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Gori ek baat sun badi mazedaar hai

Posted on: July 9, 2021

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2011-2021) – Song No.30

In Hindi film industry, the experiences of lyricists turning producer/director have not been generally good barring very few exceptions like P L Santoshi and Gulzar. Dr. Safdar Aah Sitapuri, after successfully writing lyrics for 25 films during 1939-1945, turned director with ‘Bhook’ (1946). The film flopped at the box office. With this, he reverted to song writing until 1954 when he directed ‘Maan’ (1954). This film also flopped. After this, he went back to his teaching profession.

Nakshab Jarchvi, who started his filmy career as lyricist in 1945, turned producer-director with ‘Nagma’ (1953) which was a successful film at the box office, He produced and directed his next, ‘Raftaar’ (1955) which flopped. Next, he directed ‘Zindagi Ya Toofaan’ (1958) which did not do well on the box office front. After this film, he migrated to Pakistan.

Ishwar Chand Kapoor directed two films – ‘Chaand Sitaare’ (1948) and ‘Tarang’ (1952) after which he was absent from Hindi film industry between 1952-57 to resurface as lyricist in 1957. J S Kashyap, the writer and lyricist, directed the only film ‘Anyaya’ (1949). Bharat Vyas, after directing his first film, ‘Rangeela Rajasthan’ (1949), refrained from directing any film thereafter. Aziz Kashmiri directed his first film, ‘Sabz Baag’ (1951). After about a decade, he directed his second and the last film, ‘Pathan’/’Rang Raliyaan’ (1962). Both the films were failures at the box office.

The hardship experienced by Shailendra when he produced ‘Teesri Kasam’ (1966) is well known. Jaan Nisar Akhtar produced ‘Bahu Begum’ (1967). Despite having top actors and excellent music, the film failed at the box office. Probably, he may have realised that producing a film was not his cup of tea. He, therefore, concentrated only on song writing thereafter. There may be some more examples of lyricists turning producer/director and failed. Kavi Pradeep was one among them.

Kavi Pradeep started his career as lyricist with Bombay Talkies and wrote lyrics for six films between 1939-43. The tremendous success of ‘Kismet’ (1943) with its songs, all written by Kavi Pradeep becoming very popular, took his career as a lyricist took a great height. In 1943, because of the internal rift, Ashok Kumar, Shashdhar Mukherjee, Gyan Mukherjee, Rai Bahadur Chunnilal and a few more left Bombay Talkies to form Filmistan. Kavi Pradeep also joined them with a 5-year contract.

‘Chal Chal Re Naujawaan’ (1944) was the first film produced under Filmistan banner whose all songs were written by Kavi Pradeep. The film failed at the box office. It appears that after this, Kavi Pradeep was sidelined in Filmistan. Except for ‘Shikari’ (1946), Kavi Pradeep did not get to write songs for Filmistan’s other films like ‘Mazdoor’ (1945), ‘Eight Days’ (1946), ‘Do Bhai’ (1947), ‘Nadiya Ke Paar’ (1948) and ‘Shaheed’ (1948). Since he was under contract with Filmistan and was almost inactive, Kavi Pradeep wrote for films made outside Filmistan such as ‘Kadambari’ (1944), ‘Amrapali’ (1945), ‘Sati Toral’ (1947) and ‘Veerangana’ (1947) under an assumed name of ‘Miss Kamal B.A.’

After the end of his contract period with Filmistan in 1948, Kavi Pradeep became a freelancer. During this period, he decided to turn producer with a newly set up film production company, Lokmanya Productions along with Amiya Chakrabarty and produced the first (and the last) film, ‘Girls’ School’ (1949) which was directed by Amiya Chakrabarty. The film’s star cast included Geeta Bali and Sohan in lead role with Sajjan, Shashikala, Ram Singh, Mangala, Vimala Vashisht, Haroon, in subsidiary roles.

