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Chaaye hain kaale megh to bauchhaar bhi hogi

Posted on: July 17, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Mazdoor-1945, made by Filmistan. The film was directed by Nitin Bose (26-4-1897 to 14-4-1986).

After leaving New Theatres, Calcutta due to a dispute with B.N.Sircar, he decided to shift to Bombay. His dispute with Sircar was so bitter that Nitin Bose did not even see his last directed film ” Kashinath”-1943, till the end of his life. Before he came to Bombay, his name had already become famous here and many big studios were eager to employ him.

His first film in Bombay was Mujrim-44, made under the banner of Vishnu Cinetone, owned by V.M.Vyas. The film did average business. He was then invited to Filmistan, by S. Mukherjee, who was known to him, being a Bengali. The film was Mazdoor, based on the problems of labourers. This was his second film in Bombay. After this film Nitin Bose was called by Bombay Talkies, another studio which gave opportunities to capable Bengalees.

The cast of the film Mazdoor-45 was full of new actors. The Music Director was also a B grade one- Hari Prasanna Dass. The Lyricist was G.S.Nepali. The cast of the film consisted of Indumati, Veera, Nasir khan, K.N.Singh, Radhakishen and others.

Nasir Khan (1-10-1924 to 1-5-1974) was making his Debut in this film. He was known as the younger brother of Dilip Kumar- who himself Debuted with the film Jwar Bhata-1944, just an year back. Indumati became a Heroine for the first and last time. Later she did only character roles. Veera was a Parsi girl. She too was Debuting in this film as a second Heroine. That meant that all the leading actors were new and were making their Debut. In this case, Nasir Khan, unknowingly emulated his elder brother who too debuted with a Debutante heroine- Mrudula, in the film Jwaar Bhata-1944.

There were 6 songs in the film. I have heard all the songs and I find them good songs.

The Music Director HARI PRASANN DASS (1905-1989) was born in Chittagong in 1905. He became a well known Bengali Composer. His 26 Bengali films made his name known in the music circle in Calcutta in late 30s and 40s. He was assistant to Pankaj Malik in films Dushman and Kapal Kundala-1939.

Hemant Kumar Mukherjee was his assistant in Bengali film ‘Byabdhan’-1939. It was H P Dass who gave his FIRST Bengali film song to Hemant Kumar in the film ‘Nimai Sanyas’-1941. Till that time Hemant had only private songs to his credit.

In 1952, H P Dass gave music to NAGORIK , along with Ustad Bahadur Khan, a complete English film-an art film for international audiences-made by the legendary filmmaker Ritwik Ghatak. This was a film even before Satyajit Ray’s Pather Panchali, but due to some reason this film was released only on 20-9-1977, after the death of Ritwik Ghatak. It is said that despite ill health, H P Dass went to New Empire Theatre in Calcutta to see this film.

K.C.Dey was a good friend of HP Das and sang many Bengali songs and Bhajans for him. On his recommendation, H P Dass took Manna Dey as his assistant in Hindi films Veerangana-1947,Sati Toral-1947 and Hum bhi Insaan Hai-1948. It is believed that after hearing Manna Dey’s music and songs in this film, Raj Kapoor invited him to sing for his films later on.

His first Hindi film as a MD was New India Films’ Blood Feud (or Josh-E-Inteqam)- 1935. His other films were Mohabbat-43, Meena-44, Kadambari-44, Mazdoor-45, Begum-45, Insaaf-46, Veerangana-47, Sati Toral-47 and Hum bhi insaan hai-48.

He died on 26-9-1989.

Now let us know something about the leading ladies, since they are new names for most.

INDUMATI LELE (Born 18 December 1927 – Died 11 September 2013), forgotten Yesteryears Indian Theatre and Film Actress turned Folk Artiste.

Indumati and Kumudini Lele who were once famous as ‘Lele Sisters’ in Hindi and Marathi Theatre and Cinema fields, have been forgotten today. Indumati Lele, died at the age of 86, when she was still working as an examiner for the television program ‘Dum Damadam’.

Kumud and Indumati, were both known as ‘Lele Sisters” in the fifties. Both of them originally hailed from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh. Their father Girdhar Lele was in Government job as Director of Agriculture, at Indore. From an early age, the two sisters loved acting and dancing. Both were involved in dance and dance related activities in their school. Prithviraj Kapoor saw the two at one of the school events and talked to their father and brought them straight to Mumbai. For the next two years, both sisters worked as artists in Prithviraj Kapoor’s ‘Prithvi Theatres” until the company closed. They played different roles in several of his Plays and had the fortune of touring India all along with Prithviraj Kapoor.

