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Paapi ka paap mitaa

Posted on: January 16, 2023

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#the Decade of Seventies – 1961 – 1970 #

Today’s song is from the ‘1964’ movie Mahasati Behula.

It was a devotional movie.

This movie was directed by Shanti Kumar. It had the star cast including Mahipal, Jaimala, Lalita Pawar, Niranjan Sharma, Ulhas, Babu Raje, Mridula and others.

I had come across a song from this movie years back and had shared the same for the blog however it was posted couple of years back. This song was a lovely duet –chamke chaand poonam ka – sung by Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur. This song was posted on 05.07.2020.

Before that the movie had made its debut on the blog with another sweet duet also sung by Mukesh and Suman Kalyanpur – pardesi tum kaun kahaan se aaye ho – and this was posted years back on 26.04.2012. This was presented by our Respected Sadanand ji.

I guess this movie has become obscure now even though it had had some good music. Neither the movie is available on internet not any video of its’ songs seem to be available as of now.

This movie has as many as nine songs in it. However very few are available even in audio format. Even they have been uploaded only in recent years.

All the songs of this movie were written by Bharat Vyas and music was composed by Shivram.

Let us first have a look at the list of songs of this movie:-

SNo Song Title Singer/s Posted On
01 Dhyaan se sun’na hai chhoti baat Mahendra Kapoor
02 Maa gauri roop tera sukhkaari Not known
03 Pardesi tum kaun kahaan se aaye ho Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh 26.04.2012
04 Chamke chaand poonam ka Suman Kalyanpur, Mukesh 05.07.2020
05 Nahin chaahiye nagraaj mujhe … Geeta Dutt
06 Dulhan ka sindoor mit gaya… Mahendra Kapoor
07 Sat ki odhe laal chunariya… Mahendra Kapoor
08 Tum kahaan aur main kahaan… Suman Kalyanpur
09 Paapi ka paap mitaa, sooraj ko tu pragtaa Suman Kalyanpur

Today we listen to the third song from this movie which is a solo song sung by Suman Kalyanpur.
Lyrics are by Bharat Vyas and music is composed by Shivram.

This song is an ‘appealing to the almighty’ type song where the devotee is requesting the almighty to remove the evils of the evildoer and rescue her.

Let us listen to today’s song now…


Song-Paapi ka paap mitaa (Mahasati Behula)(1964) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Shivram


paapi ka paap mitaa aa
sooraj ko tu pragataa aa
dukhdon ne gheraa aa
chhaaya andheraa
kaali ghataayein hataa
o o o o o
paapi ka paap mitaa aa
sooraj ko tu pragataa aa

kisne kapat ka jaal bichhaaya
kisne pralay ka teer chalaaya
kaanpe jagat ki ye kaaya aa
jal thhal doley
tribhuvan doley
saaton samandar khaaye hichkole
hai ye prabhu kiski maaya
kiski maaya
maaya ka door hataa aa
sooraj ko tu pragataa aa
dukhdon ne gheraa aa
chhaaya andheraa
kaali ghataayein hataa
o o o o o
paapi ka paap mitaa aa
sooraj ko tu pragataa aa

zehar bhari kyun
chalti hawaayein
dhu dhu sulagti
jalti dishaayein
bhadki hai ye kaisi jwaala aa
aaj jagat mein
jyoti ke path par
kirnon waale sooraj ke rath par
kisne ye pardaa hai daalaa
pardaa daalaa aa
pardaa ye door hataa aa
sooraj ko tu pragataa aa
dukhdon ne gheraa aa
chhaaya andheraa
kaali ghataayein hataa
o o o o o
paapi ka paap mitaa aa
sooraj ko tu pragataa aa

maiyya parvati tere hi haath
laaj ki naiyya
maiyya parvati tere hi haath
laaj ki naiyya
rakshaa karo tum maiyya
rakshaa karo tum maiyya

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