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Bachpan tu mera daaman chhod zaraa

Posted on: August 30, 2021

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Today’s song is from the film Rang mahal-1948. This social film was made by Eastern Pictures, Bombay. It was written and directed by Pt. Anand Kumar.

Not much is known about this director. He was one of those aspirants who ran away from home to Bombay- the Dream City, to make a career. In his first attempt he failed, went back to his village to do the ‘run away’ scene again second time, with more money. Even this time he failed, so he returned to his home and became a big and famous writer. He came back to Bombay only when he was invited by the film industry to make use of his skill !

Pt.Anand Kumar was born in Delhi on 4-9- 1907. He was a producer, director, writer and Lyricist. From childhood, he was not interested in studies in English medium. He was taught Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit by his poor Brahmin Shastri father.

When he was 15 year old, he entered a business. He was always discontented. He wanted to become an actor, but family resisted. He tried fasting and even suicide. Then he stole some money and ran to Bombay. He could not get into any studio and after money finished, he returned to Delhi, only to take more money and run to Bombay again. Even after this failure, he went back to Delhi and started writing stories.

His first book ‘ Mera Huq ‘ became a hot seller and he started earning money. He was invited by film people and he went to Bombay nth time. He wrote stories, dialogues and Lyrics of scores of films and earned name and money. He produced the film ‘Zameen’-43, under his own banner Anand Brothers. He directed 5 films, including a Hit Marathi film, Gora Kumbhar-42. Some of his films as a Lyricist were Suvarn Mandir-34,Katle aam-35, Pratibha-37, Divorce-38, Saathi-38, Alakh Niranjan-40, Punarmilan-40, Charnon ki Dasi-41, Raja Rani-42 etc. As a writer some films were, Divorce-38, Honhaar-36, Saathi-38, Vasant sena-42, Rang mahal-48 etc etc.

The 6 songs of this film were written by Shiv Kumar and were tuned by a pair of MDs, namely K. Datta and V.A. Balsara. The songs are not credited to any specific MD in HFGK. However, singer’s names are given for all the songs. Suraiyya has 3 songs in it, which are already covered in the Blog. Today’s song is the 4th song sung by Shalini and Anant Marathe.

I could not get any information about this singer-Shalini. She was an actress in Hindi films. Starting her career with film Tulsi-1941, which was one of the last films of CIRCO Productions owned by Chimanlal Trivedi. After making 12 films from 1937 to 1942, he sold this company, studio and land to A.R. Kardar, who established his Kardar Sudios in Parel, Bombay. In her first film, Shalini was the Heroine opposite Trilokn Kapoor. Anant marathe was also in this film. Shalini acted in 25 Hindi films. her last Hindi film was Taqdeer-1967. She sang 3 songs in 2 films, Rang mahal-2 songs and Roop Sundari-49 1 song.. She seems to have worked in some Gujarati and Marathi films too.

Anant Marathe also known as Anant Kumar acted in 71 films. He also sang 5 songs in 5 films. His career started in 1936. Anant Marathe aka Anant Kumar was the brother of actor and famous singer Ram Marathe. I was searching for his information for quite some time. My search ended when I found an article written by his son about his father.

Anant Marathe was born in 1936. In a career that spanned over 50 years, he was a witness to many changes and upheavals in the Hindi film industry. Born in Pune, in a family that was doing well for itself, he had three brothers and two sisters. Losing his father at the tender age of four, he was forced to give up education and begin work, to fend for his family. In the process the family left Pune and came to Mumbai, the city that fed every soul.

The world of films, those days, was not an industry. It was just like a 9 to 5 job in an office. Anant Marathe, with his innocent looks, expressive eyes and inborn confidence, was chosen by Master Vinayak, to play a role as a child artiste in a hindi film, Chhayaa. In this film he played the role of a son, who for his own selfish means is used by his father, ( played by Late Shri Chandra Mohan).

The real breakthrough came when he was called for an audition at Prabhat Studios, the most distinguished film company of those days. This 1943-44 film was ‘ Ramshastri’, in which he was to play the part of Chhota (young) Ramshastri. Ramshastri Prabhune was the Supreme Judge of the Peshwa dynasty and known for his supreme judgement. Once he was selected for the role, his grooming as an actor really began. In the storyline, Chhota Ramshastri was depicted as a boy who hates to study and loves to play all day long. He would swim, roam about with his pet dog and enjoy life. For this role Anant marathe was made to learn swimming even though he was scared of water! He could not get along with the puppy dog, even though it was supposed to be his pet. And to top it all, after shooting, the swimming and the sequences with the dog were edited from the film! The song, ‘Don ghadicha daav, yala jeevan aise naav” sung by him was very popular at that time. He received an award for his performance as Ramshastri from Bengal Film Journalists Association as the best supporting actor of the year. This film was screened in a number of National and International film festivals.

Film industry in South India was very active in the early 50’s. Anant Marathe acted in a number of films produced by the South Indian film studios, namely AVM, Gemini studios etc. Shri Chettiar of AVM was planning a socio-mythological film on the life of a famous saint. The lead role was played by Shahu Modak. The film in general was devotional and to bring in an interesting element, a comic character was created, in the form of the saint’s shishya ( pupil ). This role was offered to Anant Marathe and he displayed histrionics that astonished everybody on the sets.

The Director who groomed the great showman Raj Kapoor was Kidar Sharma and Anant Marathe had the privilege to work in one of his films, this time as a villain! The film was Hamaari Yaad Aayegi. This film also launched Tanuja, who would be known as a talented actress in the coming years. Anant Marathe played the role of a character called Pyarelaal, a very deceiving name for a villain! He is a suave character, moving about in the company of elite people but behind the cute face there is a monster of sorts, a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Anant Marathe, with his charming smile was very stunning, not only in his looks but in every move. Kidar Sharma was known to reward any actor who performed a great scene with a 4 anna coin, known as chavanni in those days. A chavanni earned for a great shot was like an achievement. And Anant Marathe earned many, which he cherished till the end.

