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Morey dil ki nagariya mein aaya hai chor raaja

Posted on: July 7, 2021

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Today’s song is from an unknown film-Lottery-1949. The title of the film is very apt to remind us how success in the film line is often nothing but winning a lottery in your name ! What led to the success of a film was one thing that no one could fathom so far. In my opinion excellent acting, solid story, superb music and a balanced combination of comedy and other emotions are generally behind the success of a film. When one analyses hit films, then at least 2 or 3 factors as I mentioned earlier would be found in them.

1949 was the best year in the Golden Era of HFM. There were so many films offering evergreen, out of this world songs, that the audience did not know which film to see and which song to listen to. The sale of records set new records in 1949. 157 films were made in 1949. Barring the figure of 181 films in 1947 ( we know the reasons), 1949 produced the maximum films from 1931 to 1984 – a period of 50++ years. What’s more, almost every alternate film gave superb songs. Nearly every Music Director of Hindi films was present in 1949, with his films.

This was also a transition period, when older composers were giving way to newer ones. Additionally, the competition between Naushad and C Ramchandra for the Number One position was at its peak. Though C Ramchandra is my favourite composer, it was Naushad all the way during the period from 1947 to 1949, and he was was the undisputed Numero Uno as far as quality and number of hit films were concerned.

In this period Naushad’s strike rate of Hit films was more than that of C Ramchandra. Naushad had 8 Hits from his 9 films in the period 1947 to 1949. For the same period, C Ramchandra had only 4 Hits in his 18 films.

The year 1949 had absolute heavenly showers of Musical Films. Some of such films were Andaz, Badi Behan, Barsaat, Bazaar, Dulari, Jeet, Apna Desh, Chandni Raat, Chaar Din, Sunehre Din, Shayar, Dillagi, Ek thi ladki, Kaneez, Laadli, Lahore, Mahal, Namoona, Patanga etc etc. The year 1949 also witnessed the introduction of A and U Censor certificates, the establishment of Films Division, the start of Navketan productions of Anand brothers and few other landmarks in the Hindi film industry.

The Film Lottery-49 had none of these factors. I do not know the film’s story. The film was made in Calcutta by Bengal National studios, owned by S.D.Narang- the producer. The Director was one G. Singh who had earlier directed one more film – Barsat ki ek raat-1948. Similarly the Music Director- Harbaksh Singh had only 3 films to his credit. Film Ek Aurat-48, Lottery-49 and Nai Bhabhi-50. All films were made in Calcutta only and by S.D.Narang’s banner. After Narang shifted his base to Bombay, possibly, his team was left behind only.

The cast of the film was Kaushalya, Sunder, Ameena khatun, K.Nanda, Cuckoo etc. There were two lyricists – B.M.Sharma (6 songs) and Charandas (3 songs). Not many of the younger generation readers would know that the comedian Sunder, who they saw in several films of 50 to 70 period, was in fact a Hero and a singer in his hey days !

For a long time,I was searching for information on comedian Sunder. I got hold of a 2 page detailed article on Sunder, but it was in Punjabi- which I could not read or use. I found a small paragraph on Sunder in Sanjit Narvekar ji’s book ” Eena Meena Deeka”. Lastly, I requested Harish Raghuwanshi ji for help. Despite his failing health, he promptly sent me articles in Hindi, English and Gujarati, on Sunder. He is such a helpful person. May God give him a healthy life.

Sunder Singh aka Sunder was born in Sialkot, Punjab on 10th August 1916. His father was working in Madon Theatres, Calcutta. Sunder also started working there. Initially, for a long period,he did Girl’s roles. Once his work was seen by H.S.Rawail (Director in later life). He was quite impressed. Later Rawail started working with R.N.Vaidya as his assistant in direction.Meanwhile Sunder started working in Talkie films. His first film,where he was credited, was ” Na honewali baat”-38. Before that, Rawail and Vaidya were preparing to make the film Banke Sipahi-37.Rawail recommended Sunder and Vaidya gave him an uncredited small role in that film.

Sunder and Rawail became good friends and started staying in one flat in Calcutta. After a few films here, they both went to Lahore and Sunder got the Hero’s role in the film ” Shukriya”-44. There were 4 Heroines in the film- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Raksha. Sunder’s role in this film was that of a young man from a village and Ramola was from a City. Sunder’s one song from this film-‘ Nayanon ke teer chala gayee ek shehar ki laundiya’ became very popular all over India, However the song was banned in Punjab due to its lyrics. After this they both came back to Calcutta.

