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Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala

Posted on: September 21, 2021

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Today’s song is from an 84 year old film- Duniya Na Mane-1937.

The film is considered as a Landmark film in India and a major milestone for its director V. Shantaram. The film was made by Prabhat Film Company of Poona. In those days Prabhat was considered as one of the leading film companies, which gave meaningful yet entertaining films. Many of its films were based on Social evils like Child marriages, Dowry, life of Prostitutes in society etc.

Shanta Apte, Heroine of today’s film had a role of a rebellious bride who is forced to marry an old widower with grown up children. In her personal life alsoshe was a rebellion. In the beginning of her career, her Mentor was her elder brother Baburao Apte, who not only looted her money but also had a daughter from her- as per many sources.Later on after her death, Nayana Apte- a Marathi stage and stage actress of B grade, had announced openly that she was the daughter of Shanta Apte. Very soon, in her career, Shanta Apte had thrown her brother out of her life.

Another example of her fiery nature is when Baburao Patel of Film India Magazine wrote an objectionable comment about her, she entered forcefully in his cabin, with a cane and beat him in presence of his staff. Next day, baburao patel wrote about it in his magazine ! Prabhat film company which had supported her by giving her roles in 6 films for the beginning of her career, tried to punish her by not allowing her to work outside Prabhat and they were not giving her any work here also. Shanta Apte sat for a ” Fast unto Death” near the gates of the company, giving interviews to newspapers and magazines, till the management bowed to her and released her from their contract !

Film Duniya na mane-37 was a very successful film. In those days, there was a healthy competition between Calcutta’s New Theatres and Poona’s Prabhat. Both were giving good, clean and successful films. But there was a difference. In that period films directed by P.C.Barua were quite popular. Unfortunately, most of his initial films were Tragedy films wherein the hero used to die at the end. Starting with Devdas-1935 films came with tragic ends. Though these films fared well at the Box office, V.Shantaram was of the view that these films were making young people pessimistic. To counter this trend, Shanataram coined a slogan ” Life is for Living” and his films ended with this type of message. ( In the next decade, something like this happened to Dilip Kumar, when in most of his films during the late 40’s to the mid 50’s His film hero died in the end. In this case the audience was not affected. Dilip kumar himself was depressed psychologically so much that he had to consult a Psychiatrist from London! ).

The cast of the film Duniya na maane-37 (Kunku in Marathi) was Shanta Apte, Keshavrao Datey, Shakuntala Paranjpye, Raja Nene, Vasanti, Parshuram etc etc.

I wish to draw your attention to one actress here and she is SHAKUNTALA PARANJPYE. Hardly anyone knows about this lady. She was one of the highly qualified actresses from a very prestigious lineage. She had achieved many laurels before joining films and after leaving films. She was an actress, author, Politician, Film, TV and stage actor, Radio artiste and a lady educated in the U.K. She had worked internationally. She is probably the only film artiste to get Padma Bhushan and her daughter too got Padma Bhushan later on. I know of only one more film artiste in the film industry, who had done work at the International level, was an author, actor, director, writer and lyricist…Dewan Sharar.

Let us take a look at the life story, in brief, of Shakunatala Paranjpye.

Shakuntalā Parānjpye (17 January 1906 – 3 May 2000) was a writer and a prominent social worker. She was a member of Maharashtra Legislative Council during 1958–64, and was a nominated member of Indian Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) during 1964–70. In 1991, the Government of India awarded her the Padma Bhushan title in recognition of her pioneering work in the field of family planning since 1938.

Shakuntala Paranjpye was the daughter of Sir R.P.Paranjpye the first Indian to be Senior Wrangler at the University of Cambridge, an educationist, and India’s High Commissioner to Australia during 1944–1947.
Shakuntala studied for the Mathematical Tripos at Newnham College, Cambridge. She graduated there in 1929. She received a Diploma in Education from London University the next year.

Shakuntala worked in the 1930s with the International Labour Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. In the same decade and in the 1940s,, she also acted in some Marathi and Hindi movies.

