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Prem yog ab karna yogi

Posted on: November 30, 2021

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Songs from Artiste Name Films….Second Season….No. 4
Today’s song is from the film Saadhana-1939, made by Sagar Movietone. The name Sadhana today, immediately brings to mind the face of the famous actress Sadhana, who debuted as a Heroine in the film “Love in Simla”-1960. Her lovely face and unique haircut- which was fashioned in the style of Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn, was carved in the minds of the audience in her heydays. Sadhana was a craze during the 60’s and early 70’s. In this period, according to one source, she was the highest paid Heroine in Hindi cinema.

However, we are not going to talk about that Sadhana, who was named after the famous dancer actress of the 40’s, from Bengal. We will talk about the original Sadhana…( the Bangla pronunciation Sadhona ), who made her Debut in Hindi films with the film ” Kumkum-The Dancer ” in 1940.

Sadhana Bose did not act in the film Sadhana-1939 made by Sagar. Her debut Hindi film was made by Sagar only, just one year later….. the film Kumkum-The Dancer-40. This was the only film she did for Sagar Movietone. Anyway, Sagar movietone itself got merged with National Studios in 1940. In those days Bangla artistes were reluctant to act in Hindi films because of their weakness in talking in Hindi language. Of course, there were some actors like Pankaj Mullik, Ashit Baran, K C Dey and a few others who did act in Hindi films. But their Bangla accent in speaking Hindi was unmistakable. ” Kumkum-The Dancer” was a Bi-lingual film in Hindi and Bangla. It had a Bengali cast and its director as well as Music Director were Bengalee.

Granddaughter of Brahmakesari Keshab Chandra Sen, Sadhona was born on 20-4-1914, in a prosperous Brahmo family and received education as was common with Brahmo girls of those days. Her father was Saral Chandra Sen and she was the second of his three daughters. Her elder sister Binita was married into a royal family of Chittagong (now Bangladesh)and settled into household life, while the youngest Nilina pursued a career in Indian Classical music and earned herself a position of eminence and was known in record circles as Naina Devi.

Sadhona married Madhu Bose, film maker working in Bengal, British India, at a young age, and joined the Calcutta Art Players, a theatrical company owned by husband Modhu Bose and took part as heroine in the plays produced by the unit. Later on Sadhona joined films and played Marjina in Alibaba (1937), made in Bengali under the banner of Bharata Lakshmi Pictures. This film was a runaway hit and is remembered well by film enthusiasts. Modhu Bose had earlier directed a number of films but he tasted real success with Alibaba. For Sadhona this film meant a permanent place in the history of Bengali films. This was followed by Abhinoy (Bengali-1938), another major success for the couple.

They migrated to Bombay and again created history with the immensely popular Kumkum (1940), made in two languages, Hindi and Bengali and thereafter went on to create the first triple version (English, Bengali, Hindi) film of India, Rajnartaki (1941). Sadhona did come back to Calcutta for a double version Bengali movie Meenakshi (1942)with the handsome Jyoti Prakash as the hero. Going back to Bombay soon after the completion of this film where she starred in major films like Shankar Parvati, Vishkanya, Paigham, For Ladies Only, Bhola Shankar and Shin shinaki Boobla Boo.She also sang 7 songs in 2 films, namely Paigham and Shankar Parvati- both in 1943. She firmly established herself as a heroine in her own right without the backing of husband Modhu Bose.

In fact they had fallen quite apart by the mid forties and most unfortunately Sadhona started living much too abandoned a life heavily engaged in drinks,parties and men and slowly lost her carefully earned position. She came back to calcutta after a reconciliation with Modhu Bose but had by this time lost her magic hold over the audiences and acted in films again directed by her husband like Shesher Kabita and Maa O Chhele, without remarkable success.

Sadhona was a dancer in the first place and all her film successes were in dancing roles, although she was also a very fine actress and sang her own songs in some of her films including her first Alibaba.With film offers becoming too infrequent, she formed a dance troupe of her own and made all India tours with plays like Wither now, Hunger and others and met with success again as she was bound to be as a personality trained in dancing. She passed into oblivion slowly.

Even in retired life she could not part with the bottle and without any income worth the name she found herself in the most difficult conditions financially. Modhu bose was ill and it was difficult to get treatment for him. She lost her husband in 1969 and had no money to sustain herself and thereafter came the greatest tragic period of her life when she had to resort to begging in the streets, in and around Park Street of calcutta. It was during this phase of her life that passers by and street walkers came across an old lady, looking distinguished, dressed in clothes that were expensive at one time but now showing the wear and tear asking for help. Some recognised her and gave her enough to go on for some days while some others gave her a rude rebuff. She took all that with a smile.

Sadhana Bose was responsible for the names of at least 2 actresses in Bombay.

Actress Sadhana Shivdasani’s mother was very much impressed with the dancing skills of Sadhana Bose. She was her fan and saw her films repeatedly. When she was carrying for Sadhana, she had decided that if she gets a girl, her name would be Sadhana only. Thus Bombay Sadhana got the Calcutta Sadhana’s name.
Secondly, actress/Dancer Kumkum’s real name was Zebunnisa. When she was selected by Director Shahid Lateef, for his film Sheesha-1952, first time for Debut, there was already an actress Zebunnisa existing. What’s more, this Zebunnisa was also in the film Sheesha-52, so Shaheed was thinking of a new name for the newcomer. He remembered that his favourite Sadhana Bose had acted in a film by the name ‘Kumkum-the Dancer”-1940, so he selected the name Kumkum for this new Dancer and Kumkum got her name.

