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Dil samajhta hai ya khuda jaane

Posted on: April 6, 2022

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I am presenting a rare song of a 1946 released film, sung by Mohammed Rafi. I came across this song for the first time about 5-6 years back on one of the video-sharing platforms and I immensely liked it. However, to my dismay, I found that the uploaded song was incomplete. I could not find the full song on any of the video sharing-platforms at that time. I tried to locate it from other on-line sources but failed to get it. Gradually, this song went out of my mind. It was only yesterday, I accidentally found the full song – accidentally because the uploader of the song (probably a ‘front’ for SAREGAMA) while uploading the song about 3 years back, wrongly captioned it.

The song is ‘dil samajhta hai yaa khuda jaane’ from an obscure film, ‘Hoor-E-Baghdad’ (1946). The name of the singer is not indicated by SAREGAMA which means that the 78 RPM gramophone record of the song may not have mentioned the name of the singer. However, without any doubt, the voice in the song is that of Mohammed Rafi. The song is written in a ghazal format by F M Pindvi, a name I heard for the first time. Damodar Sharma is the music director. The film had 9 obscure songs of which as of now, only two songs are available.

I get a feeling that F M Pindvi who wrote this song in a ghazal format may have been influenced by Daagh’s ghazal written in the same metre. I reproduce four shers from Daagh’s ghazal:

dil ko kya ho gaya ḳhuda jaane
kyun hai aisa udaas kya jaane

is tajaahul kaa kya thikaana hai
jaan kar jo na mudda jaane

kah diya maine raaz-e-dil apna
us ko tum jaano yaa ḳhuda jaane

kya ġharaz kyun idhar tawajjoh ho
haal-e-dil aap ki bala jaane

‘Hoor-E-Baghdad’ (1946) was produced under the banner of Mohan Pictures and was directed by A M Khan. The star cast included Shiraz, Ayyaz Begum, Devraj, Fazlu, Anwari Bai, Khan Chand, Garib Shah, Aziz Siddiqui, Fateh Singh, Miss Mumtaz etc. From the star cast, it can be guessed that it was a stunt/fantasy film. The story of the film as appeared in this link (probably taken from the song booklet of the film) is reproduced below:

The Shah, feeling that it will soon be the time to pass the crown to one who is duly able, wishes to test his four sons to see who is the most deserving of the honour. Prince Anwar, the Shah’s eldest, was the most able of all and is chosen heir to the throne.

The Shah’s young second wife (Anwaribai) objected, however, as she felt her own son (Devraj) should be the successor. To make her happy, the Shah decides to test them all again, this time in a special court. Again, Anwar was victorious. Still unhappy, the young queen arranges yet another test, with the additional prize being the hand of the vizier’s (A. Siddique) daughter, Almas (Ayaz Begum), who is known as the most beautiful in all of Baghdad. In this new test, each of the sons must risk life and limb to bring back four valuable objects.

With this song, The film. ‘Hoor-E-Baghdad’ (1946) and the lyricist, F M Pindvi make debut on the Blog.

Audio Clip:

Song-Dil samajhta hai ya khuda jaane (Hoor e Baghdad)(1946) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-F M Pindvi, MD-Damodar Sharma


dil samajhta hai yaa khuda jaane ae ae
meri muskil ko koi kya jaane
dil samajhta hai yaa khuda

aa aa aa aa aaa
kaisi ulfat
mujhe to wahashat hai… ae
kaash mera wo mudda jaane ae ae
dil samajhta hai yaa khuda jaane ae ae /em>

mere hosh-o-khirad pe…ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
kya ee ee
nigaahen aaj chhupaaye kya jaane
dil samajhta hai yaa khuda
wo tasawwur mein aen aen
aake kehte hain..aen aen aen
tum ho kaise meri bala jaane ae
tum ho kaise meri bala jaane ae
dil samajhta hai yaa khuda jaane ae

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