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Aaj To Mera Ho Ja Tu

Posted on: February 9, 2022

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#The Decade of Seventies – 1971 – 1980 #
# Bhoole-Bisre Geet # 168 # Missing Films of 1972 – 13#

We are adding the missing movies of 1972 to the blog. The year 1972 saw 131 movies released in Hindi language. Out of this we have 110 movies presented on the blog. From the remaining twenty-one movies songs for six movies seems to be unavailable (one partially available) as of now. And there is no information about the songs of ‘five’ movies. One movie ‘Zaroorat’ was without songs. That leaves us with nine movies which area yet to be introduced on the blog and those will be part of this series in coming days.

Today’s movie is ‘Ratna Daaku’. It is one hundred and eleventh movie of this year 1972 to be presented on the blog. The film is directed by KSR Das for PNR Pictures, Madras. It had SV Ranga Rao, Krishna, Chandramohan, S Ranga Rao, Dulipala, Narayan Rao, Raja Sulochana, V Nirmala, Ameeta, Baby Dolly and others. Jyothi Laxmi and Jayshree T. make special appearances in this movie. This movie was passed by Censor Board on 29.12.1972.

This movie had five songs written by BR Tripathi. Music was composed by Satyam. The list of songs in this movie is as given below (as provided in HFGK).

Sl. No. Song Title Singer/s
01 Haa, Aaj To Mera Ho Ja Tu, Chhod Ke Yoon Re Naa Jaa Tu Vani Jairam
02 O H Oho Aa Meri Meesri Ki Meethhi Dali, Manna Dey
03 Rataiyya Baba, Ramjaniya Baba, Har Dil Ki Ye Lailaa Manna Dey, Vani Jairam
04 Chakku Ghusaa Re, Zehar Se Bujhaa Re, Vani Jairam
05 Ye To Pyaaraa Roz Ho … Happy Birthday To You S.P. Balasubramaniam, Vani Jairam

Today’s song is sung by Vani Jairam and only audio of the song is available as of now. I think this movie must have been an obscure movie of its time, so videos of this movie seem to be unavailable on internet.

Let us have a look on the list of movies of 1972 alphabetically after adding the today’s movie. For brevity the list given below includes the list of movies missing on the blog and list of all movies from the last post from movie ‘Pistolwaali’ to today’s movie song-post.

Sl. No. Movie Title Director Music Director Passed by Censor Board No of Songs on the Blog No of Songs as per HFGK
1 Aakraant Girish Vaidya Jagat Singh 07.12.1972 0 No Information
17 Bachche Mere Saathi TN Babu MS Vishwanathan 17.11.1972 Songs Not Available 6
24 Bharat Darshan Khwaja Ahmed Abbas Jaidev 04.11.1972 0 No Information
45 Fighter Sheela Vijay Not Mentioned 07.10.1972 0 No Information
50 Gunfighter Johny KSR Das Aadi Narayan Rao 25.03.1972 Songs Not Available 5
53 Hunterwaali KS Reddi Satyam 02.09.1972 Songs Not Available 5
54 Jaadoo Nagari Vednatham Roghaviya Aadi Narayan Rao 05.06.1972 0 No Information
65 Kavi Sammelan Kedar Sharma 18.02.1972 0 17
68 Lady James Bond KSR Das Satyam 11.07.1972 Songs Not Available 5
73 Maayaa Darpan Kumar T. Shahni Bhaskar Chandavarkar 12.12.1972 0 No Information
81 Miss Chaalbaaz (Tingoo Agent 000) Ravi Rajan-Nagendra 27.11.1972 Songs Not Available 4
90 Pistolwaali K.S.R. Das Satyam 11.04.1972 1 5
91 Piyaa Ka Ghar Basu Chatterjee Laxmikant-Pyarelal 23.02.1972 4 4
92 Putlibaai Ashok Rai Jay Kumar 04.05.1972 5 5
93 Pyaar Deewaanaa Samar Chatterjee Lala Sattar 02.11.1972 2 8
94 Raaja Jaani Mohan Sehgal Laxmikant-Pyarelal 11.10.1972 6 6
95 Raajdhaani Express BJ Patel L. Chakravarty 04.03.1972 Songs Not Available 5
96 Raakhi Aur Hathkadi SM Sagar RD Burman 10.11.1972 1 7
97 Raampur Ka Laxman Manmohan Desai RD Burman 24.07.1972 7 6
98 Raani Meraa Naam KSR Das RD Burman 19.04.1972 1 4
99 Raaste Ka Patthar Mukul Dutt Laxmikant-Pyarelal 27.11.1972 3 5
100 Ratna Daaku KSR Das Satyam


Making its debut on the blog today 5


  1. Songs for ‘Bachche Mere Saathi’, ‘Gunfighter Johnny’, ‘Hunterwaali’, ‘Lady James Bond’ and ‘Miss Chaalbaaz’ (Tingoo Agent 000) seem to be unavailable as of now.
  2. There is no information about the songs in HFGK Vol-V (1971-1980) for the movies – ‘Aakraant’, ‘Bharat Darshan’, ‘Fighter Sheela’, ‘Jaadoo Nagari’ and ‘Maaya Darpan’ as mentioned above.

With the today’s song ‘Ratna Daaku’ makes its debut on the blog.

Let us now listen to the today’s song and welcome ‘Ratna Daaku’ on the blog.

Song – Aaj To Mera Ho Ja Tu (Ratna Daaku) (1972) Singer – Vani Jairam, Lyrics – BR Tripathi, MD – Satyam


aaj to mera ho ja tu
chhod ke yoon re na ja tu
dil ko thhoda behla tu
mann ko thhoda samjha tu

ab haaye re main mar na sakoon. . .
naa main haaye jee bhi sakoon. . .

haaye re main mar na sakoon. . .
naa main haaye jee bhi sakoon. . .

ru ru ru ru ru
ru ru ru ru ru ru
laa laa laa laa laa laa
laa laa laa laa laa laa

mujhse ae
tum yoon roothh ke ae
jaiyyo na ho aaj re ae
dil mein
mere dil mein
bhadka hai re
josh aisaa
maza loota toone
maza re ae
aaj to mera ho jaa tu
chhod ke yoon re na ja tu
dil ko thhoda behla tu
mann ko thhoda samjha tu
haaye re main mar na sakoon. . .
naa main haaye jee bhi sakoon. . .

ye lo sainyya
lut gayi ee
main re
jeete ji mar gayi
ye lo sainyya
lut gayi ee
main re
jeete ji mar gayi
teri aur meri
ye kahaani
sab ne jaani
nasha khushi maza aaya re
aaj to mera ho ja tu
chhod ke yoon re na ja tu
dil ko thhoda behla tu
mann ko thhoda samjha tu
haaye re main mar na sakoon. . .
naa main haaye jee bhi sakoon. . .

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I guess this movie is a dubbed version of telugu movie


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