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Dil mera chain na paaye

Posted on: February 17, 2023

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#the Decade of Fifties – 1951 – 1960 #

The song in this post is from the movie ‘Daamaad’ released in ‘1951’.

There have been only two movies with the title “Daamaad”. After 1951, a movie with this title was released in 1978. However, ther has been one more movie named “Mera Damaad” in 1995.

All these three movies are already represented on this blog.

‘Daamaad’(1951) made its debut on the blog long back 01.08.2012 with the song ‘mohe ratiyaa neend na aaye’.

“Daamaad-1951” was directed by Brijrani for ‘Bima Productions, Bombay’. It had Bhagwan, Krishnakumari, A. Shah, Yashodhara Katju, Kuckoo, Protima Devi, Ameer Banu, Shyamu, Ishu Jagirdar, Baby Sheela, Baby Nirmala, Baby Hafiza, Baby Natuja, Habib, Mehar Tarapur, Kathana and others.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 07.12.1951.

“Daamaad-1951” has eights songs in it. All were written by Bahar Ajmeri.

Music for this movie was composed by three music composers viz. Shyamu, Indravadan Bhatt and Prof Ram Panjwani.

Here is a brief about the story of this movie that Shri Arunkumar ji has mentioned in his posts with this film’s songs on the blog posted earlier.

The story was more or less same as ‘Albela’ – a good for nothing fellow sings well and makes a fortune – that is the one line story of this film.

Chamak (Bhagwan) is too simple a person, who is a teacher in a school, where even his students make fun of him. He gets married to a rich man’s daughter-Geeta (Krishna Kumari). Chamak loses his job and his father-in-law takes him to his house in a bigger town. Chamak is impressed with all the wealthy living and eats like a hog and sleeps like a dog every day. Honored initially as the son-in-law of the house, slowly he is despised, insulted and treated shabbily by in laws for doing nothing.

One day when Chamak is singing alone, the manager of the local theatre hears him, gets impressed and offers him job of a singer. Chamak accepts it and in no time becomes a famous singer and tours all over India. Seeing that he is famous, his in laws start pampering him. Now Chamak has become clever. He teaches a lesson to his in laws and finally they realize their folly and all is well that ends well.

So far, five songs (including one multi-part song) from this movie have been posted on the blog.
Here are the details of the songs posted earlier on the blog from this movie.

SNo Song Title Posted On
01 Mohe ratiyaa neend na aaye 01.08.2012
02 Mera tamak tamak tam bole mera tamku 03.03.2016
03 Guzre zamaane yaad na aa 04.03.2017
04 Dhobiya re dhobiya re tera chhora 24.03.2019

Today’s song is the sixth song from this movie to be posted on the blog.

It is sung by Sulochana Kadam and lyrics are by Bahar Ajmeri. Music is composed by Shyamu.

Lyrics for this song were sent by Prakashchandra.

Let us now listen to the song …

Song-Dil mera chain na paaye (Damaad)(1951) singer-Sulochana Kadam, Lyrics-Bahar Ajmeri, Md-Shyamu

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

Dil mera chain naa paaye
reh reh kar yaad sataaye
aa geet
aa geet sunaa koyi halkaa saa
aa jaa aa
aa jaa
dil mera chain naa paaye
reh reh kar yaad sataaye
aa geet
aa geet sunaa koyi halkaa saa
aa jaa
aa jaa

o o o o o o
aa ahaa aa ahaa aa aa aa
hawaa ke sundar jhonke
uyee maa aan
hawaa ke sundar jhonke
jab ghoonghat mera sarkaaye
nain baawre dagar dagar par
nain baawre dagar dagar par
machal machal reh jaayein
ho machal machal reh jaayein
aa meri nagariyaa aa jaa
koyi sundar geet sunaa jaa aa
o o o o o o o o
dil mera chain naa paaye
reh reh kar yaad sataaye
aa geet
aa geet sunaa koyi halkaa saa aa
aa jaa aa
aa jaa

ho o o o o o
haaye bedardi ee ee
dil ki duniyaa
haaye haaye haaye ae
dagmag dagmag dole
dagmag dagmag dole
nas nas mein ik peer si bhar di
tooney hauley hauley
nas nas mein ik peer si bhar di
tooney hauley hauley
aa lautke saajan aa jaa
bechain jiyaa samjhaa jaa aan
o o o o o o o
dil mera chain na paaye
reh reh kar yaad sataaye
aa geet
aa geet sunaa koyi halkaa saa
aa jaa aa
aa jaa


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