While Kumudini acted in Bimal Roy’s ‘Parivar’, ‘Bandini’ etc. and in few Marathi films like ‘Ram Ram Pauna’ etc., Indumati Lele acted in Prithviraj Kapoor’s’ Shakuntala’ and other plays. She also acted in some films while working in ‘Prithvi Theaters’, like Mazdoor-45, ‘Shehnai’ (1947), ‘Aag’ (1948), ‘Sunahare Din’ (1949), ‘Gauna’ (1950), ‘Chaudhwin ka Chand’ (1960), ‘Budtameez’ (1966), ‘Man Mandir’ (1971), to name a few. In Raj Kapoor’s ‘Aag’ (1948), she acted as his mother. She also appeared in two English films, ‘Householder’ with Leela Naidu and ‘Shakespearewallah” both with Shashi Kapoor.

Veera was from a Parsi family. Her full name was Veera Ankaleshwaria. Obviously, her family came from Ankaleshwar, a small industrial town(now), in Gujarat. She started her career in films as a Heroine opposite Nasir khan in the film Mazdoor-1945. Then came Shikari-46 and later Eight days-46, both had Ashok Kumar as the Hero. Both the films were from Filmistan. Her last film as Heroine was Tohfa, opposite Rehman and Leela opposite Agha , both films from 1947. Then she stopped getting Heroine roles and shifted to side roles. In all she did 22 films.

Her other films were, Veena, Ziddi, Chanda ki Chandani- all 48, Sanwaria-49, Hamara Ghar and hamari beti- 1950, Hamari shaan, Ramjanma and Sagar-1951, Aasmaan, izzat, Moti mahal, Sanskar and Shin shinaki boobla boo-all1952, Dana Pani-53, Boot polish and Sheeshe ki deewar both 1954.

She married Mohsin Abdulla, who had worked in Bombay Talkies as a writer. He was the younger brother of actress Renuka Devi ( Begum Mirza). After the marriage, both migrated to Pakistan in 1955. No news after that.

About Nasir Khan, I have written about him in my earlier posts, so I will not repeat it.

The Film India magazine issue of June 1946 gives a review of this film. Surprisingly, Baburao patel has some good words about this film, though mostly the review is critical of Direction and the story. The story of the film revolves around Hero and his 2 loves, with a background of Labourer’s problems. The film has taken inspiration from the Hollywood film ” How green is my valley”-1941. The story, in short, is….

Nasir khan is in love with a village girl-Indumati. He leaves for the city to get a job. He saves a mill owner’s(K.N.Singh) daughter-Veera from a car accident. He is taken to her house as he is wounded in this process. He recovers and is made Manager of the mill. Veera falls in his love. Meanwhile Indumati and her mother-Moti, suffer in the village. They too come to the city and Indumati gets a job in the same Mill. There are Labour problems in the Mill and 2 groups compete with each other. Finally there is confrontation between the Unions and the Mill owner. Nasir khan, at the end, exposes the Mill owner and joins the Union leader, thus uniting with Indumati.

The film was released on 18-5-1946 in the Roxy Theatre of Bombay. It seems the film did reasonable business. Today’s song is sung by Amirbai Karnataki. This is the second song from this movie to appear in the blog.

Song- Chhaaye hain kaale megh to bauchhaar bhi hogi (Mazdoor)(1945) Singer- Amirbai Karnataki, Lyricist-G S Nepali, MD- Hari Prasanna Das


Chhaaye hain kaale megh to bauchhaar bhi hogi
Chhaaye hain kaale megh to bauchhaar bhi hogi
kabhi to apne baagh mein bahaar bhi hogi
kabhi to apne baagh mein bahaar bhi hogi
Chhaaye hain kaale megh to bauchhaar bhi hogi

o rone waale ae ae
ae ae ae ae ae ae
o rone waale raat mein
tu bhool na jaana
tu bhool na jaana
aayega yahaan bhor mein
badlega zamaana
hansi khushi mein ye gali
gulzaar bhi hogi
kabhi to apne baagh mein bahaar bhi hogi

hamse bichhad ke saajna pardes gaye hain
hamse bichhad ke saajna pardes gaye hain
unse bichhad ke ae ae
aaj ham khaamosh huye hain
unse bichhad ke ae ae
aaj ham khaamosh huye hain
khaamoshi bhi aaj ye
gulzaar bhi hogi
kabhi to apne baagh mein bahaar bhi hogi

?? ae ae ae ae
?? dhaar mein
lahron se bahaaron
jo sabka maaji hai bada
tum usko pukaaro
jo sabka maaji hai bada
tum usko pukaaro
majhdhaar mein hai naao
majhdhaar mein hai naao
to paar bhi hogi
kabhi to apne baagh mein bahaar bhi hogi
Chhaaye hain kaale megh to bauchhaar bhi hogi
kabhi to
kabhi to
kabhi to apne baagh mein bahaar bhi hogi

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