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Danke ki chot par kehta hoon main

Posted on: December 11, 2017

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This song is from the film Girls School-1949. It is sung by Chitalkar and Shamshad Begum- one of the most popular singing pair of the late 1940s. The song was written by Kavi Pradeep and the Music Director for this song was C.Ramchandra. In this film, there were two Music Directors. One was Anil Biswas ( he composed 4 songs) and C.Ramchandra ( he composed 5 songs).

In those days, it was quite unusual to have 2 very well known and well established composers for one film. During Partition time, few composers had left India without completing their assignments and the work was then completed by another composer. So there was a convincing reason for such cases. There were few pairs of composers like Husnlal-Bhagatram, but it was a professional and permanent team. In case of Girls School-49, having two big composers was quite unusual and it created ripples in the industry, not only in those times, but its echos were heard again in 1954 also. Let us see how it all happened.

This film was produced by Kavi Pradeep under the banner of Lokmanya Productions, Bombay. This was a company floated by him and Amiya Chakrawarty-director of this film. To understand the complexiities of Girls school, we must go back a little. In 1942, Anil Biswas was invited by Ranjit at a salary of Rs. 1500/ per month and by Bombay Talkies at a salary of Rs 2500/ per month. As National studio was winding up, Anil Biswas wanted to make a change anyway, but due to the contract of national he could not join Bombay Talkies openly. He, however, gave music to the film Basant-42 and name of his brother in Law, Pannalal Ghosh was used as its Music Director.

Finally when Anil Biswas joined Bombay Talkies, there were already two groups there. One was led by Devika Rani and Amiya Chakraborty and the other was led by S. Mukherjee along with Ashok Kumar, Gyan Mukherjee, Pradeep etc-a total of 15 artistes. Anil Biswas was invited by Devika Rani and that too at a salary of Rs. 2500/ per month, when Pradeep was getting Rs 1500 per month. This irritated Pradeep no end and he started troubling and finding faults with Anil Biswas. However Anil Biswas gave excellent music in the film Kismet and then everyone was happy as the film celebrated jubilees everywhere.

With this back ground, Anil Biswas joined Girls school as a Music Director, mainly due to Amiya who knew his calibre. Because of everybody’s background , the film was entirely shot in the Studios of Bombay Talkies. Kavi Pradeep being a producer and a Lyricist started interfering with Anil Biswas’s work and criticising him at every opportunity. Anil Biswas was fed up. He had already recorded three songs and a solo by Lata , ” tum hi kaho, mera man udas kyun na rahe” was to be recorded. Anil Biswas had taken C Ramchandra as his assistant for this film. Though C Ramchandra was already a popular and wellknown idndependent composer himself , still he had accepted to be his assistant here due to his respect for Anil Biswas. When the tune for Lata’s solo was made, Pradeep passed caustic remarks about it being not so good. There was an altercation between Anil Biswas and Pradeep and Biswas quit then and there and went away.

C Ramchandra had to take over as the Music Director for the balance songs of the movie. Pradeep was very happy. Next day recording of Lata’s solo song took place under the supervision of C Ramchandra, as planned. Later when Lata came to know that Anil Biswas has left and C Ramchandra had replaced him, she was very angry and said that she would not have recorded the song had she known about Anil Biswas’s exit. She objected to C Ramchandra taking over as the music direction and complained about it in the Artists association too. (Remember that Lata and C Ramchandra’s relations had not formed yet and Lata was still with Husnlal at that time.)

Later on in 1954, when O P Nayyar replaced Roshan for Mehbooba, Lata took up the issue with the Music Directors’ association. Anil Biswas was the chairman at that time and O P Nayyar was boycotted. At that time Lata quoted Girls school incident to prove that she was “highly Principled” on such matters!

Anyway, that was how C Ramchandra became the Music Director of Girls school-49 and he composed 4 duets of Shamshad and 1 solo of Lalita Deulkar in this movie. All the four duets of this pair are very interesting. However, with all this jhamelas, film Girls school was a total Flop. Pradeep lost heavily and closed the production company forthwith, after just this one film.

I had not seen this film, so I was curious to find its review in contemporary magazines. I did not find it in Film India or in other periodicals. However I read one letter from a reader in Film India, which criticised the film for not having to do anything with women’s education. He further asserted that the film title was a misnomer, since not even one scene was there in entire film which showed running classes or a teacher in the class etc. Finally I found a short synopsis of his film in the ‘ Encyclopedia of Indian Cinema, which is given here to give an idea of what the film was about.

