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Deep gagan ke tum ho

Posted on: November 29, 2016

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“Zameen Ke Taare”(1960) was produced by Navinchandra Shah and directed by Chandulal Shah for Chandra movies, Bombay. The movie had Abbas, daisy Irani, Anwar, Motilal, Achla sachdev, Kumud Tripathi, Charlie, Bhagwan, Madhumati, Tuntun, Krishna Kumar, Popat, Mumtaz, amir, Mohan Modi, Abdul, Mohini, Saroj, Hamida, Shiela, Prema, Shobha, Chandu, Amrit, Bharat, Dushyant, Banarasi etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it that were sung by four singers and they were penned by three lyricists.

One song from this movie has been discussed in the past. On going through that writeup, I notice that the song was discussed five years ago and at that time I had gone to a place where even electricity was a luxury and internet was certainly so. 🙂 So the first song of this movie brings back some not so fond memories. 🙂 But it also shows the kind of determination and motivation I was able to summon those days that I could still manage to discuss songs even from such places. 😉

Here is the second song from “Zameen Ke Taare”(1960), which is being discussed while being located at a place exactly 1000 km to the west of the place from where I discussed the first song of the movie five years ago. 🙂

This song is sung by Asha Bhonsle, Sudha Malhotra and chorus. Pt Indra Chandra is the lyricist. Music is composed by S Mohinder.

The song is picturised as a children’s stage performance song. There are two main children in the picturisation and I can only identify Daisy Irani out of them who as usual plays a boy in the picturisation. 🙂 I wonder if the other kid playing girl is a boy. 🙂

They are subsequently joined by other children who sing as chorus in this song which is the title song of the movie as well.



Song-Deep gagan ke tum ho (Zameen Ke Taare)(1960) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Sudha Malhotra, Lyrics-Pt Indra, MD-S Mohinder


deep gagan ke tum ho
deep gagan ke tum ho
ae aasmaan ke taare
raushan jahaan hai humse
hum hain zameen ke taare ae ae
deep gagan ke tum ho

door door yoon raho na humse
aao dost ban jaao
aa jaao tum paas hamaare
ya humen paas bulaao

tim tim tim tim kar ke ae
tim tim tim tim kar ke
na jhoothe karo ishaare
raushan jahaan hai humse
hum hain zameen ke taare ae ae
deep gagan ke tum ho

badhte kadam mila ke
bujhte diye jala ke
yeh aasmaan hila ke
soton ko hum jaga ke
soton ko hum jagga ke
left right left right
left right left
ye sar tilak hai humko
mitti watan ki pyaari
seenchenge khoon se hum
bharat ki kyaari kyaari
bharat ki kyaari kyaari

gupchup gupchup humne
gupchup gupchup humne duniya me kiye ujiyare

roshan jahaan hai humse
hum hain zameen ke tare
deep gagan ke tum ho

ginti mein tum nau lakh taare
sab ka ek hi naam
yahaan hai mangoo
yahaan hai tingoo
yahaan hai raadhe shyam

chham chham chham chham naache
chham chham chham chham naachen
yahaan maa ke raaj dulaare
roshan jaha hai humse
hum hai zameen ke taare ae
deep gagan ke tum ho

sabka imaan ek
sabki zuban ek
bhagwan sabka ek
hoga jahaan ek
hoga jahaan ek
left right left right
left right left
aage badho jawaanon
bhaarat ke naunihaalon
?? tum sambhaalo
sabko gale laga lo
sabko gale laga lo

farr farr farr farr oonche ae
farr farr farr farr oonche
ude jhande sada hamaare

raushan jahaan hai humse
hum hai zameen ke taare
deep gagan ke tum ho
deep gagan ke tum ho
ae aasmaan ke taare
raushan jahaan hai humse
hum hain zameen ke taare ae
deep gagan ke tum ho o
deep gagan ke tum ho o
hmm hmmhm hmm
hmm hm hmm
hmm mm mm mm

3 Responses to "Deep gagan ke tum ho"

It is pretty obvious that the other kid is Daisy’s younger sister Honey Irani and their names are most prominently displayed in the opening Credits of the Film.



Atul ji
Please correct the tag, it was wrongly created as “ZAMEER” ke taare


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