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Arre na jaane kyaa samjhen ye moonchhon waale moonchhon waale

Posted on: June 25, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Do Raaha-1952, about which not much is known- except whatever is given in the HFGK.The film was made under the banner of ‘Progressive Pictures,Bombay’. It was directed by Bal Chhabra and was produced by his elder brother Sujit Chhabra under their own banner. The cast of the film was Nalini Jayawant, Shekhar, K N Singh, Agha, Dewan Sharara, Jagdish Sethi and many more. The 8 songs of this film were written by Prem Dhawan-6 songs and one each by Sahir Ludhianvi and Josh Malihabadi. It seems, there was one more song ” Sab paise ki hai maya” sung by Shankar Dasgupta, S D Batish and Prem Dhawan. The song was also recorded but not included in the film. The music was by Anil Biswas.

Like the film title ‘Do Raaha’, Anil Biswas was also almost at a Do Raaha point in his life. He was a disturbed person. His relations with wife Ashalata were worsening by the day. At the same time his closeness to Meena Kapoor was increasing. Out of his total 90 films in his career, 60 films were over and he was looking at the last 1/3 part of his career with a pessimistic view. After this film, he gave music to 29 more films, but his old magic seemed to be deserted him on the way somewhere. Only the films Fareb-53, Pardesi-57, Char dil char rahen-59 and Sautela Bhai-62 had songs having his faint old stamp.

Anil Biswas, the Bhishma Pitamaha of HFM, was a respected person in the industry. He started from the mid 30s and for the next 25 years or so, he created many everlasting gems in film songs. In Bombay,the Playback system was first started by him in the film Mahageet-1937. By the mid 50s his magic started waning and by 1960, he was almost gone from the industry.

Initially he did 10-11 films with Sagar, then with Mehboob for National studios and then in Bombay talkies- where his name became immortal with the film Kismet-1943.

He married Ashalata in 1936. Along with her he started variety pictures and they produced films like Laadli-49,Laajawab-50;Badi bahu-51,Hamdard-53 and Bajuband-54. ( a less known fact is-Anil da had made a Guest appearance in film Hamdard-53 as a barber. He also acted in the film Mehman-53 (produced by Ashalata),as a Pujari and a song was shot on him.In both cases he did not get any payments. As a Producer he lost heavily, because Ashalata usurped all the money. Frustrated, he gave up everything and separated from her in 1954.

To sustain life, he bought a Truck and did a business of transportation. In addition he also took the contract for a canteen in Mehboob Studios. He failed in both ventures. By now, his relations with Ashalata were soured and sweet links were established with singer Meena Kapoor-25 years younger to him, since 1948 itself. They got married with each other on 19-3-1957. The death of Brother in law and close friend Pannalal Ghosh in 1960 and younger brother Sunil in 1961 as well as his eldest son, broke his heart. He left Bombay and joined A.I.R. at Delhi on 1-3-1963, where he worked upto 27-6-1975. Later he was a consultant for Nehru University for a few years.

Like many filmi couples, Anil da’s married life was also a failure. In Bombay,he used to stay in a huge bungalow,called ” Asha-Pradeep “, on Vincent Road. From Ashalata,he got 3 sons-Pradeep, Amit and Utpal and 1 daughter-Shikha. His son Utpal formed a pair as Amar-Utpal and gave music to few films. The other son Amit established the First Digital Recording Studio in Bombay. Daughter Shikha too got married and settled.

However, hardly anything is known about his eldest son Pradeep, anywhere. Here is some information, hitherto not known much, brought specially for our readers.

Pradeep was a very bright student and always topped in school and college. He passed his entrance exam and the interview, with flying colours for entry to NDA college at Poona, to join armed forces. He excelled even in NDA training. Not only was he very popular there but sang well too. He participated in the music Festival of Khadakwasla NDA and sang 3 songs, winning all prizes. He was also an NDA Topper.

