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Zaalim teri aankhon ne kya cheez pilaa di hai

Posted on: December 17, 2021

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Blog Day :

4900 Post No. : 16705

Some people may have noticed that today is the 4900th day for the blog. So today the blog completes a century. Unlike blog centuries, this time bound century gets clocked automatically without any conscius effort on our part.

I looked back at all the 49 time bound centuries that the blog has clocked so far. Here are their details :-

Blog day number Date Songs posted on the day
100 26 October 2008 2
200 3 February 2009 6
300 14 May 2009 6
400 22 August 2009 6
500 30 November 2009 4
600 10 March 2010 2
700 18 June 2010 2
800 26 September 2010 3
900 4 January 2011 3
1000 14 April 2011 6
1100 23 July 2011 6
1200 31 October 2011 5
1300 8 February 2012 8
1400 18 May 2012 5
1500 26 August 2012 7
1600 4 December 2012 4
1700 14 March 2013 9
1800 22 June 2013 DOT day
1900 30 September 2013 2
2000 8 January 2014 6
2100 18 April 2014 6
2200 27 July 2014 3
2300 4 November 2014 4
2400 12 February 2015 5
2500 23 May 2015 2
2600 31 August 2015 DOT day
2700 9 December 2015 4
2800 18 March 2016 3
2900 26 July 2016 6
3000 4 October 2016 4
3100 12 January 2017 4
3200 22 April 2017 3
3300 31 July 2017 4
3400 8 November 2017 4
3500 16 February 2018 4
3600 27 May 2018 2
3700 4 September 2018 3
3800 13 December 2018 2
3900 23 March 2019 2
4000 1 July 2019 3
4100 9 October 2019 1
4200 17 January 2020 2
4300 26 April 2020 3
4400 4 August 2020 5
4500 12 November 2020 4
4600 20 February 2021 1
4700 31 May 2021 7
4800 8 September 2021 3
4900 17 December 2021 2

One can notice that a few posts were covered on most century days. There were two exceptions, namely day 1800 (22 july 2013) and 2600 (31 august 2015) that were DOT days. The highest number of posts, viz 9, were published on 1700th day (14 may 2013).

I thought that I should cover a song from movies that have figured on an earlier century day. But I realised that it was easier said than done. Most century day movies have since been YIPPEED or otherwise no songs from those movies are available.

With some difficulty, I zeroed in on a movie namely “Devtaa”(1956). A song from this movie had appeared on the blog on the 1000th day on 14 april 2011. More than one decade later, this movie still remnains unYIPPEED and its remnaining songs are readily available. So songs of this movie are good candidates for my blog century day challenge.

“Devtaa”(1956) was produced by K S Narayanan and directed by Patanna for Narayanan and Company, Bombay. This “kaalpnik” movie had Anjali Devi, Vyjyanti Mala, Ganesh, Kumari Kamla, Bipin Gupta, Krishna Kumari, Agha Indira, Nambiar, Roop Kumar, Kamal Krishn etc in it.

The movie had eight songs in it. Five songs have been covered in the past.

Here is the sixth song from “Devtaa”(1956) to appear in the blog. The song is sung by Lata. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra.

The song is picturised on Vyjyanti Mala and Gemini Ganeshan (mentioned as Ganesh in the credits).

So, here is a movie whose songs figured in the blog on 1000th day and also on the 4900thday of the blog.

Song-Zaalim teri aankhon ne kya cheez pila di hai (Devta)(1956) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


zaalim teri aankhon ne
kya cheez pila di hai
zaalim teri aankhon ne
kya cheez pila di hai
ulfat ke siva saari
duniya hi bhula di hai

bas ek nazar dekha
aur loot liya dil ko
bas ek nazar dekha
aur loot liya dil ko
lutkar bhi mere dil ne
khush hoke dua di hai
zaalim teri aankhon ne
kya cheez pila di hai

jab se tujhe dekha hai
kuchh hosh nahin mujhko
jab se tujhe dekha hai
kuchh hosh nahin mujhko
har cheez zamaane ki
har cheez zamaane ki
nazron se gira di hai
zaalim teri ankhon ne
kya cheez pila di hai

dil pyaar kare jis’se
wo dard diya dil ko
aa aa aa aa
aa aa
aa aa
dil pyaar kare jis’se
wo dard diya dil ko
jalne me maza aaye
jalne me maza aaye
wo aag laga di hai

3 Responses to "Zaalim teri aankhon ne kya cheez pilaa di hai"

Heartiest Congratulations Atul ji and all team members.
Great statistics … thanks, looking forward to the 50th time bound century.

By the way… Zaalim teri aankhon ne kya cheez pila di hai … (ab iska hangover kab utregaa … 🙂 shaayad pachaasvin century ke din… 🙂


Thank you for this statistics filled post. Like I always say, you have amazing perseverance. Hats off to you


As a part of BTYC Dated April 14th
I have sent the lyrics of following 3 female solo songs from the movie:
on 13th April 2021
Lyricist:Rajendra Krishna
1) Asha Bhosle: “Phoolon ke mele, hum hain akele, aa bhi jaa…aa bhi jaa”
2) Lata Mangeshkar: “Zalim teri aankhon ne kya cheez pilaa di hai, ulfat ke siwaa…”
3) Lata Mangeshkar: “Do nainon ka bana jhoolna, hain palkon ki doriyaan”


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