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Kya bataayen ishq zaalim kya qayaamat dhhaaye hai

Posted on: June 8, 2022

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“Romeo And Juliet-1947” was directed by Akhtar Hussaain for ‘Nargis Art Concern, Bombay’ (home production of actress Nargis). It had Nargis, Sapru, Anwar Hussain, Sunalini Devi, Nisar, John Cavas, Hameed Murad, Nazir Kashmiri, Violet, Pushpa, Abdul Rasheed, Amanullah and others.

This movie had eight songs as listed below;

S.No. Song Title Lyricist Singer Posted On
01 Mast jawaani aayi mast jawaani aayi Majrooh Sultanpuri Zohrabai Ambalewali 28.12.2020
02 Mausam ye suhaanaa, ahaa ahaa Manohar Khanna Zohrabai Ambalewali 26.07.2017
03 Tumhe sitaaron ne be-akhtiyaar dekha Akhtar Shirani G.M. Durrani 21.09.2014
04 Koyi dil mein samaaya jaaye Manohar Khanna Zohrabai Ambalewali
05 Kisko khabar thi, dil ki ye duniya Manohar Khanna
06 Kya bataayen ishq zaalim Jigar Moradabadi Zohrabai Ambalewali
07 Wo yaad aa rahen hai, laaye unhe kahaan se Majrooh Sultanpuri G.M.Durrani
08 Donon jahaan teri muhabbat mein haar ke Faiz Ahmed Faiz Khayyam, Zohrabai Ambalewali 12.08.2014

We can see from above that four songs of this movie have been posted on the blog so far.

This movie had made its debut on the blog on 12.08.2014 with a song sung by Khayyam Saab and Zohrabai Ambalewali.
The second song from this movie followed immediately in next month and it was posted on 21.09.2014 which was sung by G.M. Durrani.
Thereafter it was a gap of almost three years after which the third song from this movie was posted on 26.07.2017. This song was a solo song sung by Zohrabai Ambalewali.

The fourth song from this movie again took more than three years to appear on the blog, and it was posted on 28.12.2020. This song again was a solo sung by Zohrabai Ambalewali.

Out of the eight songs, Manohar Khanna is the lyricist for three songs. Two songs are written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and the remaining three songs are written by Akhtar Shirani, Jigar Moradabadi and Faiz Ahmed Faiz – one song each.

Incidentally, the four songs that are already coveredon the blog are written by four different lyricists viz. Majrooh Sultanpuri, Manohar Khanna, Akhtar Shirani and Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
That leaves us four songs from the movie that yet to be posted. They are written by Majrooh Sultanpuri (one song), Manohar Khanna (two songs) and Jigar Moradabadi (one song).

Here I am presenting the fifth song from this movie. It is a solo song sung by Zohrabai Ambalewali. Jigar Moradabadi is the lyricist.

Jigar Moradabadi (born on 06.04.1890 and passed away on 09.09.1960) was a prominent Urdu Poet of yesteryears.

Here is a brief information about his biography written by our respected Shri. Sadanand ji in his post ‘sharma gaye lajaa gaye daaman chhudaa gaye’ (I am reproducing the same here so that readers can also read it here).

“Jigar Muradabadi (06/04/1890 – 09/09/1960) has been often called as ‘shaayar of beauty and love’. Jigar confined his poetry mostly covering his admiration for beauty, love, and emotions. It is said that his poetry has some influence of Daagh Dehlvi and Momin Khan Momin.
I have read through almost all of his ghazals that are available online and in Hindi (or Roman Hindi). There are no philosophical or spiritual tones in almost all of his ghazals. Likewise, I have not come across any poetry depicting the situations during the British rules though he had spent much of his life under British rule. Even if such poems do exist, perhaps they have not been well publicised. After independence also, his poetry did not venture much into the socio-economic situations in the country which had been the main plank of Urdu poets associated with PWA.

Jigar says :

Unka jo farz hai wo ahl-e-siyasat jaane
Mera paighaam mohabbat hai jahaan tak pahunche
[What is their duties only politician would know.
I give the message of love wherever it reaches]

As in the case of some Urdu poets like Majaaz Lucknawi, Jigar’s ghazals are a sort of his own autobiography. From 1920 to 1938, his life was captivated by alcohol and the beauty. Married at an early age, he had numerous love affairs, all of which turned out to be failures. These are all reflected in his ghazals. But unlike Majaaz who rued his failed love affairs in his poetry, Jigar can find joy even in his unfulfilled love because, for him, the experience of love itself is a joy.
It has been stated that he had a huge fan following encompassing both the elites and the masses. The respect he got cut across the religious lines. It is said that participation of Jigar Muradabadi was a sure success of a mushaira due to his poetry and the melodious renditions.
Jigar did not formally become guide to the budding young Urdu poets of his time. But he was a source of inspirations and mentors for poets like Behzad Lucknawi, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Shakeel Badayuni, Khumar Barabankvi etc.”

Today’s song is a melancholic song.

Let us now listen to today’s song…

Song-Kya bataayein ishq zaalim kya qayaamat dhhaaye hai(Romeo Aur Juliet)(1947) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Jigar Moradabadi, MD-Husnlal Bhagatram


Kya bataayein
Kya bataayein ae
Ishq zaalim
Kya qayaamat dhhaaye hai
Yoon samajh lo jaise dil
Seene se niklaa jaaye hai

Jab nahin tumko tasavvur bhi
Tumhaara kya garoor
Jab nahin tumko tasavvur bhi
Tumhaara kya garoor
Is se bhi keh do ke
Ye taqleef kyun farmaaye hai ae
Is se bhi keh do ke
Ye taqleef kyun farmaaye hai

Kis taraf jaaun
Kidhar dekhoon
Kise aawaaz doon
Kis taraf jaaun
Kidhar dekhoon
Kise aawaaz doon
Ae huzoome naamuraadi
jee bahot ghabraaye hain ae
Ae huzoome naamuraadi
jee bahot ghabraaye hai
Kya bataayein ae
Ishq zaalim
Kya qayaamat dhhaaye hai


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