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Sapne mein sainyya tum aaya na karo

Posted on: March 30, 2022

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Today’s song is from a C grade Stunt film- Flying Ranee-1959.

This song was quite popular in its time and indeed it is a very melodious song. Only thing is that the tune of the song is such that you feel like listening to an O P Nayyar song. In the late 50’s, OPN had given several foot tapping and melodious songs. But such a song coming from Music Director B N Bali is very astonishing. He was not known to give such good songs. He was, however, branded as a ” Copy Cat”. In many of his songs , you feel that there was another such song already. Even today’s song is a copy of a popular OPN song.

The music for this film was given by composer B.N. Bali. He was one of those small time composers, who got only the B and C grade films. First of all, let us know who this B N Bali is. There was yet another composer Bali, in the early era of Hindi films. H.C. Bali or Harishchandra Bali (20-3-1906 to 24-6-1976), the expert classical singer who changed into a successful composer is credited with discovering K L Saigal in the early 30s.

B N Bali or Baldev Nath Bali too was a good singer. He sang 5 songs in 4 films – Bhikari-49, Bedard-49, Mastani-55 and Tikdambaaz-59. He even acted in 1 film – Mastani-55. He was a composer restricted to mostly religious or low budget films. He gave music from Bedard-1949 up to Do Dilwale-1973, a total of 24 films, including one unreleased film-Bahut Door (40s). He also gave music to a Haryanvi film in 1973.Though he composed music with a variety, somehow he lacked what it takes to make it to the Big league. On the contrary, B N Bali is known for copying the popular tunes of other composers blatantly.

‘Jab un ka khayal aata hai’-sung by Rafi in Pahla pehla pyar was a copy of Rafi’s ‘Jin raaton me neend ud jaati hai’ by Hansraj Behl.
‘Sapne me saiyan tum aaya na karo’-Asha/manna Dey song was a true copy of O P Nayyar’s ‘ Ek pardesi mera dil le gaya’
‘Tu us ka kar bhala’ Rafi in Raja Vikram sang the same “Bhagwaan’ tune as in ” O duniya ke rakhwaale’ etc. etc.

When I saw this film’s title, Flying Ranee-1959, I remembered that this was the name of a train plying between Mumbai and Surat. Few years back, when we (myself, Sadanand Kamath ji and late Bharat bhai Upadhyaya ji) planned to visit Surat to meet shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji, we wanted to travel by this train, but its timing was not suitable for us.

All over the world, few selective trains are given special names like The orient Express or the Siberia special etc. Even in India also, there are many trains which have special names. Our creative minded, intelligent and genius filmmakers used these train names for some of their films. I found the following Train name films in the Hindi film index.

Punjab Mail….1939
Toofan Mail….1934 and 1950’s (UR)
Toofan Express….1938
Deccan Queen….1936 and 1962
Howrah Express….1961
Flying Express….1949
Flying Ranee-1939 and 1959
Then there were also films titled Miss Punjab Mail….1958, Miss frontier Mail….1936 and Miss Toofan Mail….1958 and 1980.
Incidentally, there were 3 films having the word Train in their titles…. The Train….1970, Train to Pakistan….1997 and Train Dakaiti….1984.

The cast of the film was Samar Roy,, Prakash, Nishi, Naazi, Heera Sawant, Ram Singh, W M Khan, Tun Tun, Jeevankala etc etc. I have no information on Samar Roy. I only know that he first acted in Bangla films. In 1949, he first came to Bombay and acted in film ” Swayamsiddha”-1949, opposite Shanta Apte. It was her last Hindi film, produced by her. I am not sure, but I believe, this film was also made in Bangla language. As such the film had most Bengali actors in the cast. After this, Samar Roy acted in 42 more films in Bombay till his last film in Hindi- Akhari Kasam-1979. He returned to Calcutta and after few films, retired. In Bombay, he acted mostly in B and C grade films initially, but later on did character roles in good social films. Coincidentally, he worked in 3 Train films, namely….Toofan mail-50’s, Flying Ranee-1959 and Deccan Queen-1962. In addition, he also acted in film ….Bombay Central….1960, – a name for a Train Terminus in Bombay !

One interesting name in the cast is Ram Singh. The actor Ram Singh’s name is not very famous or well known, but in his times, he did Hero’s and Villain’s role in many films. .His entry in films and life story is very interesting.

During the 1942 ‘ Quit India’ movement, there was a riot in Allahabad. Police opened fire and along with several other people, Secretary of All University Students Union also was killed. Fearing a backlash from college students, the Government closed down all colleges and vacated Hostels. Two persons became homeless. One was Ramchandra Dwivedi – who later on became well known as Kavi Pradeep- and the other was Ram Singh- who became an actor.