His journey as an actor continued with great flourish. Since he could speak Marathi and Hindi fluently, he received offers from both Marathi and Hindi films. He was truly a bi-lingual actor.

Manoj Kumar was inspired by the life of Bhagat Singh, the great sikh patriot from Punjab and was planning a film on his life. Manoj Kumar and Prem Chopra were to play the roles of Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev respectively but casting for Raajguru, the third freedom fighter was still to be done, as Manoj Kumar wasn’t happy with the short-listed few, to play the role. Manoj Kumar heard about Anant Marathe, who had acted in many hindi and marathi films. Anant Marathe was asked to come over and meet Mnoj Kumar. One look at him and he had found his Raajguru! The experience of working in a truly patriotic film, that too with a thespian like Pran who played a cameo in Shaheed, was a very inspiring experience for him. Incidently Pran did not charge a single rupee for this role! Shaheed brought a wave of patriotism in the audience, they cheered and loved their heroes. The real mother of Bhagat Singh was felicitated at the premiere of this film at Delhi. She was moved by the performances of every actor in the film. What’s more, a special screening was arranged for the then Prime Minister of India, Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, who praised the film and awarded certificates of honour to all the actors.

Anant Marathe acted in over 250 Hindi and Marathi films, out of which 71 films are Hindi. he also sang 5 songs in 5 Hindi films.When he made his foray in Hindi films, he was not very fluent in Hindi so he took lessons from a tutor who taught him the nuances of Hindi, thus improving the pronunciations so he could speak the language flawlessly. He also learnt English to give his persona the required sparkle, so important for a lead hero. He had to give up formal schooling due to circumstances that prevailed and may be he made up for it in this manner.

Some of the films he acted in are, Bhakta Bilwamangal (Durga Khote), Bhakta Gopalbhaiya (Amir Kanataki), Geeta (Chandra Mohan, Durga Khote), Gokul ( Kamala Kotnis, Sapru), Jivacha Sakha (Durga Khote, Sulochana), Malti Madhav (Durga khote, Baby Shakuntala), Nanda Kumar ((Durga Khote), Sant Janabai (Hirabai Badodekar), Seeta Swayamvar (Durga khote, Baby Shakuntala), Jawaee Majha Bhala, Choravar Mor, Bhintila Kaan Astaat, Shri Krishna Darshan ( (Durga khote, Usha Kiran), Sampoona Ramayan, Bharat Milap and many more.

In “ Barkhaa”, he played the role of a doctor opposite Nanda. The song, “Ek raat mein do-do chaand khile…” became an instant hit. “Bada bhai”, a film starring late Ajit, had him playing Ajit’s younger brother with Amita as the female lead. In “Sanskaar” also he played the lead role opposite Amita. He acted in some Gujarati films also.

In the early stages acting was like a job for him but soon it became a passion. All these years, while he worked in front of the camera as an actor, he learnt the finer details of film making, by observing, making mental notes. He had a flair for writing. In fact, he was a habitual diary writer. He wrote poems for small children and later they were published in the form of a book.
He had a good voice and was planning to be a singer but destiny had something else in store for him, a career in acting.

He wielded the megaphone in 1974, for a Marathi film named “Sonarana Tochala Kaan”, starring comedian and an intense actor Nilu Phule in lead role with Usha Chavan as the female lead. It was inspired by a Hollywood caper with famous comedian, Bob Hope in lead. The film was a huge success all over Maharashtra.

Soon he was set to direct a film in Hindi. After a detailed script was worked out by him, the producer backed out. Losing hope but not the spirit, he turned a new leaf and began work on his next project, once again in Marathi. The name of the film was “ Bijlee”, meaning lightning.

Rangat-Sangat Pratishthan, founded by the wife of late Shri Shahu Modak conferred the Manus puraskaar, an award on him for life-time achievement. The name for this award, for obvious reason is Manus (meaning human), a film by this name had Shahu Modak in a memorable role as a Havildaar.

Anant Marathe lived a contented life. Having worked in films from the age of 8 took its toll on him and he passed away in 2002.(Thanks to, muVyz, HFGK, and my notes).

With this duet song singer Shalini makes her Debut on the Blog.

Song-Bachpan tu mera daaman chhod zaraa (Rang Mahal)(1948) Singers- Shalini, Anant Marathe, Lyricist- Shiv Kumar, MD- K.Datta and V.A.Balsara


Bachpan tu mera aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa
le ja apne khel khilaune jaa aa aa aa
Bachpan tu mera aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa

chanka ki kanghi se
ab main uljhe baal sanwaaroongi ee
aasmaan se tod ke taare
aasmaan se tod ke taare
maang mein apni daaroongi ee
maang mein apni daaroongi
koi kheloongi
kheloongi koi khel niraala sa aa aa aa
le ja apne khel khilaune
jaa aa aa aa
Bachpan tu mera aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa

bijli si chanchalta lekar
nainon mein bhar loongi main
phoolon se muskaan chheen kar honthon mein bhar loongi main
le loongi koyal se ae
le loongi koyal se
madhur gala aa aa aa
le ja apne khel khilaune
jaa aa aa
Bachpan tu mera aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa

phoolon ke ras ke laalach mein
main bhanwra ban jaaooonga
koyal ki sunkar madhur kook main
vasant ban aaunga

main phool ban
tu bhanwra ban kar aa aa aa
koi khel niraala saa aa
le ja apne khel khilaune
jaa aa aa
Bachpan tu mera aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa
daaman chhod zaraaa aa aa aa

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