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Haaye mast jawaani aayi naachen gaayen

Posted on: July 9, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Maa Baap ki Laaj-1946. The film was made by Hind Pictures, owned by the Producer, Director and Actor- Nazir Ahmed Khan. The film was directed by Nanabhai Bhatt ( 12-1-1915 to 24-4-1999), who actually specialised in Mythologicals and Stunt films. Today’s film was just his 5th film as a Director, having started in 1942. He was friendly with Wadia Brothers and he directed some Nadia films for them.

The film’s story was written by Prabhulal Dwivedi. It revolved around 2 sisters of different natures like Modern and Traditional. In those days this was a popular theme. Nanabhai had started his career with Wadia’s film Muqabala-42 as director in the name of Batuk Bhatt. That film story was also about 2 twin sisters, having opposite views of life – Modern and Traditional. So Nanabhai had experience of handling such stories. In all such films-till today-it is always the Traditional life that wins, because that is what the audience wants.

1946 was an eventful year. The year 1946 was an year which saw many changes in the film industry. The IInd world war had just ended. Rationing and control on many items had created Black marketing. This made many people Millionaires. The extra income started getting invested in Film making. The increased cost of Raw Films made filmmaking 7 to 8 times costlier. A film which was made in about 1 Lakh rupees in 1940, needed 8 Lakhs now. Studio system was waning and artiste rates increased in Lakhs instead of thousands.

In 1945, only 74 films were made. This number increased to 153 films in 1946. Further, in 1947, the film industry produced a record number of films – 181, but of course that was due to Partition. The quality of films was sacrificed at the cost of the quantity of films made in 1946. However, some quality films were made in 1946, indicating the changing face of filmmaking.

Film Dharati ke Lal-46 was made by IPTA people and it became the first film to be exhibited in Russia. Neecha Nagar-46 won the Grand Prix award in French Film Festival. Film Dr. Kotnis ki amar kahani-46 was dubbed in English as ‘ The journey of Dr. Kotnis’. It was shown in the USA and then in the Venice Film Festival. Two musical films- Anmol Ghadi and Shahjahan were made in 1946.

Year 1946 also saw the Debut of several stars and artistes. In fact one can call 1946 as the ” Debut year” of the Hindi film industry. See this….

Nirupa Roy debuted in film Amar Raaj-46

Geeta Bali debuted with a dance in film Badnaami-46

Geeta Roy sang her first film song in film Bhakta Prahlad-46

Balraj Sahni debuted in film Insaaf-46. It was a small role,though.

K A Abbas-Director, Pt.Ravi Shankar-MD, Balraj Sahni as Hero and Damayanti Sahni as Heroine made their Debut in film Dharati Ke Lal-46

Meena kapoor sang her first Hindi film song in film Eight Days-46

Sudhir Phadke debuted as MD in film Gokul-46

P L Santoshi as Director, Dev Anand, Rehman, Rehana and Kamala Kotnis debuted as actors in film Hum Ek Hai-46

Chitragupta did his first film as MD in Lady Robin Hood-46

Ram Ganguly became MD with film Maharana Pratap-46

Abhi Bhattacharya debuted in film Milan-46

Chetan Anand as Director, Uma Anand and Kamini Kaushal as actresses debuted in film Neecha Nagar-46

Hansraj Behl debuted as MD with film Pujari-46

Madhubala(as Baby Mumtaz) sang her first song in film Pujari-46

Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote his first Hindi film song in film Shahjahan-46

S D Burman as MD and Kishore Kumar as an actor debuted with film Shikari-46

So, you will find the year 1946 was truly a year of change. The winds of Partition were already blowing and the second line of supplementary artistes was ready to replace the Migrators, after the Partition.

Film Maa Baap ki Laaj-46 had good music too. However, sensing that he may have to migrate to Pakistan, Nazir declined to spend much on the promotion and advertisement of the film. Even then the film was a hit and celebrated Silver jubilee. The MD was A.R.Qureshi. The cast of the film was Swarnalata, Nazir, Kusum Deshpande, Jayant, Majid, Gulab and others. The story of the film was….