Shri Gopinath Talwalkar, an A.I.R. Programmer at Delhi, used to interview the Toppers of NDA every year. That year Pradeep was the Topper, so he was interviewed. Though the interview was in Hindi, after the recording, Pradeep asked Talwalkar, in pure Marathi, whether his interview had been good. Talwalkar was shocked. Pradeep then explained that he was Anil Biswas’s son and he had learnt Marathi from his actress mother Ashalata. Pradeep knew Hindi, Marathi, English and Gujarati languages.

After completing his NDA training, he was posted as Flight cadet at Jodhpur. He was further promoted and became Pilot Officer in 1957. During one Training flight some altitude problems occurred and his plane crashed at Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad, killing Pradeep instantly. This happened in 1961.

This was also the time of crisis for Anil da. He was struggling to survive. Films were not coming to him. Since he married Meena Kapoor, Lata Mangeshkar-a fast close friend of Ashalata , had gone against him and Meena’s singing career was suppressed. He had already lost Pannalal Ghosh and Sunil-his brother, and now Pradeep’s death devastated him and he was literally forced to seek employment with Delhi A.I.R., when the opportunity came. After retirement, till his death on 31-5-2003, he spent his life in total anonymity as a recluse. So sad for a composer, who was once a fountain of enthusiasm and who was considered Mentor by leading contemporary composers like C.Ramchandra.

Here is an interesting incident about the film Girls School-1949, between C Ramchandra, Anil Biswas and Lata Mangeshkar. This film was produced by Kavi Pradeep under the banner of Lokmanya Productions, Bombay. This was a company floated by him and Amiya Chakrawarty-director of this film. To understand the complexities of Girls school, we must go back a little. In 1942, Anil Biswas was invited by Ranjit @ 1500 pm and by Bombay Talkies @ 2500 pm. As National studio was winding up, Anil Biswas wanted to make a change anyway, but due to the contract of national he could not join Bombay Talkies openly. He ,however , gave music to film Basant-42 and the name of his brother in Law, Pannalal Ghosh was used as its MD.

Finally when Anil Biswas joined Bombay Talkies, there were already 2 groups there. One was led by Devika Rani and Amiya Chakraborty and the other was led by S. Mukherjee along with Ashok kumar, Gyan Mukherjee, Pradeep etc- a total of 15 artistes. Anil Biswas was invited by Devika Rani and that too at 2500 pm, when Pradeep was getting 1500 pm. This irritated Pradeep no end and he started troubling and finding faults with Anil Biswas. However Anil Biswas gave excellent music to film Kismet and then everyone was happy as the film celebrated jubilees everywhere.

With this background, Anil Biswas joined Girls school as a MD, mainly due to Amiya who knew his calibre. Kavi Pradeep being a producer and a Lyricist started interfering with Anil Bswas’s work and criticising him at every opportunity. Anil Biswas was fed up. He had already recorded 3 songs and a solo by Lata , “tum hi kaho, mera man udas kyun na rahe” was to be recorded. Anil Biswas had taken C Ramchandra as his assistant for this film. Though C Ramchandra was already a popular and well known composer himself, still due to sheer respect for Anil Biswas, he had accepted to be his assistant here. When the tune for Lata’s solo was made, Pradeep passed caustic remarks about it being not so good. There was an altercation between Anil Biswas and Pradeep and Biswas quit then and there and went away.

Automatically, C Ramchandra had to take over as MD for the balance songs. Pradeep was very happy. Next day recording of Lata’s solo song took place under the supervision of C Ramchandra, as planned. Later when Lata came to know that Anil Biswas had left and C Ramchandra had replaced him,she was very angry and said that she would not have recorded the song had she known about AB’s exit. She objected to CR’s taking over and complained to the Artistes association too. (Remember, at that time Lata and CR’s relations had not formed yet, Lata was still with Husnlal.)

Later on in 1954, when O P Nayyar replaced Roshan for Mehbooba-54, Lata took up the issue with the MDs’ association. Anil Biswas was the chairman that time and OPN was boycotted. That time Lata quoted the film Girls school incident to prove that she is “highly Principled” !

