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Main to lahanga nahin pahnoon

Posted on: February 22, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Sahara-1943 – an almost 80 year old one !

Whenever I rummage through the pages of HFGK issues of the 30’s to 50’s for something,I see a lot of names of actors, actresses, directors, Lyricists, singers and composers. I find that names which are prolific in the beginning became rare and then disappeared. Like waves in the sea, artistes appear and disappear from time to time. Very few artistes have a longer career of more than 25 years. Similarly, some artistes have a very short career, say of just 3 or 4 films.

One type of artistes are those who join the industry and continue to work till they can work ,in different capacities like Heroes, side heroes, character artistes and finally as extras. Actors like Master Nissar, Master Shiraz, Parshuram, Sunder, Sajjan, Bharat Bhushan etc come in this category.

Another category is of those who leave the films and go back to their earlier vocations or fulfil their other ambitions. Artistes like Moti, B.A.-Lyricist, Laxmi Shankar, S D Batish, actor Arjun Bakshi,Child actor Shashi Kapur Sr., Child actor singer Ram marathe, Firoze Dastoor etc. fall in this category.

Yet another group consists of actresses or singers who stop working after they get married, as if that was their final goal in life. Artistes like Lalita Deulkar, Smriti Biswas, Nalini Tarkhud, Sardar Akhtar, Gohar Mamajiwala, Mehtab etc can be counted in this group.

Lastly there is a group of actresses-famous and popular- who actually joined films directly as Heroines only after they were already married and what’s more this fact was not hidden. Offhand I can name few such actresses – Nirupa Roy, Meenakshi Shirodkar, Renuka Devi, Shobhana Samarth, Neena etc. come in this category.

Until about 1950 or so, many of those who joined films were not much educated. In fact we have examples like Meena Shorey who was so illiterate that she could not even sign her name in any language, forget about reading,writing or speaking English. Similarly, singer Sitara kanpuri was also totally illiterate. Therefore a highly qualified educated person joining the films was unimaginable. In such times both the Hero and Heroineof film Sahara-1943 were the most educated, polished and from highly respected families. This itself was a wonder.

Heroine Renuka Devi, in first place she was already married before joining the film line and additionally, she was English Literature from Aligarh University. The Hero-S.D.narang – was B.Sc., M.B.B.S., Ph.D, a research scholar and an author of 2 books. All this before joining the film line. Other such examples I remember now are actress Vanmala who was B.A.,B.T. and actor Ranjan who was a Ph.D and a fellow of New York university….before joining films.

While Renuka Devi kept her film career limited to only 9 films (1937 to 1947), Dr. Narang continued in films till his last days. Renuka Devi returned to continue as a Housewife-away from films. She engaged herself in Social work, was on TV talk shows in Pakistan and also wrote her autobiography in English.

It is unbelievable that people like Dr. S D Narang ever worked in the film industry. here in his short Bio for our New readers….

Here is a story which is stunning and unbelievable ! A young man was born on 18-6-1918,at Lyallpur,Punjab. He studied hard and got high education.First he did B.Sc., then completed M.B.B.S. and became a Medical Doctor. Later he submitted a Thesis and got his Ph.D. All this from Lahore Medical College. He also wrote some research papers and 2 books. With this sparkling education, he could have had a luxurious living,but he chose to join the uncertain Film World. True to his wont,he succeeded here too and became a Hero,Producer,Director,Studio owner , a Lyricist and a writer.

Yes, in the early era of the late 30s,when educated people were a rarity,this highly qualified young man came into films. His name was SATYA DEV NARANG or simply, S.D.Narang.(18-6-1918 to 25-1-1986 ). Here are some highlights of his life,adapted from the site…With thanks.

1. During his life, from 1918 to 1986, he served the Indian Film Industry, at three Capitals of this industry, Lahore (1936 to 1946), Calcutta (l947 to 1951) and Bombay (1952 to 1980), as hero, producer, director, writer and Studio owner.

2. He had the distinction of being the highest educated man in the film industry. He was B.Sc., M.B.B.S and Ph. D from Lahore Medical College.

3. He had the credit of being the debut making leading man of ‘ Khazanchi’ which was The First Indian Film to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

4. He was the youngest leading man in Lahore, who played the lead in Khazanchi, Ravi Paar, Zamindar, Patwari, Gawandhi,Thekedar, Sahara,Yeh Hai Zindagi (his first venture as producer-director) and Kamini.

5. In Calcutta he produced ‘Chittagong Armoury Raid’, which was India’s ‘First Revolutionary Film’. He also produced Nai Bhabhi, Ek Raat, Aparajitha, and Chiner Putul and also played the leading roles in these films. Apart from his own movies, he played the lead in Iran Ki Ek Raat and Kajari,which were produced by outside producers.