After Sadhona stopped her dance films as a Heroine, she resumed her work as a Choreographer. In the early 50s, she choreographed in films like Bhola shankar-51, Nandkishore-51, Shinshinaki Boobla Boo-52. She used to do bit roles too in these films to earn money.

Just before her death she got appointed as dance trainer in Calcutta’s prestigious Star Theatre, courtesy her one time boy friend Timir Baran. She trained junior artistes for the play Janapad Badhu and once again her name featured in the newspapers in the advertisements of the play. However, the end had come very near and she passed away on 3-10-1973. A very tragic and unfortunate way indeed for an all India star who at a time had captured the heart and imagination of millions. It is very sad that she died in penury and neglect, but artistes in the 40s and 50s-many of them- had similar stories. (Based on an article by Dr.J.P.Guha, ‘Nayika’ by Babu Moshai, muVyz, HFGK with thanks and my notes).

Film Sadhana-1939 was quite a successful film and its songs also were popular. The MD was Anupam Ghatak, whose name may not be even heard by the new generation readers, because he died in 1947 itself. The music Director Anupam Ghatak – the second-generation Bengali-Hindi composer (after Rai Chand Boral and Pankaj Mullick) was born on 4-12-1911 at Mymensingh(now in Bangladesh). He took music lessons from father Atul Ghatak and Keshav ganesh Dhekan. He became an excellent Flautist. After a short stint in AIR,as a singer in 1930, he joined as asst. to Bishen Chand Boral (brother of Raichand Boral) and later to R C Boral himself for Vidyapati-1937

First independent film score: Payer Dhulo. Later worked at Sagar Film in Bombay, composing Zia Sarhadi’s Bhole Bhale and a series of films for Badami, Luhar et al. (1939). Returned to Calcutta, notably for Barua’s Shapmukti; thereafter had assignments in both Calcutta and Lahore. Known for his wide range, from the sentimental Ekti paisa dao go babu in Shape Mukti to the experimental Gane mor kon indradhanu in Agni Pareeksha.

His Hindi film career started with ‘Tarzan ki Beti’-38 and Bhole Bhale-39. He gave music to only 17 Hindi films,which included Ladies Only, Service Ltd., Sadhana, Uski tamanna, Civil marriage, Sri ramanuj etc. In Lahore he did Champa, Badnami and Shalimar, before Partition. His other films as MD were, Khush Naseeb-46, Aai bahar-46, faisla-47, Aisa Kyun-47 and Banjare-48. He had also sung 4 songs in his first film Tarzan ki beti-1938. His last Hindi film was Shamsheer, which was released only in 1953,after he died on 5-2-1947 itself.

The story of film Sadhana-1939 was ……

Ganesh kaka was a renowned judge .people from his and surrounding villages used to come to solve their disputes. His widowed sister’s son Yogesh studied in a Bombay college.He loved his village but he loved more Sadhana, the moneylender’s daughter.Ramesh the Mukhiya’s son also loved her.The moneylender is pressurised by the Mukhiya to declare the marriage of Sadhana and Ramesh.Sadhan’s mother does not like it as she too favours Yogesh.Ganesh kaka is also helpless.

Few days prior to the marriage, an unwed mother Prema comes to Ganesh kaka, with a complaint that Ramesh is the father of her child. On enquiries, it is proved that the culprit is Ramesh only. Ganesh kaka pronounces his verdict-Prema and Ramesh and Sadhana and Yogesh should get married in the same Mandap.

Today’s song is sung by Prem Adeeb. This was his second film with Shobhana Samarth. The first was Industrial India-1938, They worked in total 13 films together as lead pair. They had become famous all over India, after they had done the roles of Shri Ram and Seeta in films like Bharat Milap-42 and Ram Rajya-43.

Song- Prem yog ab karna yogi (Saadhna)(1939) Singer- Prem Adib, Lyricist- Kanhaiyalal Chaturvedi, MD- Anupam Ghatak


Prem yog ab karna yogi
Prem yog ab karna
sab kuchh sahna
kuchh mat kehna
sab kuchh sahna
kuchh mat kehna
ankhiyan tum na chhalakna yogi
ankhiyan tum na chhalakna yogi
Prem yog ab karna yogi
Prem yog ab karna

sab kuchh sahna
kuchh mat kehna
sab kuchh sahna
kuchh mat kehna
ankhiyan tum na chhalakna yogi
ankhiyan tum na chhalakna yogi
Prem yog ab karna yogi
Prem yog ab karna

yaad kiyaa thha ab tak jisko
ab se yaad na karna yogi
ab se yaad na karna
yaad kiyaa thha ab tak jisko
ab se yaad na karna yogi
ab se yaad na karna

jo kuchh bhi ?? bhool mujhse
?? kisi ki bhool ??
sab kuch khatm samajhna yogi
sab kuch khatm samajhna yogi
Prem yog ab karna yogi
Prem yog ab karna

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