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Daaman se bandh gayi choli re

Posted on: September 11, 2021

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‘Chunariya’ (1948) was produced under the banner of Kuldeep Pictures of Lahore-based Kuldeep Sehgal which was his first film in Mumbai after partition. The film was directed by Ravindra Dave. The story, dialogues, screen-play and lyrics were written by Mulk Raj Bhakri. The production controller was his brother, Lekh Raj Bhakri. The star cast included Manorama and Wasti in the lead role with Randhir, Pran, Sophia, Cuckoo, Narbada Shankar, Mehdi Raza, Chand Burque, Baij Sharma etc in subsidiary roles.

It is interesting to note as to how the box office success of ‘Chunariya’ (1948) helped the career revival of some of the displaced persons from the Lahore film industry. Most of them had shifted to Mumbai after partition in 1947 almost penniless. Although the film was produced by Kuldeep Sehgal, according to character actor Janaki Das, it was Mulk Raj Bhakri along with his brother, Lekh Raj Bhakri who organized the actors and the crew, mostly among the displaced from Lahore film industry. Later, both Bhakri brothers floated their own film production companies and became producers/director.

The film’s director, Ravindra Dave was also a displaced person from Lahore film industry who came to Mumbai along with his brother Ramnarayan Dave and their maternal uncle, Dalsukh Pancholi. ‘Chunariya’ (1948) was his first directorial film in Mumbai. Ravindra Dave also floated his own film production company and became the producer-director of Hindi and Gujarati films. The acting career of Manorama and Pran, both from Lahore, took off in Mumbai from the success of ‘Chunariya’ (1948).

Music Director, Hansraj Bahl who started his career as the music director in Mumbai with ‘Pujaari’ (1946), was on the downhill after the continuous failures of about half-a-dozen films. He bounced back with good compositions of the songs for ‘Chunariya’ (1948) some of which became popular. Although, Geeta Dutt was the main female playback singer for the film, it was Lata Mangeshkar’ song, dil-e-naashaad ko jeene ki hasrat ho gayi tumse which became very popular. Similary, Mohammed Rafi’s song, sab kuchh lutaaya hamne aakar teri gali mein also became very popular.

‘Chunariya’ (1948) has the distinction of becoming a film in which Asha Bhosle sang her first song in Hindi film, ‘saawan aaya re saawan aaya jaage more bhaag’ along with Geeta Dutt and Zohrabai Ambalewaali in this film. However, according to Raju Bharatan who wrote Asha Bhosle’s musical biography, Asha Bhosle sang her first Hindi film song, ‘gareebon ke data gareebon ke waali’ in ‘Andhon Ki Duniya (1947) along with Zohrabai Ambalewaali. Unfortunately, as of now, both the songs are not available on any of the video sharing platforms. There may be some story as to why many on-line articles on Asha Bhosle consider the song in ‘Chunariya’ (1948) being her first Hindi film song rather than her song from ‘Andhon Ki Duniya’ (1947).

‘Chunariya’ (1948) had 10 songs – all written by Mulk Raj Bhakri of which 8 songs have already been covered on the Blog. The remaining two songs were not available on video sharing platforms for quite some time. Very recently, I am able to get mp3 clip of one of the two ‘missing’ songs which I have uploaded on a video sharing platform.

I am presenting the 9th song, ‘daaman se bandh gayi choli re, meri sakhi paraayi ho li re’ which is rendered by Geeta Dutt and chorus. From the wordings of the lyrics, it is apparent that it is a ‘Bidaai Song’ sung by bride’s friends.

Audio Clip:

Song-Daaman se bandh gayi choli re (Chunariya)(1948) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Mulkraj Bhakri, MD-Hansraj Bahl


daaman se bandh gayi choli re
choli re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re
daaman se bandh gayi choli
choli re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re

em>mori sakhi paraayi ho li
ho li re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re

baabul kaa ghar chhod sakhi
kar pi kaa ghar aabaad
piya prem mein kho na jaana
hamein bhi rakhna yaad
man har lenaa
saanwariya kaa
aa aa aa aa aaa
bol ke meethhi boli
boli re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re
daaman se bandh gayi choli
choli re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re

pi charanan mein baith sakhi
tum swarg ka sukh nit paana
ho ooo oo
unki charan dhool ka nis din
maathhe tilak lagaana
haan haan
har raat teri bane deewaali
ee ee ee ee eee
har din ho tera holi re
holi re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re
daaman se bandh gayi choli
choli re daaman se
ho daaman se bandh gayi choli re

2 Responses to "Daaman se bandh gayi choli re"

Kamath Ji

In the film Andhon-ki-duniya there are two songs sung by Asha. One with JA and the other with Shamshad Begham. The first is not available, but the second is . Sunau haal-e-dil kaise. and I heard it right now, from hindi geet You may try to see if it serves the purpose.

D Samant


Diwakar Samant ji,

Thanks for the information.


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