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Chunnu patang ko kehta hai kite

Posted on: September 8, 2021

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Hullo Atuldom

The song with this post is from “Zameen Ke Taare” (1960) not to be confused with the modern day “Taare Zameen Par” (2007). Both the movies had children as center of the movies. But that is where the similarities end.

“Zameen Ke Taare” had a cast of Daisy Irani, Honey Irani, Motilal, Achala Sachdev, Prem Kumar, Kiran Kumari, Anwar Hussain, Kumud Tripathi, Tun Tun, etc. I think Mumtaz and Jayshree T. too were in the movie as child actors. It was directed by Chandulal Shah and produced by Navinchandra Shah for Chandra Movies. It had music by S. Mohinder and songs were written by Tanveer Naqvi, Pandit Indra and Anand Bakshi. The movie had Asha Bhonsle, Sudha Malhotra, Manna Dey and Mohd Rafi as playback singers. It had eight songs of which the blog has the following three.

Song Date of posting
Tinke pe tinka chhutti ke din ka 2 June 2011
Deep gagan ke tum ho 29 November 2016
O mere pyaaron zameen ke taaron 8 september 2020

The last song posted (O mere pyaaron zameen ke taaron) had a post by Nahmji. It was an attempt to combine the birthdays of the singing legend Asha Bhonsle and music director of yesteryears S. Mohinder. Almost like what I am attempting with this post. And just like Nahmji, I also realized that the composer of the ’50s and ’60s passed away last September on the 6th, two days before he would have turned 95. I read through this news item which was written by Kushal Gopalka. It gave me a lot of knowledge about the music director of such popular songs as ‘Guzara hua zamaana aata nahi dobaara’ from the 1956 release ‘Shirin Farhad’. If I had not read that article I would not have known that I have heard songs tuned by him and enjoyed them.

Today’s song has the child actors Daisy Irani (Mangoo) and Honey Irani (Tingu) lip-syncing to Asha Bhonsle and Sudha Malhotra. This sweet and cute sounding song is penned by Anand Bakshi. The kids Mangoo and Tingu are on a trip in quest of Bhagwan because they have been told that their mothers have gone to “Bhagwan ka ghar”. In the course of their travels they come in contact with a number of people who provide them with diverse answers about where to find Bhagwan. The songs of the movie are set around these incidents. Rather interesting movie, I managed to see part of it in my quest of locating the actors mentioned in the cast.

With this post I wish my favourite singer Asha Bhonsleji on turning a year older. May she have a healthy and lovely life and may we have the pleasure of hearing her for some more years.



Song-Chunnu patang ko kehta hai kite (Zameen Ke Taare)(1960) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-S Mohinder


chunnu patang ko kehta hai kite
bolo beta tingu yeh wrong hai ya right
right right right
ram ke murge ki hai ek taang
bolo beta tingu yeh right hai ya wrong
wrong wrong wrong

lakdi ki khatiya pe haathi gaya let
hathni se kaha ke banao aamlet
lakdi ki khatiya pe haathi gaya let
hathni se kaha ke banao aamlet
football match mein jeeta hai maine cup
arre bolo beta tingu ye sachch hai ya gap
arre gap gap gap


oont ne chidiya ko kar liya catch
donon mein hua phir khushti ka match
oont ne chidiya ko kar liya catch
donon mein hua phir khushti ka match
chidiya se oont ki taang gayi toot
arre bolo beta tingu ye sachch hai ya jhoot
jhooth jhooth jhooth

ek tamasha maine dekha mere meet
paan khaake ek chooha gaa raha tha geet
ooohoo ooohoo
ek tamasha maine dekha mere meet
paan khaake ek chooha gaa raha tha geet
paas baithi billi tabla rahi thi peet
paas baithi billi tabla rahi thi peet
bolo beta tingu yeh galat hai ya theek
theek arre re re galat


1 Response to "Chunnu patang ko kehta hai kite"

I completed seeing the movie, whatever is available on youtube, after I sent this post to Atulji
I found that all the adult actors of the cast have neglible length of roles and only Agha and Kumud Tripathi have longest screen time.
There are many children who are there in the dance sequences but couldn’t recognize anyone may be due to bad video quality. So cannot confirm if Mumtaz or Jayshree T were there in the movie, the names appear in the titles.
There is one particular dance number, with no song, which has a distinct Gopi Krishna stamp on it


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