Shakuntala wrote many plays, sketches, and novels in Marathi. Some of her work was in English.

A Hindi children’s movie, Yeh Hai Chakkad Bakkad Bumbe Bo, which was based on a Marathi story by Shakuntala was released in 2003.

Shakuntala was married for a short time to a Russian painter, Youra Sleptzoff. She had a daughter, Sai Paranjpye, by him in 1938. Soon after Sai’s birth, she divorced Youra, and reared Sai in her own father’s household.
Sai Paranjpye is a noted Hindi movie director and screenwriter. She is known for her comedies and children’s movies. In 1991, the Government of India awarded her the Padma Bhushan title in recognition of her artistic talents.

She wrote many books. Some of them are….
1.Three years in Australia
2. Sense and Non sense
3. Kahi ambat kahi goad (Marathi)
4.Desh Videshichya Lok katha (Marathi)

She acted in 13 films- Sairandhri-33, Parth Kumar-34, Bhedi Rajkumar-34,Bhakta Prahlad-34, Typist Girl-35, Sone ka Shahar-35, Kali Waghan-35, Bahadur Beti-35, Duniya na maane-37, Sultana Chand Bibi-38, Jeevan Jyoti-38, Stree-38 and Paisa-41. She sang 9 songs in 4 films-Typist Girl,Sone ka shahar, Stree and Paisa.
Shanta Apte (23-11-1916 to 24-2-1964) worked in 22 films and she sang 84 songs in 20 films.She gave music to film-Main abla nahin hoon-1949.

The story of film duniya na mane-37 was……..

Neera [Marathi]/Nirmala [Hindi](Apte) is trapped into marrying the old widower Kakasaheb (Date). He is a progressive lawyer with a son and a daughter of Neera’s age. She refuses to consummate the union, claiming repeatedly that while suffering can be borne, injustice cannot. After facing many hurdles including an aunt (Vasishta), her mother-in-law, and a lascivious stepson Pandit[M]/Jugal[H] (Nene), her husband has a change of heart and magnanimously commits suicide, enjoining Neera to marry someone more suitable. The change occurs mainly through his widowed daughter Chitra[M]/Sushila[H] (Paranjpye, a noted social worker off screen) who provides a forcefully feminist movement in a speech to the young bride.

As many as six songs from “Duniya Na Maane”(1937) have been covered i the blog. Out of 12 songs in the movie, only seven songs are available.Here is the seventh song from “Duniya Na Maane”(1937). This song is sung by Vasanti. Munshi Aziz is the lyricist. Music is composed by Keshavrao Bhole.

Song-Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala (Duniya Na Maane)(1937) Singer-Vasanti, Lyricist-Munshi Aziz, MD- Keshavrao Bhole


Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala
har maheene mein rang niraala
Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala
har maheene mein rang niraala
vasant mein rangraliyaan manaa ke
baishaakh bhi chala hanste hansaate
vasant mein rangraliyaan manaa ke
baishaakh bhi chala hanste hansaate
Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala

har maheene mein rang niraala
ras bhara joban dharti pe jhoome
sooraj ?? se shobha ko choome
prem se kiran laga isi ne (?)
jeth ashaadh ke kitne maheene
bijli chamke baadal bhaage
dekh ke moran naachan laage
Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala
har maheene mein rang niraala

saawan mein har mukh pe hansi thhi
Krishna janam ki man mein khushi thhi
?? ki paawan jhoola ke jhoola
baag hara bhara phoolon se phhoola
?? ki paawan jhoola ke jhoola
baag hara bhara phoolon se phhoola
Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala aa aa aa
har maheene mein rang niraala
Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala aa

2 Responses to "Bharat shobha mein hai sabse aala"

Thank you for the post Sir. As I had mentioned earlier I always like to read about V. Shantaram, Prabhat and their movies.
Thanks for the information about Shakuntala Paranjpye.

(@Atul ji – lyrics of this song were sent by Prakash ji on 30.07.2020. Kindly add tag please.).


Avinash ji,
Thanks for your comments.


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