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Ik se do kar de do se chaar

Posted on: December 25, 2022

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Today’s song is from the film Son of Alibaba-1955.

I would like to pay my humble respects to the unique, incomparable and extraordinary imagination of the Indian filmmakers in giving the most innovative titles to their films ! In the book of Arabian Nights there are only characters like Sindbad, Aladdin, Alibaba etc. Nowhere in the book there is a mention of their sons or daughters or other close relatives. But our Indian filmmakers have very benevalently provided them with children and thus were the films made like Aladdin ka beta-1955, Aladdin Laila-1941/55, Aladdin ki Beti-1949, Daughter of Sindbad-1958.

Not only this, they even went to the extent of making a Get-Together of these characters in the film Sindbad, Alibaba and Aladdin-1965. What is more interesting is that the filmmakers generously gifted sons and daughters to other fictional heroes too in films like Son of Dracula-2005, Son of Hatimtai-1945/65, Son of Hercules-1964, Son of Sinbad-1958, Son of zambo-1939, Zimbo ka beta-1966 etc. So, no wonder that there was a Son of Alibaba in 1955. Hats off to these imaginative creatures of God !

On one side these were the merry makers giving choicest titles to their films as wished and on the other side were people who had never ever dreamt to pursue a film acting career,but the Destiny made them do it ! Examples are – Ashok Kumar joined Bombay Talkies as a Laboratory technician but was forced to become an actor and my God, what an actor he became ! Guru Dutt had learned dance in the Academy of famous dancer Uday Shankar, at Almora in Himachal Pradesh, joined Prabhat Films as a Choreographer,but fate made him an actor and a Director. Kanhaiyalal, brother of actor Sankata Prasad, joined Sagar movietone to become a Lyricist, but became a well known character actor. Motilal casually stood in a crowd to watch a film shooting and was offered a film role. So, instead of joining the Navy, he became a film Hero. Geeta Dutt was singing a Bhajan for her father in her home, when Hanuman Prasad, MD heard her and she became a famous playback singer. There are many such examples.

It’s not only the plans going astray unexpectedly, even the successful actors wished something ardently and were lucky to see their wishes fulfilled by destiny when they had lost the hopes. I can quote at least 2 examples here of famous actors. The first one is of Dev Anand.After starting a career of acting with film ” Hum ek hain” made by Prabhat, within next 5 years he became a popular and successful star. For a long time, he had dreamt of working with actress Snehprabha Pradhan. He had high respect and attraction for her and was keen to do a film with her. But after 1949, she had almost stopped working in films. In 1950 Dev worked with Nargis in the film ‘ Khel ‘. The film was a huge flop. Dev could not afford flops in the initial phase of his career, so he decided never to work again with Nargis. Same year, the famous Director Gajanan Jagirdar came to Dev and offered him a film ‘Birha ki Raat’. Dev almost accepted the film, till he came to know that the heroine was Nargis. He flatly refused the film. Jagirdar was upset. He tried various ways but Dev did not budge. Finally, Jagirdar said,” I will come again after 2 days. Just rethink about it. I am ready to do anything you want, but you must do this film.”

Dev started thinking. The day when Jagirdar came, Dev told him, ” If you can bring Snehprabha Pradhan to work in this film, I will do this film.” Jagirdar was thoughtful but said, ‘ Let me try ‘. He came back with the good news that Snehprabha was ready to work in this film. Dev accepted the film. A long cherished dream was fulfilled and he worked with his dreamgirl. (Unfortunately this film also flopped terribly and Dev never worked with Nargis in his life again. In an interview Dev had said ” When I did these 2 films with Nargis,they were abysmal failures.No matter how tunefully Nargis asked the audience to stay, by Interval the theatres were empty” ).

The other example is of Master Bhagwan and C.Ramchandra. Both of them were great fans of actor Master Vitthal. He was one of the most handsome actors of silent and early talkie films. He was treated by Bhagwan as his Idol in stunt films. Both wanted to work with Master Vitthal in atleast one film, but by 1945, Master Vitthal was ready to shift to Kolhapur to work only in Marathi films. Bhagwan and CR became panicky. Hurriedly, Master Bhagwan went to Master Vithal and requested him to work in his new film. Surprisingly, the offer was accepted by Vitthal and these both friends were in the seventh heaven ! Thus, Master Vitthal worked in the film ” Naghma E Sahra”-1945 and their dreams were fulfilled. CR gave the music and also playback to Master Vitthal in this film.

The purpose of telling you all this is that the fulfilment of intense desire was also in the case of a singer in today’s film “Son of Alibaba”-1955. The singer – Shaminder was also an artiste who joined Hindi films to fulfil his cherished dream of singing a duet with Lata Mangeshkar in his lifetime. This desire became an obsession and after singing with Lata in a Punjabi film “Vanjara”-1954, he finally sang with Lata, a duet in a Hindi film-“Pilpili Saheb”-1954. Here is his story….

