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Nai Hawa Mein Udne Dekho Ban Ka Mor Chala

Posted on: January 14, 2022

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 159 # Missing Films of 1972 – 05#

We are celebrating fifty years of the year 1972. And we are adding on the blog, the movies of 1972, which so far have not been presented on the blog. There were total 131 movies released in the year 1972. We will be checking this list alphabetically and keep adding such movies which are still missing. In this ‘project’ our today’s movie is ‘Gaon Hamaara Shehar Tumhaara’.

I was surprised that this movie has not been presented on the blog till now. I was under the impression that this movie has already been covered on the blog. Well, alphabetically ‘Gaon Hamaaraa Shehar Tumhaaraa’ is the forty-sixth movie from the year 1972 (as per HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980). In between from alphabet ‘D’ to ‘G’ we find one more movie ‘Fighter Sheela’ of which the songs and other information seems to be unavailable as of now.

Here is the alphabetical list of movies of 1972 up to today’s movie.

S NO Movie Title Director Music Director Passed by Censor Board No of Songs on the Blog No of Songs as per HFGK
1 Aakraant Girish Vaidya Jagat Singh 07.12.1972 0 No Information
2 Aanbaan Prakash Mehra Shankar-Jaikishan 15.04.1972 6 6
3 Aankh Michouli Ramanna Shankar-Jaikishan 26.04.1972 2 5
4 Aankhon Aankhon Mein Raghunath Jhalani Shankar-Jaikishan 05.04.1972 6 6
5 Achchhaa Buraa Mohammad Hussain Rajkamal 05.07.1972 1 4
6 Annadaataa Asit Sen Salil Chaudhary 19.04.1972 6 6
7 Anokhaa Daan Asit Sen Salil Chaudhary 22.12.1972 5 5
8 Anokhaa Milan Jagannath Chatterjee Salil Chaudhary 26.06.1972 2 2
9 Anokhi Pehchaan Satyen Bose Kalyanji-Anandji 17.08.1972 1 5
10 Anuraag Shakti Samanta S.D. Burman 22.11.1972 6 5
11 Aparaadh Feroz Khan Kalyanji-Anandji 18.04.1972 2 5
12 Apnaa Desh Jambu R.D. Burman 28.03.1972 6 6
13 Baabul Ki Galiyaan Satya Dev Narang Ravi 01.08.1972 2 5
14 Baankelaal Ratan Kumar Pardesi 30.08.1972 1 8
15 Baawarchi Hrishikesh Mukherjee Madan Mohan 30.06.1972 6 6
16 Baazigar Thakur Karunesh Sapan-Jagmohan 05.08.1972 2 4
17 Bachche Mere Saathi T.N. Babu M.S. Vishwanathan 17.11.1972 Songs Not Available 6
18 Bahaaro Phool Barsaao Umesh Mathur Rajan Pal 05.03.1972 1 6
19 Bandagi K. Shankar Shankar-Jaikishan 17.05.1972 2 6
20 Bansi Birju Prakash Verma Vijay Raghav Rao 29.08.1972 2 7
21 Bees Saal Pehle Prabir Roy Hemant Kumar 06.06.1972 2 7
22 Beimaan Sohan Lal Kanwar Shankar-Jaikishan 05.06.1972 4 7
23 Bhaai Ho To Aisaa Manmohan Desai Sonik-Omi 11.05.1972 2 5
24 Bharat Darshan Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Jaidev 04.11.1972 0 No Information
25 Bharat Ke Shaheed Vishram Bedekar Prem Dhawan 18.07.1972 5 7
26 Bhaavna Thakur Karunesh Jaidev 05.07.1972 2 5
27 Bijli Ram Kumar Usha Khanna, (Bulo C. Rani) 25.03.1972 1 5 (4)
28 Bombay To Goa S. Ramnathan R.D. Burman 25.02.1972 6 6
29 Buniyaad B. Subhash Laxmikant-Pyarelal 22.08.1972 4 4
30 Daastaan B.R. Chopra Laxmikant-Pyarelal 02.03.1972 5 5
31 Daraar Ved Rahi Sudhir Phadke 26.07.1972 2 4
32 Dhadkan Devendra Goel Ravi 10.04.1972 2 9
33 Dil Daulat Duniya Prem Narayan Arora Shankar-Jaikishan 12.06.1972 5 5
34 Dil Ka Raajaa P. Madhawan R.D. Burman 29.11.1972 1 5
35 Do Bachche Dus Haath K. Parvez Sonik-Omi 23.09.1972 1 4
36 Do Chor Padmanabh R.D. Burman 27.12.1972 5 5
37 Doctor X B. Gupta Sonik-Omi 04.05.1972 1 6
38 Do Gaj Zameen Ke Neeche R. Tulsi Shyam Sapan-Jagmohan 29.08.1972 1 3
39 Do Yaar Kewal Mishra Sonik-Omi 09.11.1972 1 4
40 Ek Baar Muskuraa Do Ram Mukherji O.P. Nayyar 06.04.1972 8 8
41 Ek Bechaaraa S.M. Abbas Laxmikant-Pyarelal 25.02.1972 2 5
42 Ek Haseena Do Deewaane S.M. Abbas Kalyanji-Anandji 21.02.1972 3 6
43 Ek Khilaadi Baawan Patte Ravi Khanna Sonik-Omi 15.02.1972 1 5
44 Ek Nazar B.R. Ishaara Laxmikant-Pyarelal 22.07.1972 5 5
45 Fighter Sheela Vijay Not Mentioned 07.10.1972 0 No Information
46 Gaon Hamaara Shehar Tumhaara Naresh Kumar Laxmikant-Pyarelal 16.10.1972 making its debut on the blog today 4

