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Tilla langdi koyle

Posted on: October 9, 2021

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Today’s song is from a South Indian film, dubbed into Hindi – Piya Milan-1958.

The decade of the 50’s saw almost a spate of Hindi films from South. Some were dubbed, some were remakes and a few were first made in Hindi before they were remade into Tamil or Telugu etc.

Film Titles having the word ” Piya” were made in every decade since the advent of the Talkie films, till the end of the Century.

30’s – Piya Pyaare-1934, Piya ki Jogan-1936
40″s – Piya Milaqn-1945, Piya Ghar Aaja-1947
50″s – Piya (UR), Piya Milan-1958
60″s – Piya Milan ki Aas-1961
70’s – Piya Ka Ghar-1972
80’s – Piya Milan 1985
90’s – Piya ki Jogan-1997.

Except the 2 films of the 30’s and the un released film, I have seem most other films. I consider ‘ Piya Ka Ghar”-1972 as the best among the ‘Piya’ films. It was a remake of a Hit Marathi film – Mumbaicha Jawai-1970. It was directed by my favourite Basu Chaterjee. A genuinely talented actress Jaya Bhaduri was cast opposite a very handsome Non Actor Anil Dhavan in this film.

Film “Piya Milan” was originally a Tamil film MARMAVEERA-56, dubbed in Hindi by R R Productions. The film was originally made by Jubilee films, Madras. The star cast was Shri Ram, Vyjayantimala, Raja Sulochana, V.Nagaiah, T S Baliah, P S Veerappa, Tanghvelu, Chandra Babu etc.

The Hindi version was directed by Raghunath and the music was by Ramesh Naidu. Most songs were having the same tunes as given by the Tamil original’s composer S.Vedhu. The Hindi songs were written by Harsh(3) and Hasrat Jaipuri(6).

The greatest attraction of this film was the Guest appearance by N T Rama Rao, Sivaji Ganeshan and Gemini Ganeshan.

These are the heavyweight actors of the south. Since the 1950’s decade, every south artiste’s dream was to shine in Hindi film industry, because Hindi films meant All India fame and an honour. In this dream many actresses achieved success, but comparatively actors were almost nowhere. The only name perhaps could be taken was that of actor Ranjan and few more. However, Jamuna, Vaijayantimala, Hema malini, Ragini, Padmini, Rekha and many more actresses from South became famous in Hindi films. Likewise when the Tamil and Telugu industry became a big one, many actresses like Khushbu etc from the Hindi land became famous in South films. Somehow males could not achieve this.

One of the major problems for south Indian artistes is the Hindi language. The actresses like Vaijayantimala, Hema Malini and Rekha became experts, but Southern actors could not cross this hurdle. N.T.Ramarao ( 28-5-1923 to 18-1-1996) too tried hard. He featured in 23 Hindi films which were mostly dubbed films barring few. One film Brahmarshi Vishwamitra-1991 was even directed by him. Sivaji Ganeshan (1-10-1927 to 21-7-2001) a winner of the prestigious ” Dadasaheb Phalke Award” in 1996, also featured in 19 Hindi films. Gemini Ganesan-real name R.Ganesan ( 17-11-1920 to 22-3-2005) was actress Rekha’s father. He acted in 24 Hindi films.

Similarly many music directors also had the same desire to shine in Hindi films, but had the same problem of language. One of these MDs was P.Ramesh Naidu who gave music to the Hindi film Piya Milan-1958.

Pasupuleti Ramesh Naidu (Born 18-10-1933,Died 2-9-2005) was born in Kondapalli in Krishna District (Andhra Pradesh). He was so obsessed with music that he ran away and landed in Bombay when he was 14 year old. B R Chopra took him under his wings and Ramesh learnt Instrumentation and orchestration in HMV at Bombay.

He started his music career at the age of 17 years with a Marathi film ” Bhandawal Paahije “-1950, produced, Directed and acted by Kishore Sahu. After a few years he went back to Andhra and got married. He got a son also and then he came to Bombay, on his way to Calcutta. he spent 10 years there giving music to Bangla, Oriya and Nepali films.