The film’s synopsis is as under:

Meena (Geeta Bali) leaves home when she is forced to accept an arranged marriage. She comes to a village and set up a girls’ school which is opposed by local landlord. Bipin (Sajjan), the landlord’s brother-in-law has an eye on Meena. The school is in need of a teacher. In response to an advertisement, Shanti Kumar Majumdar appears for an interview and gets selected as teacher in the girls’ school. The landlord’s widowed sister Sumitra Devi (Vimla Vashisht), a supporter of the school, objects because he is not married. Meena and Shanti Kumar fall in love but he realises the damage he may cause to her school and leaves. Bipin then spreads rumours about Shanti Kumar’s morals, which cause a further difficulty that has to be resolved before both the future of the school and of the loving couple may be assured. (Source:

The film failed miserably at the box office and Kavi Pradeep lost his good amount of money which probably made him realised to settle for only the song writing for the rest of his life. Amiya Chakravarty started his own banner ‘Mars & Movies’ and successfully produced and directed films like ‘Daag’ (1952), ‘Patita’ (1953) and ‘Seema’ (1955).

‘Girls’ School’ (1949) had 9 songs of which 7 songs have been covered in the Blog, details of which are given below:

Sr. No. Details of Songs Date of Posting
1. Tumhi kaho mera man kyun rahe udaas nahin 25/04/2011
2. Baar baar tum soch rahi ho…chaar din ki chaandni hai 09/07/2011
3. O shahar ke baanke baaboo…zara dil pe rakhiyo qaaboo 19/05/2015
4. Kuchh sharmaate huye aur kuchh saham saham 06/02/2016
5. Raam bharose meri gaadi 25/10/2016
6. Danke ki chot par kehta hoon main 11/12/2017
7. Phoolon ka sapna dekhne waalon 01/05/2021

Generally, Kavi Pradeep was known for his patriotic, inspirational and religious songs. In ‘Girls’ School’ (1949), he had written some light-hearted songs such as songs at Sr. Nos. 4 and 6 in the above table. I am presenting one more light-hearted song, ‘gori ek baat sun badi mazedaar hai’ from the film sung by Chitalkar (C Ramchandra) and Shamshad Begum. The song is set to music by C Ramchandra. I had uploaded the video of the song more than 4 years back with a view to posting the song on the Blog. It is only today, the song got a muharat to be presented under ‘Blogs 10-Year Challenge (2011-2021)’.

Enjoy this ‘nok jhok’ song.

Lyrics of the song were provided by Prakashchnadra.

Audio Clip:

Song-Gori ek baat sun badi mazedaar hai (Girls’ School)(1949) Singers-C Ramchandra, Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-C Ramchandra

Lyrics(provided by Prakashchandra)

gori ek baat sun
badi mazedaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai

piya tum kitne samajhdaar ho
ha ha
kaun kehta hai ki tum ganwaar ho
kyon gori kaisi kahi
badi mauke ki rahi
magar ye baat tumhaari nahin
magar ye baat tumhaari nahin
udhaar hai

teri takraar mein bhi
uun hoon

teri akal se das guni hai gori
mujh mein akal
zara sheeshe mein dekho apni shakal
jyaada bak bak mat kar
jyaada bak bak mat kar
bas ho jaa chupchaap
baap re baap
ghadi ghadi mujhko sata mat
lagega paap
baap re baap
mere bhagwaan bata…aa
mere bhagwaan bata
ye kya chamtkaar hai
mera baalam hai
ya police ka zamadaar hai

teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai

aaj se sun papeeha
aaj se sun papeeha
teri meri kutti
apne naihar ko chali ja
hai tujhe chhutti
aisa mat bolo piya
dhak dhak hoye jiya
aisa mat bolo piya
dhak dhak hoye jiya

phir kaahe ko akadti
meri sarkaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai

teri meri preet gori
kabhi nahin chhoote
kabhi nahin chhoote
hato ji hato balam
hato ji hato balam
tum ho bade jhoothe

meri dugdugi baje dug dug
o mere saiyyaan jio jug jug
meri dugdugi baje dug dug
o mere saiyyaan jio jug jug
tera mera jhagda mita
ab to beda paar hai
tera mera jhagda mita
ab to beda paar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai
teri takraar mein bhi pyaar hai

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