Shaminder( also known as Bhai Shaminder Singh) born in 1930/31, belonged to a wealthy landlord sikh family in Muktsar Sahib district of Punjab. It is said that the family owned almost half of the village where they stayed. Since his childhood, he was fond of music. He was a fan of Mohammed Rafi and Talat Mehmood whose songs he would listen to on the radio for hours and sing in sync with their songs. He adored Lata Mangeshkar as a Goddess. As he grew up, singing became his hobby and he could sing songs in the style of Rafi and Talat at ease.

As I said earlier, singing a duet song with Lata Mangeshkar was his obsession and to achieve his goal, he left his village for Bombay (Mumbai) some time in 1953 and met Sardul Kwatra, who was an upcoming music director. Sardul found that Shaminder had the quality of a professional playback singer. He felt that there was a man who could sing in a voice which had a blend of Rafi and Talat. So he decided to use him as a playback singer for songs in his Punjabi film ‘Vanjara’ (1954) which was being produced by Sardul’s family. In this film, there was a duet song which he was planning to get Shamshad Begum to sing with Shaminder. However, Shaminder was bent upon singing this song with Lata Mangeshkar. To fulfill his obsession, he offered a carrot to Sardul by way of financing his Punjabi film. This trick worked with Sardul. I had read elsewhere that Sardul Kwatra was a charming person especially among women folks. Probably with his charm, he must have persuaded Lata Mangeshkar to sing a Punjabi song with a newcomer Shaminder. Fortunately for Shaminder, not only this duet song but all songs sungs by him in this film became hits with the masses of Punjab.

Having tasted success, Shaminder was now interested in singing in Hindi films and again his obsession was singing a duet with Lata Mangeshkar. He got the chance to sing with her in the film ‘Pilpili Saheb’ (1954). It is said that he also got a chance to sing with Asha Bhonsle in some other films but I could not locate any such song on YT. In any case, he did get the chance to sing a song with Geeta Dutt in the film ‘Son of Alibaba’ (1954). I find that he sang almost all of his Hindi film songs under the baton of Sardul Kwatra. Later, Mohinder also took him as a playback singer for Punjabi films.

Having fulfilled his obsession to sing with Lata Mangeshkar, he was no longer very much interested in playback singing. In all, he sang only 15 Hindi songs in 8 films, namely Pilpili Saheb-54, Pensioner-54, Tees Maar Khan-55, Son of Alibaba-55, Jalwa-55, Ghar ghar mein diwali-55, Kala Chashma-62 and finally Mera Desh mera Dharam-73. By late 50s/early 60s, he turned to acting in Punjabi and Hindi films. In Punjabi films he mostly acted in lead roles while in Hindi films, he got side roles in a few films like ‘Aas Ka Panchhi’-1961, ‘Anpadh’ -1962, Bank Robbery-1969 and Sultana Daku-1972. He acted mainly in Punjabi films.
He passed away some time in the early 90s.

Today’s song is a qawwaali sung by Shaminder and Rafi. Enjoy….

Song- Ik se do kar de do se chaar(Son of Alibaba)(1955) Singers- Rafi, Shaminder, Lyricist-Prem Dhawan, MD- Sardul Kwatra


aa aa aa aa
ik se mujhko do kar de
aur do se kar de chaar
o neeli chhatri waale
karde meraa aa beda paar
are ik se do karde
do se char
ik se do kar de
do se chaar
ik se do ka rde
do se chaar

o neeli chhatri waale
karde mera beda paar
o neeli chhatri waale
karde mera beda paar

o ik se do kar de do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar

aa aa aa aa
biwi de jo laaye heere moti kismat waali
o o
lekin saath laaye koi saala koi saali
bacche aise achche de ae ae ae
arre bachche aise achche de
jo kabhi na mujhe sataayen
na roti na kapda maangen
yoon hi palte jaayen
yaar mujhe aise de jo na maangen kabhi udhaar
yaar mujhe aise de jo na maangen kabhi udhaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar

aisi kismat de ke sab
duniya pe mera raaj ho
zaroor zaroor
haath mein talwar ho,
lakdi ki
aur sar pe mere taaj ho
jootiyon ka
ab jisko chaahoon phaansi de doon
dhaage se
aur jisko chaahoon chhod doon
phokat mein
uski gardan kaat doon oon oon oon oon
aur uski taangen tod doon

galli galli ke kutte bhi bolen mujhko sarkaar
galli galli ke kutte bhi bolen mujhko sarkaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar

o neeli chhatri waale kar de
mera beda paar
o neeli chhatri waale kar de
mera beda paar

aa aa aa
neeli chhatri waale kar de
mera beda paar
o ik se do karde
do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar
ik se do kar de
do se chaar

2 Responses to "Ik se do kar de do se chaar"

Arun Ji,
Your interesting preamble makes this post worth reading.
Film producers using the titles, Sindbad, Aladdin, Alibaba’s sons and daughters are quite funny but interesting.
I am surprised to know that Dev Anand also fell in the trap of lucky/unlucky star syndrome.
Rafi & Shaminder’s qawwali is good to listen.


gandhivp ji,

Thank you very much for your appreciation.

Liked by 1 person

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