*Note: – Songs for films ‘Aakraant’, ‘Bachche Mere Saathi’, ‘Bharat Darshan’ and ‘Fighter Sheela’ seems to be unavailable as of now).

‘Gaon Hamaara Shehar Tumhaara’ is directed by Naresh Kumar for Dimple Films, Bombay. He is also the producer of this movie. This movie was presented by Rajendra Kumar. The star cast includes Rajendra Kumar, Rekha, Sujit Kumar, Lalita Pawar, Satyadeep, Shamsher, Aarti, Ajit Sachdev, Sundar, Bhagwan, Kamaldeep, Kanhaiyyalal and others.

Dialogues of this movie are written by Rajinder Krishan. And editing of this movie is done by Govind Dalwadi. This movie was passed by Censor Board on 16.10.1972.

‘Gaaon Hamaaraa Shehar Tumhaaraa’ had four songs written by Rajinder Krishan and composed to music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd Rafi and Asha Bhonsle had given their voices to the songs in this movie. The list of songs in this movie is as given below (as provided in HFGK).

S No Song Title Singer/s
01 Nayi hawaa mein udne dekho ban ka mor chalaa Mohd Rafi
02 Ik pyaar karnewaale ne ik pyaar karnewaale se ye poochha Mohd Rafi
03 Kaise kahoon kis’se kahoon sharm ki hai baat Asha Bhonsle
04 Jaana hai jaana hai door kahin jaana hai Lata Mangeshkar

Today’s song is the first song in the movie, and it is played while the titles roll on. It is sung by Mohd Rafi, and on-screen Rajendra Kumar is lip-syncing the song. Rajendra Kumar is shown carrying his luggage and singing the song and telling the ‘gaaonwaalaas that he is going to ‘shehar’ now.

Some other artists, (whom I am unable to identify) can also be seen in the picturisation of this song which shows Rajendra Kumar’s journey from ‘village’ to ‘city’ and the city is none other than Bombay (current day Mumbai).

I have not watched this movie so can’t say much about it. I would request knowledgeable readers to throw more light on the movie and its songs.

Let us now listen to the today’s song

With the today’s song the movie ‘Gaon Hamaara Shehar Tumhaara’ makes its debut on the blog.



Song – Nai Hawa Mein Udne Dekho Ban Ka Mor Chala (Gaaon Hamaara Shehar Tumhaara) (1972) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Rajinder Krishan, MD – Laxmikant Pyaarelal


nayi hawa mein udne dekho ban ka mor chala
apna gaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala
apna gaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala

nayi hawa mein udne dekho ban ka mor chala
apna gaaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala
apna gaon sambhaalo o
main to shehar ki ore chala

sunte hain shehar mein jab jab
saawan bhaadon aata hai
sunte hain shehar mein jab jab
saawan bhaadon aata hai
paani ki boondon ke badle
harey note barsaataa hai
bhar letein hai jholi
jiska jitna zor chala
apna gaaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala
apna gaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala

ye bhi suna hai raat wahaan ki
din ko sharmaati hai
ye bhi suna hai raat wahaan ki
din ko sharmaati hai
deewaaron ko haath lagaao
to batti jal jaati hai
apne ghar to diya kabhi naa
saari raat jala
apna gaaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala
apna gaaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala

ye dharti aakaash wahaan bhi
hoga yaa naa hoga aa
ye dharti aakaash wahaan bhi
hoga yaa naa hoga aa
dekha jaayega kismat mein
jo bhi likha hoga
nikal pade jab ghar se
kyun naa karega raam bhala aa
apna gaon sambhaalo
main to shehar ki ore chala
apna gaon sambhaalo o
main to shehar ki ore chala
aon Hamaara


1 Response to "Nai Hawa Mein Udne Dekho Ban Ka Mor Chala"

This Movie is from Home/family production banner of actor Rajendra Kumar,(Naresh Kumar it seems brother of Rajendra kumar)

I have sent earlier Lyrics of one Lata Mangeshkar song from this movie
” Jaanaa jaana hai door kaheen jaanaa hai “,
I have seen the movie in parts, its about the Innocent villager who enters big bad world of city life, how his own family members take advantage of his innocence”
(Rekha plays the role of Kaamwali bai, who helps Rajendra kumar in his city life)(Kanhaiyalal, Lalita Pawar, Sujeet kumar play roles of Rajendra Kumar`s family members)(Remember one club dance by Padma Khanna sung by Asha Bhosle)

Thanks for the tabular form presentation of 1972 movies, it is informative and interesting……


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