6. After partition, he had to leave Lahore, like a Refugee, leaving all his assets and immovable property behind him. With his hard work and experience once again he was able to establish himself as the hero, producer, director, writer and Studio owner at Delhi. But the studio proved disaster in disguise for him. Being a soft hearted person, he was giving credit to the producers, who used to shoot their films in his studio. They duped him and he had to suffer heavy losses. With this bitter experience he left the city and entered the City of Dreams and the capital of Entertainment, Bombay, in 1952.

7. Being a passionate movie maker, Dr. S. D. Narang was able to get himself settled in Bombay, within a very short span of time. He had already dedicated himself to the silver screen. Once again he arose alive from his own ashes, like a Phoenix.

8. He made his presence felt in a big way in the big City of Bombay. He produced and directed many films with big stars. In Tanhai and Darban he played the leading role himself. Some of the important films produced by him in Mumbai include, Arab Ka Saudagar, Yahudi Ki Ladki, Dilli Ka Thug, Sagai, Babul Ki Kaliyan, Do Thug, Ram Kasam, College Girl, Do Ustad, Kismatwala and Nishanebaaz. He had also produced Shehnai, which was India’s First Air-Force Film.

9. He was also the producer of Bombay Ka Chor, which was India’s First ‘Holiday-on-Ice’ movie.

10. He has also the credit of producing India’s First Under-water-movie, ‘Anmol Moti’ Jeetendra and Babita starrer.

11. The movie maker with Midas touch, Dr. S. D. Narang, had spent his 50 golden years of his cinematic profession, in the service of Silver Screen.(1936-86). He acted in 7 films and directed 14 Hindi films.

12, Before venturing into the film industry as the leading man, S. D. Narang, had an aptitude for research and while studying in Lahore Medical College, he did research on ‘Binocular Theory Of Vision’, which was published in his college Magazine. He bagged the Ph. D and became the Doctor of Philosophy, though he was already a Doctor of medicines.

13, Apart from being the author of a novel ‘Hippy Aur Yogi’ and ‘Human Psychology’, he had written a most praiseworthy book, ‘An Introduction To The Theory Of ‘Bio-Economics. It was actually a new approach to diagnosis and cure of Inflation and poverty. If applied to the present Global financial crisis, it can change the face of the fiscal fate of the World.

14. In 1960 he got married to actress of his time Smriti Biswas,with whom he had played the lead in many films. After her marriage she stopped signing new films, and decided to play the roles of faithful wife and caring mother. Still she prefers to prepare food for her beloved sons Rajiv Narang and Satyajeet Narang.

Today’s song is sung by Zeenat Begum and an unknown male singer. It seems to be a funny song. Written by lyricist Nazim Panipati ( brother of Producer,Director and Lyricist author Wali Saheb- who was the husband of actress Mumtaz Shanti), it was musically composed by Music Director Pt. Govind Ram. This rare song was given to me by my friend from the US- Abhay Jain and uploaded by our Sadanand ji Kamath. Thanks to both.

Song- Main to lahenga nahin pahnoon (Sahaara)(1943) Singers- Zeenat Begum, Unknown male voice, Lyricist- Nazim Panipati, MD- Pt. Gobind Ram


Main to lehenga nahin een pehnoon
Main to lehenga nahin pehnoon
koi haaye laa de makhmal ki salwaar
o sainyya laade makhmal ki salwaar
o raaja
main to lahanga nahin pehnoon

?? waali
lehanga pahani
?? waali
lehanga pahani
tu isse bejaar

haan haan main isse bejaar
laa de makhmal ki salwaar
o sainyya laa de makhmal ki salwaar
o balma

mohe lahanga raas na aaye
mohe lahanga raas na aaye
dekh kamariya lachki jaaye
mohe lahanga raas na aaye
dekh kamariya lachki jaaye
ise pahan kar gir gir jaaun
sun o makkhi-maar
ise pahan kar gir gir jaaun
sun o makkhi-maar
sab dukaanen band padi hain
aaj to hai itwaar
sab dukaanen band padi hain
aaj to hai itwaar

kab laa doge tum
arre bhaad mein jaaye parson warson
makhmal laa de kal ya parson
bade saab se tankha lekar
laa doonga sarkaar
bade saab se tankha lekar
laa doonga sarkaar

pehnoon makhmal ki salwaar
o sainyya
pehnoon makhmal ki salwaar
o raaja
main to lahanga nahin pahnoon
main to lahanga nahin pahnoon

2 Responses to "Main to lahanga nahin pahnoon"

Arun Ji. Thanks for the post. Until now I was not aware of the multifaceted person in S D Narang. He had a huge multi storeyed mansion in JVPD, which I used to walk by many times. ( hence a strong imprint in my mind 🙂 )


Satish ji,
Thanks for your information on Narang’s house in JVPD. He was a very rich person and also owned the Ambassador Hotel in Aurangabad.


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