” Rural drama about Meena (Geeta Bali) who leaves home rather than submit to an arranged marriage and starts a girls school in a village, although opposed by the local zamindar. The zamindars brother-in-law Bipin (Sajjan), who lusts after Meena, is the villain. The hero (Sohan) appears in answer to an advertisement for a schoolteacher and is appointed only because Meena mistakes his name – Shanti Kumar Majumdar for that of a woman. The zamindar’s widowed sister Sumitradevi, a supporter of the school, objects because he is not married. Meena and Shanti Kumar fall in love but realises the damage he may cause to her school and leaves. Bipin then spreads rumours about Shanti Kumar morals, which causes further difficulties that have to be resolved before both the future of the school and of the loving couple could be assured. “

The cast of the film consisted of Rehana, Sohan, Kuldeep Kaur, David, Pran, Iftekhar etc etc. Not much information is available about this Hero- Sohan. In Hindi films, many aspirants tried their luck. Not all of them got an opportunity to enter films. In the early era, it was easy, but as the years passed by, it became difficult for the hopefuls. Few lucky ones got a Mentor- it helped them to only to enter films but not stay in the industry.

“Aaye bhi vo, gaye bhi vo, khatam fasana ho gaya “. These newcomers were given a fair opportunity to showcase their abilities, but unfortunately, despite their honest efforts, their skill did not show up and the audience was unimpressed. They got big banners, good experienced directors, but they disappointed their Mentors with non existent abilities to act. They proved to be ‘Non- Actors ‘.

Among them, some male actor’s names which I remember off hand are Arjun in Malhar-51, Rattan Chopra in Aman-67,Mom ki Gudia-72, Vijay kumar in Alif laila-54,Premendra in Holi aayee re-70, Deepak kumar in Aabroo-68, Ajay in Wapas-69, Som Dutt in mann ka meet-68, Vikram in Julie-75,Rajeev Kapoor in Raam teri Ganga maili-85, Shekhar Suman in Utsav-84, Kaycee mehra in Chhabilee-60 and mem didi-61, prashant in Sehra-63, Ashok Sharma in Hamari yaad aayegi-61, Ajit Chitnis in Aaj ki baat-55, Nusrat Kardar in Dard-47, Manish in Saraswati Chandra-68, Rajiv in Nayi umar ki nayi fasal-65, Aroop kumar in Bezubaan-62 etc etc.

Sohan Kapila was also one such actor, who was not successful as a Hero. Actually, big banners like Filmistan supported him. He got seasoned Heroines like Geeta Bali and Rehana as well as Debutants Jayashree Gadkar and Nalini Chonkar, but nothing worked. He proved that you can take the Horse to the water, but you can not make it drink !!! He acted in Girls school-49, lajawab-50, Sanskar-58, Ek armaan mera-59, Chaand ki duniya-59, Babar-60, Commercial pilot officer-63 and Picnic-66 and may be some more as character roles. After he retired, his daughter actress Padmini Kapila also had the same fate !

The film had 9 songs (4-by Anil Biswas and 5 by C.Ramchandra). Five songs are already discussed in this Blog. Today’s song is the sixth song. The song is not very melodious or foot tapping, but it has an unmistakable C.Ramchandra stamp on it. So let us enjoy this fun song.

Editors comments:
Today (11 december 2017) is Kavi Pradeep’s remembrance day. So this song serves as a tribute to him.

Secondly, this song is the 600th song of Shamshad Begam in the blog. She becomes the 18th artist and seventh singer to reach this mark in the blog.


Song-Danke ki chot par kehta hoon main (Girls School)(1949) Singers-C Ramchandra, Shamshad Begum, Lyrics-Kavi Pradeep, MD-C Ramchandra


o o o o
danke ki chot par kehtaa hoon main
sunte jaao ji laalaa
aji sachche kaa hai bolbaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
aji sachche kaa hai bolbaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa

oy laalala
o o
badi badi deengen jo haank rahe thhe
unke honthon pe lag gayaa taalaa

oy kal tak diwaali manaate thhe jo
dekho nikalaa hai unkaa deewaalaa
aji sachche kaa hai bolabaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
aji sachche kaa hai bolbaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
oy laala

chhip chhip ke chhuriyaan chalaane waalon
kab tak manaaoge khair

ho o o
chhip chhip ke chhuriyaan chalaane waalon
kab tak manaaoge khair
ishwar ki duniyaa mein der hai bhaiyaa
lekin nahin andher
ishwar ki duniyaa mein der hai bhaiyaa
lekin nahin andher
doosron ke liye mat khodo kunwaa
kisi kaa bhi is’se bhalaa naa huaa

are ham sab ke upar jo maalik khadaa hai
wo hai hazaar haathwaalaa
aeji sachche kaa hai bolabaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
aji sachche kaa hai bolabaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
oy laala

jeet naa sakegaa koi ab hamse baazi
jeet naa sakegaa koi ab hamse baazi
miyaan bibi raazi to kyaa karegaa kaazi

chullu bhar paani mein doob maro bhaiyaa
kehtaa hai ye gaadiwaalaa
chhote chhote baadalon
tum kyaa chhupaaoge
chandaa kaa ujiyaalaa
arre chhote chhote baadalon
tum kyaa chhupaaoge
chandaa kaa ujiyaalaa
aeji sachche kaa hai bolbaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
aji sachche kaa hai bolbaalaa jagat mein
jhoothe kaa hai munh kaalaa
oy laala

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