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Idhar dil hai udhar duniyaa

Posted on: February 10, 2022

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Blog 10-Year Challenge (2012-2022) – Song No. 17

Today’s song is from the movie ‘Malikaa-1956’.

One song from this movie was posted on the blog on 10.02.2012 … and that’s long time back. This movie completes its ten-year run on the blog with only one song posted from it.

I had not gone through this movie or its details and song in the past. It did that only when I saw the lyrics sent by Prakash ji with a song sung by none other than Geeta Dutt.
When I listened to today’s song, I liked it very much and I am presenting this song today.

This movie ‘Malikaa-1956’ is eligible under the ‘Blog Ten Years Challenge’ today. Let us go through the songs that were represented on the blog on this day ten years ago.

Following is the list of songs posted on 10.02.2012 in ascending order (i.e., the last song of the day appears at the bottom of this list below)

Song Movie title-Year Remarks
Saawan ke baadalon unse ye jaa kaho Rattan(1944) All songs covered
Meri aankhon mein bas gaya koyi re Barsaat(1949) All songs covered
Zindagi ki kasam ho chuke unke ham Maalik(1958) 06 of 08 songs posted
Hamaari muhabbat hamaara zamaana Bahaadur(1953) All songs covered
O dilruba tu muskuraa Teesra Kaun(1965) All songs covered
Ye aansoo mere dil ki zubaan hai Hamraahi(1963) All songs covered
Raat hai nikhhri huyi Malikaa(1956) 01 out of 8 songs posted

From the above table we can see that out of seven movies represented on the blog on 10.02.2012 five movies ‘Rattan-1944’, ‘Barsaat-1949’, ‘Bahaadur-1953’, ‘Teesra Kaun-1965’ and ‘Hamraahi-1963’ have already attained ‘Yippeeee’ status on the blog.

Two movies viz. ‘Maalik-1958’ and ‘Malikaa-1956’ are not yet YIPPEEDon the blog and so these two movies are eligible for Blog Ten Year Challenge today.

I am presenting a song from the movie ‘Malikaa-1956’.

Lyrics of this song were sent by Prakashchandra.

Here is a brief about this movie ‘Malikaa-1956’ as mentioned by our inhouse encyclopaedia Shri. Arunkumar Deshmukh while commenting on the first song ‘raat hai nikhhri huyi’ written by Shri. Sadanand Kamath.

Kamath ji,
MALIKAA was a 1956 film, produced by Thakur Ranbir Singh under the banner of S.B. Films and directed by Majnu-whose real name was Harold Lewis. This Majnu was acting as a comedian and is seen in many films along with I.S. Johar
e.g. Ek thi Ladki, Hum sab chor hai etc. He has directed many films.
The cast included Mahipal, Shakila, Chandrashekhar, Omprakash. sunder, Kumkum, Ramesh Thakur etc. The MD was Hansraj Behl, ably assisted by Inder Goyal. It was not a remake of any southern film, but an independent film made in Bombay.

The star-cast of this movie also included Yashodhara Katju, Ramavtar, Sudharshan Sethi, Kamaldeep and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 04.05.1956.

This movie had eight songs, written by Tanvir Naqvi (four songs), Asad Bhopali (three songs) and Verma Malik (one song).

Music for ‘Malikaa-1956’ was composed by Hansraj Bahl.

Following is the list of songs in this movie as appearing in HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960).

S.No. Song Title Singer/s Lyricist Posted on
01 O meri taraf dekh le, jaane jigar Geeta Dutt Tanvir Naqvi
02 Husnwaale bade magroor Krishna Goel Asad Bhopali
03 Suno suno sunaayen afsaana Geeta Dutt, Krishan Goel, chorus Tanvir Naqvi
04 Teer-e-nazar se zaraa dil ko bachaana Shamshad Begum Asad Bhopali
05 Yah husn ki mehfil … zulfon ki ghataayein hain Geeta Dutt, chorus Tanvir Naqvi
06 Tere dar pe rakh di khopri … o zaraa nazar milaa le o chhokri S. Balbir Verma Malik
07 Raat hai nikhhri huyi Geeta Dutt, Krishan Goel Asad Bhopali 10.02.2012
08 Idhar dil hai udhar duniyaa Geeta Dutt Tanvir Naqvi Being discussed today

As mentioned above, only one song from this movie has been posted on the blog.

Today’s song is written by Tanvir Naqvi, and music is composed by Hansraj Bahl. The singer of today’s song is Geeta Dutt.

Lyrics for this song have been provided by Prakashchandra.

Let us now listen to the song.

(when I listened to the song repeatedly it ssounded vaguely familiar, may be I had heard it on radio somewhere sometime in the past.)

Song-Idhar dil hai udhar duniya (Malika)(1956) Singer-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Tanveer Naqvi, MD-Hansraj Bahl

Lyrics(Provided by Prakashchandra)

idhar dil hai
udhar duniyaa
kidhar jaayein kahaan jaayein
bataa hum pyaar ke maare
kahaan ae aasmaan jaayein
idhar dil hai ae udhar duniyaa

idhar majboor ulfat hai ae
udhar saaraa zamaanaa hai ae
zamaanaa hai
idhar majboor ulfat hai ae
udhar saaraa zamaanaa hai ae
zamaanaa hai
khade hain hum doraahe par
khade hain hum doraahe par
jahaan jaayein
wahaan jaayein
idhar dil hai udhar duniyaa

na kuchh kehne ae ki himmat hai ae
na chupp rehnaa aa gawaaraa hai ae
gawaaraa hai
na kuchh kehne ae ki himmat hai ae
na chup rehnaa aa gawaaraa hai ae
gawaaraa hai
museebat hi museebat hai
museebat hi museebat hai
jidhar dekhein jahaan jaayein
idhar dil hai udhar duniyaa
kidhar jaayein aen kahaan jaayein
bataa hum pyaar ke maare
kahaan ae aasmaan jaayein
idhar dil hai udhar duniyaa aa aa aa

2 Responses to "Idhar dil hai udhar duniyaa"

I like this song very much.
Thanks for posting this one Atul ji. Thanks for the lyrics Prakash ji.


Geeta Dutt was born into a rich Zamindar’s family as Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri in Faridpur, East Bengal in 1930. In 1942, her parents shifted to a Dadar apartment in Mumbai when she was twelve. Over there in their modest flat at Dadar, composer/music director Hanuman Prasad overheard her singing casually and agreed to impart her training in singing. He launched her in a chorus song in Bhakht Prahlad (1946), where she sang only two lines. Find more:

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