drab and have almost the same style and same tune-with slight variation. I also happened to listen to some songs from other films of Ram Gopal pandey, like Kisan kanya-37 and mother india. They are so unmusical. No wonder Ram Gopal got only C grade action and stunt films.

Music Director Ram Gopal Pande was variously credited as R G Pande, Ram Gopal, Ram Gopal Pandey etc. He hailed from U.P. After trying to become a singer unsuccessfully, he became assistant to many well known composers and learned the methods.

His first break came in 1936 with ‘ Matwali Jogan’ aka A girl from Lahore. Then he was called by the Imperial film company for its first colour film Kisan Kanya-37. Master Nisar and Padma Devi’s songs became popular, so he was given two more films- Mere Laal-37 and Vasant Bangalee-38.

Then came Mother india-38, Actress kyon bani-39, Flying Rani-39, Perfect man-38, Daughters of India-39 and Chalti Duniya-40. He was then connected with Mohan Pictures. He did other movies like Tatar ka chor-40, Deepak Mahal-40, Captain Kishore-40, Jadui Bandhan-41, Shahzadi-41, Bulbul E Baghdad-41, Bandukwali-44, Hoor E Jungle-46, Baghdad ka Chor-46, Arab ka chand-46, Ali Baba-46.

His last film seems to be Angoorbala-47. He was left behind as his music was stage and drama type only. He did not change the style either. In all he gave music to 22 films and composed 203 songs. None of his songs are remembered today. No other information is available on him.

Even the director of this film was V M Vyas who specialised in films of low budgets and C grade films generally. Vishnukumar Maganlal Vyas was born on 4-11-1905 in Ahmedabad. He started his career in 1927 as a Cinematographer. His company, Sunrise films, was started in 1941. He produced and directed 30 Hindi ( 3 Silent and 27 Talkie films) and many Gujarati films . He died on 24-1-1962 at Bombay. Vyas was a very hardworking person and a man of ‘ never say die ‘ spirit. He was disciplined and did not tolerate any nonsense. He was also known as a very miser. Being a Vaishnav, his stars would get only vegetarian food during shootings. If they wanted Non Veg food, they had to pay for it.

His first Talkie film was Saubhagya Lakshmi-34 and the last was Naag Devta-81.

Famous writer Manto has described in his book an incident about Noorjehan and V.M.Vyas.

At the time of film Naukar-43, the pair of Shaukat Hussain and Nur jehan troubled Vyas to no end. Not attending the shoots on time, asking for extra money on some pretext or the other and in general giving trouble and mental torture to Vyas were common. Not only this, additionally Nur jehan and Shaukat used to take interesting property materials from the sets to their house-like furniture, decorative vase, cupboards etc. Vyas kept quiet till the film was complete.

Once the film was completed and released, he registered an F.I.R against both of them for stealing studio equipment. To utter dishonour of Noor jehan, a police raid was made on her residence and all the furniture, tables, decorative pieces etc. , which she had taken from the sets were confiscated and the court fined her also.

Thus Vyas did not keep quiet when it was his turn and taught a lesson to Noor jehan and Shaukat Hussain, for troubling him.

After listening to songs of early era films made in Bombay, no wonder the film songs from Calcutta films became more popular. It must have been a breath of fresh air to the audience.

This song was given to me by Shri Abhay Jain jee (US) and it was uploaded by Sadanand Kamath jee for me. I thank both.
With this song, the film Daughters of India-39 makes its debut on the Blog.

Song-Tum ho sajni meri tamanna(Daughters of India)(1939) Singers- Ashiq Hussain, Khursheed Bano, Lyricist-Munshi A Shah ‘ Aziz’, MD- Pandit Ram Gopal Pandey


Tum ho o sajni meri tamanna
sajni ee meri tamanna
tum ho saajan mera sahaara
tum ho saajan mera sahaara

aao nayi ek duniya basaa kar
aao nayi ek duniya basaa kar
us mein prem ka baag lagaayen
hum roothhen aen
tum hamko manaao

tum roothho ham tumko manaayen
tum roothho ham tumko manaayen

jahaan sadiyaan haan jahaan sadiyaan
jahaan sadiyaan
jahaan sadiyaan khil khil jaati hon
jahaan prem ki neenden aati hon

jahaan koyal boley koo koo koo
jahaan ?? boley choon choon choon
prem badariya chhaayi ho sajni ee
barse amrit dhaara aa aa
prem badariya chhaayi ho sajni ee
barse amrit dhaara aa
tum ho
tum ho
tum ho o o

2 Responses to "Tum ho sajni meri tamanna"

“His first Talkie film was Saubhagya Lakshmi-34 and the last was Naag Devta-81”
I think this should be Naag Devta-81.
This was one eye opener post which says that ‘some old songs were ordinary’
Have I understood correctly?


Peevesie’s Mom ji,
I have not understood your first point. Where is the mistake ?
Secondly, I have not said this anywhere in this post, but I have always believed that all songs before 1970 were not good and all songs after 1970 were not bad.


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