He was invited to Madras and he gave music to Amma mata-72. He settled there with his family. He gave music in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. He came to Bombay from time to time to give music to Dubbed and Remade films from the South. He also gave music in a few Bhojpuri films. His Hindi films were Hamlet-54, Jay Simha-54, Piya Milan-58, Nartaki Chitra-65, Ganga Bhavani-79, Azaadi ki Oar-86,and Hum bhi kuch kam nahin-1983.

His first south film was Dampatyam-57 and last was Ish Gup chup-1993. He surpassed Salil Chaudhari by giving music in 10 Indian languages( Salil da gave music in 9 . Ramesh Naidu got the National Award for the film ‘Megh Sandesham’.

Naidu left this world on 2-9-2005, at Hyderabad.

PIYA MILAN-1958 was a story of Kings, Queens and the palace matters. The storyline was…

Maharaja Kulasekhara is the king of Kurni Empire. He has a beautiful daughter Vijaya (Vyjayanti mala), who is in love with a young rich boy, Mahinder (Shri Ram).

Maharaja Parakram Bahu of the neighbouring kingdom comes calling and before going back proposes to Vijaya. he is told that she is already engaged and this alliance is not possible.

Parakram goes back enraged. He consults his vazir, Nari and they decide to destroy Kulasekhara.

They tempt Srimantha, the commander of Kulshekar and then attack Kurni, capture the Maharaja and abduct Vijaya.

The kingdom is then given to Shrimantha. Shrimantha and his cronies torture the poor Janata and loot them.

Suddenly, a masked man called PARAMVEER appears from nowhere and protects the oppressed janata. He also punishes the cronies and Looters.

Meanwhile Parakram Bahu decided to marry Vijaya forcibly.

Getting this news, Paramveer attacks Parakram Bahu in the night ,captures him and rescues the princess Vijaya.

Then Param veer leads a mutiny and defeats Srimantha and rescues Maharaja Kulasekhara.

Finally, it is revealed that Param Veer is no one else but Mahinder ,the fiance of Vijaya.

All is well, after this.

Today’s song is sung by Usha Mangeshkar and Om Verma. I do not know anything about this singer and even after my attempts, I failed to get his information from any known source. But it does seem that this was his only song in a Hindi film. The video shows the song shot on Helen and an actor whom I could not recognise. May be he was from the south.

Song- Tilla langdi koyle(Piya Milan)(1958) Singers-Om Verma, Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-P Ramesh Naidu


tilla langdi koyle hoye tilla langdi koyle
are chamke mor ban ke bhole man mein naache
ye paayal tori chhun chhun chhunke
humka na bano tum
ho humka na bano tum
are kaise baalma tum
in papaye papaye baaten se bana na kisi ko
in papaye papaye baaton se bana na kisi ko

haay haay
haay haay
haay haay

ghaayal kiya man ko nigaahon ne mil ke
do nigaahon ne mil ke
ghaayal kiya man ko nigaahon ne mil ke
do nigaahon ne mil ke
chup raho tum na jaana aur ko banaana
humen chhod tu sataana
chup raho tum na jaana
aur ko banaana
humen chhod tu sataana

ab dil?? aur na tadpoon
tum mere ho jaao
hum tore ho jaayen
tilla langdi koyle hoye tilla langdi koyle
are chamake mor ban ke tu bhole man me naache
ye paayal tori sun ke
tu bhole man me nache ye paayal tori sun ke

hoy hoy
hoy hoy
hoy hoy

bhadakti aag hoon main ??
sun bairi aag laga doon

arre haay haay haay haay
bhadkati aag hoon main ??
sun bairi aag laga doon

hoon samandar mein ari dekh main naha loon
haan aag main bujha doon
hoon samandar mein ari dekh main naha loon
ha aag main bujha doon
apna tumko dheere dheere tumko haule haule

haan mere nain laage
haan mera dil bhi gaaye
ho mere nain lage
ha mera dil bhi gaaye
aa gaye sama din suhaane dil sitaaron mein jhoome
aa gaye sama din suhaane dil sitaron mein jhoome

2 Responses to "Tilla langdi koyle"

Arun Ji,
Thanks for writing about Ramesh Naidu who I am reading about for the first time. I find he does have a fairly extensive body of work.
My best shot in identifying the male character in the video is: Chandrababu.


Thanks, Satish ji.


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