Anyway, this was how C Ramchandra became the next MD of Girls school-49, with 4 duets of Shamshad and 1 solo for Lalita Deulkar. All the 4 duets of this pair are very interesting. However, with all this jhamelas, film Girls school-49 was a total Flop. Pradeep lost heavily and closed the production company forthwith, after just one film.

Today’s song is a very good song and I was surprised to see that it was not yet posted here. Actually, there may still be some more such Gems, waiting to be discovered. This song is sung by Anil Biswas, Meena Kapoor, Shankar Dasgupta and Shamshad. I liked this song. You too will like it.

(Information used in this article is from books Sagar Movietone, Journey down melody lane, Ritu aaye Ritu jaaye, my notes and Marathi book Anil Biswas, with thanks).

Song-Arre na jaane kya samjhen ye moonchhon waale moonchhon waale (Doraha)(1952) Singers- Shankar Das Gupta,Shamshad Begam, Meena Kapoor, Anil Biswas, Lyricist- Prem Dhavan, MD- Anil Biswas
Female chorus
Male chorus


ae jee bach ke chalna aa
paaon mein moch aa na jaaye
ae kamar naazuk kahin bal kha na jaaye

are na jaane kya samjhe ye
moonchho waale
moonchhon waale

khud ko shaane khuda samjhen ye
moonchhon waale
moonchhon waale

ye baanki tagdi moonchho waale
ye ulti seedhhi moonchho waale
ye bin moonchho ke moonchho waale
khud ko shaane khuda samjhen ye
moonchho waale
moonchho waale

degree lene aaye thhe
mister magar
pad gayi jaane kahaan
unki nazar

ishq ke college mein aise
kho gaye
ho o o
ho o o
B A hote hote Majnoo ho gaye
aur humko bhi Laila samjhe
ye moonchho waale
moonchho waale
aur humko bhi Laila samjhe
ye moonchho waale
moonchho waale

ye chhoti chhoti moonchhon waale
ye moti moti moonchhon waale
ye bin moonchhon ke moonchhon waale
khud ko shaane khuda samjhen ye
moonchho waale
moonchho waale

saara din to jootiyaan chatkaayen hum
aur tab kahin ye chaar paise paayen hum

aeji laaye saadi
laayen powder surkhiyaan aan
o o o o
o o o o
tum udaao aur kamaate jaayen hum
arre phir bhi naaz dikhaayen haay
zulfon waale
zulfon waale

o phir bhi naaz dikhaayen haay
zulfon waale
zulfon waale

hoy naagan ban das jaayen haay
zulfon waale
zulfon waale

ho naagan ban das jaayen
ho das jaayen
ho das jaayen
naagan ban das jaayen haay
zulfon waale
zulfon waale

ek din mister zara
ghar bhi raho
aur aane jaane waalon se parda karo

maanjo bartan
jhaadoo do
paani bharo
o o o o
o o o
jis tarah marte hain hum
tum bhi maro
phir dekhen khud ko kya samjhen
ye moonchhon waale
moonchhon waale
phir dekhen khud ko kya samjhen
ye moonchhon waale
moonchhon waale

ye Hitler jaisi moonchhon waale
ye machchar jaisi moonchhon waale
ye bin moonchhon ke moonchhon waale
khud ko shaane khuda samjhen ye
moonchho waale
moonchho waale
humko na jaane kya samjhen
ye moonchhon waale
moonchhon waale

3 Responses to "Arre na jaane kyaa samjhen ye moonchhon waale moonchhon waale"

I like the repeat words in this song :- Moochhon waale and zulfon waale…..
and is it by design, that this song is introduced to us, by our in-house encyclopedia (who has a pet name bestowed on him by our Sudhirji which is on the same lines as the repeat word of the song)


Peevesie’s Mom ji,

Ha Ha Ha and again Ha Ha Ha !
What a surprise to me ! I wonder, how do you remember all such things. Its a loooooooong time Sudhir ji had referred to me with ‘that’ reference. Hats off to your memory and sense of humour.

Liked by 1 person

Thank you for complimenting my memory. 😁


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