His next film was Albeli-45, in which too there were 4 Heroines- Ramola, Rooplekha, Manorama and Usha. In the 40’s , Sunder acted in many films like Arabian Nights, Baap, Shabri, Chandrashekhar, Ek aurat, Grihalaxmi, Lottery, Samapti, Jhoothi kasme, Savyasachi, Do baaten, Shadi ke baad, Bawra, Khiladi, Nai Bhabhi etc. In Calcutta, Sunder got married to a girl from his community. Rawail left for Bombay. After a few months, Sunder also returned to Bombay.

Rawail was very happy to get him back and gave him roles in almost all of his films. Not only Rawail, but also J.Om Prakash, Mohan Kumar, Lekhraj Bhakri, Manoj kumar etc gave him roles in all their films and he became a busy actor. He was at one time, in great demand. He was quite popular due to his nature. In the decade of 50’s he did 88 films, which increased in the 60s and 70s. In the 80s however films came haltingly.

From singing Hero, he became a Junior artiste( extra), in presence of the new crop of actors. The role of comedians was on decline, as Heroes like Amitabh and others did comedy scenes themselves. His health started troubling him. His last film was probably Bahurani-89. He became ill for a long time and finally died on 5-3-1992. Sunder acted in 436 films. He was a good singer and sang his own songs in early cinemas. In all, Sunder sang 40 songs in 25 films. ( Thanks to Harish Raghuwanshi ji for material for adaptation.)

The Heroine of the film – Kaushalya too is not very well known. She was born at Lucknow in 1929. She was the daughter of the famous dancer Lachhoo Maharaj and actress Daya Devi. Being brought up in the house of dancer and actor, Kaushalya picked up Dance, Music and acting very early. She appeared as a child artiste in films from 1936, when she was just 7 year old. She worked in 11 films as a child artiste. After film Devbala-38, she did roles in Bhole bhale and Uski Tamanna-both in 1939, made by Sagar Movietone. She even sang in both films.

Then came films like Darshan and Ghar ki laaj, both 1941, and Baraat, Bharat milap, Station master and Swapna, all 42. The work poured on her till 1946, when she got married to a boy from Calcutta, when she had gone there for doing films. After marriage she found it difficult to work in films, but continued for some more films, till her last film Ek Do Teen-1953.

In all Kaushalya acted in 27 films and sang more than 100 songs in about 35 films, in her short career time. As a Heroine she had worked with Prithviraj Kapoor, Ulhas, Kumar, Ishwarlal etc.

Today’s song is sung by Kaushalya and Jagmohan Sursagar. With this song film Lottery-49 makes its Debut in this Blog. This rare song was provided by Abhay Jain ji (USA) and was uploaded kindly for me, by our own Sadanand Kamath ji. I thank both.

Song- Morey dil ki nagariya mein aaya hai chor raaja (Lottery)(1949) Singers- Kaushalya, Jagmohan Sursagar, Lyricist- Charandas, MD- Harbaksh Singh


Morey dil ki nagariya mein aaya hai chor raaja
jaldi policewaa bulaaye le
ho raaja
jaldi policewaa bulaaye le
gori mukhda dikhaao
aji ghoonghat hataao zara
nainon se naina milaay le
ho gori
nainon se naina milaay le

mori dhhadke hai chhatiyaa
aur phhadke hai ankhiyaa
o jee choli mein jiyara
dhhak dhhak hoye hai
mori dhhadke hai chhatiyaa
aur phhadke hai ankhiyaa
o jee choli mein jiyara
dhhak dhhak hoye hai
o tohe Bambai le jaaun
bori bandar dikhaaun
jahaan raat din engine ki chhat chhat hoye hai
jahaan raat din engine ki chhat chhat hoye hai

mori bainyya na pakad
mohe jaana apne ghar
kaise boloon main
laaj mohe aaye hai
haaye Raam
nainon se naina milaay le
more dil ki nagariya mein aaya hai chor raaja
jaldi policewaa bulaaye le
ho gori
nainon se naina milaay le
ho o
ho o
nadiya kinaare gori
mori atariyaa
bhari(?) pahariya mein aana na bhoolnaa

ho o
ho o
aaungi raaja
na bhoolooongi vaada(?)
aasha ki dori se jhooloongi jhoolna
aana chupke se raani
more dil ki kahaani
koi aake na dil ko churaay le

o raaja
jaldi policewaa bulaaye le
more dil ki
nagariya mein aaya hai

chor raaja
jaldi policewaa bulaaye le
ho gori
nainon se naina milaay le

3 Responses to "Morey dil ki nagariya mein aaya hai chor raaja"

I remember actor Sundar(frail looking) in H.S.Rawail`s son Rahul Rawail directed moivies Dacait(1987), Arjun(1985)

Thank you Arun ji for the rare information about director H.S.Rawail and actor Sundar


Prakash ji,
Thanks for your comments.


Arun Ji,
Thanks for covering Sunder in this post. I havent read about him in any article so far.


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