After the riots, instead of informing his family about his welfare, Ramsingh left for Bombay and then to Poona, to become an actor. He was tall, fair and handsome. V. Shantaram hired him as an assistant in the studio. His family thought that he must have been killed in the riots and grieved, when he never returned.

One day one of the villagers came to their house and told excitedly that he had seen a Hindi film and in that film, an actor looked exactly like Ramsingh. The family went to the town and saw the film. Lo and behold ! There he was. Looking just like Ramsingh. Anxiously a group of elders reached Prabhat Studio in Poona and enquired. The officials brought out their own son- Ramsingh before them !! Everyone was happy. It seems he did not contact his household just to avoid the Police investigations, as he too was an active participant in the agitation.

Ramsingh was born into a rich Zamindar family of village Ishanpur in Pratapgarh (U.P.), in 1920. After graduating, while doing his M.A. he joined films. His first film was Ramshastri-44, then came Chand-44, Lakhrani-45 and Hum ek hain-46….all Prabhat films. While in Prabhat, he became friendly with Dev Anand and Guru Dutt. In his later years, they gave him roles in almost every film..

In his other films, Ramsingh worked with Heroine Ranjit Kumari ( real name Ranjit Kaur), to whom he got married later on. He was already married while in school and also had 3 children from his first wife. From the second marriage he had 4 children.

Ramsingh played Hero, Villain and character roles in 69 films. Some of his notable films were, besides 4 Prabhat films, Gaon-47, Shaheed-48, Khidki-49, Aparadhi-50 ( He was the Hero, opposite Madhubala), Sargam-50, Sangram-50, Shrimati ji-52, Jaal-52, Baaz-53 etc etc. In his later career, he only got insignificant roles in B and C grade films and Mythologicals. His last film was Sati Sulochana-69. ( 2 more films Veer Chhatrasal-71 and Mere Bhaiya-72 were released after he left films).

Ramsingh returned to his native place with Ranjit kumari and children in 1970 and started doing Agriculture. The U.P. Chief Minister H.N.Bahuguna was his classmate and a very good friend. Ramsingh approached him. Bahuguna, to help him, immediately established ” U.P. Film Corporation ” and made Ramsingh its Chairman. However, due to political turmoil in the country, Bahuguna left congress and joined Congress For Democracy, against Indira Gandhi. As a result the film corporation was wound up and Ramsingh returned to the fields again.

Ramsing started drinking, against medical advice and died in 1984, in his village.
( adapted, with Thanks, from Javed Hameed’s book “ Kuchh kalakar, kuchh yaden “).

Let us now enjoy the copied tune in today’s song…..

Song- Sapne mein sainyya tum aaya na karo (Flying Rani)(1959) Singers- Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyricist- Najmi Kanpuri, MD- B N Bali


sapne mein sainya tum aaya na karo
aake mohe chhed chhed jaaya na karo
haye gori mohe nakhre dikhaaya na karo
dil ko lagaake pachhtaaya na karo

o ho sapne mein sainya tum aaya na karo
aake mohe chhed chhed jaaya na karo

meri gali aake tum jaane nahin paaoge
jaaoge to sainya tum bada pachhtaaoge
jaaoge to sainya tum bada pachhtaaoge
dil leke tum itraaya na karo
dil ko lagaake pachhtaaya na karo

hey sapne mein sainya tum aaya na karo
aake mohe chhed chhed jaaya na karo

ankhiyaan milaai hai to mukhda na modna
dil mein basaaya hai to dil ko na todna
dil mein basaaya hai to dil ko na todna

hey mohe chhup chhup ke sataaya na karo
aake mohe chhed chhed jaaya na karo
oye oye gori mohe nakhre dikhaaya na karo
dil ko lagaake pachhtaaya na karo

paas bula lo mohe apna bana lo
dil mein bithha lo ji
aankhon mein chhupa lo
dil mein bitha lo ji
aankhon mein chhupa lo
aha ha door door rahke tarsaaya na karo
dil ko lagaake pachhtaaya na karo

oh sapne mein sainya tum aaya na karo
aake mohe chhed chhed jaaya na karo


3 Responses to "Sapne mein sainyya tum aaya na karo"

Arun ji,

THE BURNING TRAIN , 1980, burnt into the finances of B R Films.

SAVEREWALI GAADI had no train in the title. 😆


Arun ji,

EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL, 2007, was one more.


Only film The Burning Train-1980 qualifies.


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