A widow mother has 2 daughters-Bimla and Kamala. Elder one Bimla (Kusum) is in love with Sharat (Jayant) and both are modern minded. The younger Kamala (Swarnalata) is Traditional minded. Bimla’s marriage is fixed with Anup (Nazir), who is a traditional boy. Bimla, to avoid the marriage, runs away with Sharat. To save family’s ‘Izzat’, Kamala is married to Anup. His mother Gangubai (Gulab) is shrewd and troubles Kamala very much, but she bears everything to make all happy. Slowly Gangubai’s opinion changes. All are happy with her now.

Meanwhile Bimla and Sharat’s life is miserable as his job is gone and money is gone due to their extravagant habits and modern style of enjoying life. They realise their mistake. Anup gets a job for Sharat. In the end all’s well that ends well.

The film was released on 25-5-1946 at Kamal and Paramount Talkies, Bombay. The film’s lead pair Swarnalata and Nazir got married in 1947, before they migrated. Nazir’s Hind pictures Studio at Dadar was burnt in front of his eyes, during the partition riots. Nazir abandoned everything here and with empty hands went to Pakistan, where he started from scratch and became very successful.

The film cast consists of two unusual names-Kusum Deshpande and Majid. Let us know about them in short.

Kusum Deshpande was born on 20-11-1914 at Nagpur. She came to Bombay in 1930 and worked in Minerva as an apprentice, without pay. She worked in A.I.R. and some Marathi dramas and films. Her first Hindi film was Ghar ki Rani-40. She also did Charnon ki Dasi-41, Village Girl-45, Wamaq Azra-46 and Zamin Asmaan-46. In all she did 20 Hindi films. She married actor Vasant Thengadi on 30-11-1944.

After she stopped getting roles in Hindi films, she turned to Marathi films and had a long and fruitful career in it.

Majid’s name was Abdul Majid Syed. He was born at Farrukhabad in U.P. in 1915. His father was an Overseer. After matric in 1929, he started his business of Leather in Akola, Maharashtra. in 1935, actor, director and producer Nazeer of Hind pictures, introduced him to S.K.Daryani and he got a small role in Sher ka Panja-36 and Sangdil samaj-36. However, from film Bulldog-37, he got side roles and lead roles in films like Gentleman daku-37, insaaf-37, Rajkumari-38, Masterman-38, Zamana-38, Mud-40, Saubhagya-40, Swami-41, Swaminath-42, he also acted in more films like Najma-43, Babar-44 and Zeenat-45.

In all he did over 100 films till 1947. After Partition, he migrated to Pakistan with Nazeer and Swarnalata. In Pakistan he did just 7 films. He died on 24-9-1959.

Today’s song is sung by 2 female singers, but we do not know their names. The lyricist is also not known. With this song, the film Maa Baap ki Laaj-1946 makes its Debut on this Blog.

Editor’s note:-“Maa Baap Ki Laaj”(1946) becomes the 100th film of 1946 to be represented in the blog.

Song-Haaye mast jawaani aayi (Maa Baap Ki Laaj)(1946) Singers-Unknown female voice 1, unknown female voice 2, Lyrics-Unknown, MD-Allah Rakkha Qureshi


Haaye mast jawaani aayi
o mast
Haaye mast jawaani aayi
naachen gaayen
preetam se ham preet rachaayen
pati preet pati ki sewa
pati preet
pati preet pati ki sewa
isi mein mit jaayen
pati sewa ki reet nibhaayen

hanste hain chaand sitaare
hanste hain
hanste hain chaand sitaare
ham bhi muskaayen
jeewan ko rangeen banaayen
hai jeewan udta panchhi
hai jeewan
hai jeewan udta panchhi
ispe na itraayen
udte panchhi haath mein aayen

jab kaliyaan len angdaayi
jab kaliyaan
jab kaliyaan len angdaayi
bhanwre lehraayen
kyun dekh dekh lalchaayen
ye duniya hai ik sapna
aa aa aa aa aa
ye duniya hai ik sapna
aa aa aa aa aa
ye duniya hai ik sapna
ise bisraayen
iske dhokhe mein na aayen

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