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Soja…ye duniya kare to kare badnaam

Posted on: January 24, 2023

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#the Decade of Fifties – 1951 – 1960 #

Today’s song is from the ‘1953’ movie ‘Bhaagyawaan’. It was directed by Datta Dharmadhikari for ‘Roopkamal Chitra, Bombay’.

The cast of this movie included Nirupa Roy, Raja Nene, Radhakishan, Yashodhara Katju, Ratan Kumar, Qamar, Baby Mala, Alhad, Balraj, Shakuntala and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 21.09.1953.

Here is the brief about the story of this movie as recounted by our respected Arunkumar ji in the post with this song – jaane de kismat ki naav of this movie .

Chanda (Alhad) was a child with a branding of ‘Panauti’ (ill-fated). His father died as soon as he was born and with this shock, his mother too dies soon. In small villages, such incidents are attributed to the bad luck of the child and he was called ‘inauspicious ’by everyone. After parents’ death, Chanda and Suraj (Balrah Sahni) his elder brother were given shelter by his kind Mama and a tyrant Mami (Lalita Pawar). Mami always taunted Chanda. When they grew up, Suraj got a job and he got married to Sindhu (Nirupa Roy), who loves Chanda as her son.
Unfortunately Suraj is transferred to another town and he shifted with his wife. Soon the Mama fell very seriously ill. Mami blamed Chanda for this sad happening and drove him out of their house. Chand, in desperation travelled somehow to the town where his elder brother Suraj was staying. When he reached their house he finds it locked. Not knowing what to do, he decides to end his life. Chanda proceeds to the Railway tracks. While walking on the tracks he finds that at one place the Rails are broken and there was a big gap. This could surely cause an accident. Chanda decides to stop the train at any cost.
He removes his shirt and ties it to a stick as a flag. He hears the sound of train coming fast. He starts running on the tracks towards the train, waving his flag to stop the train. He starts shouting also. The driver sees him and tries to stop the fast train. The train screeches to a halt few feet away from Chanda. Train Driver, Guard and few passengers run to him. When they see the broken tracks they thank Chanda for saving them. Chanda’s brother Suraj and Sindhu also come running to find him. Their mama and Mami alight from the same train and thank Chanda, calling him BHAGYAWAAN and not inauspicious!

This movie has five songs written by three lyricists Neelkanth Tiwari, Saraswati Kumar ‘Deepak’, and Ramesh Gupta.

Music for this movie was composed by Avinash Vyas.

Here is the detail of songs this movie has with their status on the blog.

SNo Song Title Lyricist Singer/s Posted On
01 Soja… ye duniya kare to kare badnaam Tiwari Master Prakash
02 Mat ro…mere pyaare lalaa Tiwari Sulochana Kadam
03 Naari nahin hai sapnaa Tiwari Asha Bhonsle 08.09.18
04 Meri bhaabhi ne ‘Deepak’ Sulochana Kadam, Madhubala Zaveri 20.04.2021
05 Jaane de kismat ki naav Gupta Manna Dey, chorus 05.09.2016

We can see from the above table that this movie had made its debut on 05.09.2016. And so far, three songs from this movie have been posted on the blog.

Today’s song is the fourth song from this movie to be posted on the blog.

Today’s song is sung by Master Prakash and lyrics are by Neelkanth Tiwari. Music is composed by Avinash Vyas.

I have not been able to note down correct words at few places. I would request readers with keener ears to please suggest/provide correct words.

This song is a ‘lullaby’ song sung by an elder brother for his younger brother.

Let us listen to this song now… Only the audio of this song is available.

Song-Soja…Ye duniya kare to kare badnaam (Bhaagyawaan)(1953) Singer-Master Prakash, Lyrics-Neelkanth Tiwari, MD-Avinash Vyas


soja aa aa aa
soja aa aa
ye duniya kare to
kare badnaam
tu mera lachhman
main tera raam
ye duniya kare to
kare badnaam
tu mera lachhman
main tera raam

chandan ka nahin paalnaa
resham ki nahin doriya
chandan ka nahin paalnaa
resham ki nahin doriya aan
maiyya bina tujhe kaun sulaaye
gaa kar meethhi loriyaan
gaa kar meethhi loriyaan
phir bhi sulaaye
aaj tera bada bhai
soja aa
soja aa
mere chhote se shyam

duniya aaj teri karti buraai
lekin tu duniya se karnaa bhalaai
duniya aaj teri karti buraai
lekin tu duniya se karnaa bhalaai
sooraj hai naam mera
chandra tera pyaare
gaayenge ek din
amber ke taare
? nyaari saloni
donon ki jodi lala
tu mera lachhman
main tera raam
ye duniya kare to
kare badnaam
tu mera lachhman
main tera raam
tu mera lachhman
main tera raam
tu mera lachhman
main tera raam

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