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Ab raat andheri hai aur door kinaara hai

Posted on: March 13, 2023

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#the Decade of Forties – 1941 – 1950 #

Music is very much essential for me (or may be people like me). It is like food for life. Or maybe it is more than that (‘vital’). So, even if I am not sharing lyrics or write-ups for the blog, I am still listening to songs daily or reading about songs and movies whenever I get time during the day. There cannot be a single day when I had not listened to songs or hummed them or recalled them …

Listening to songs provides the much needed relaxation to mind and had a therapeutic effect on me. Sometimes it provides the much needed motivation and inspiration too. And it also provides the entertainment if one is looking to freak out.

I would like to mention an incidence when I had to be operated for some diagnosis and anesthesia was given to me. That was in February-2020. Our respected Guruji will be remembering this. I had to cancel my Mumbai ticket then which was booked for a ‘mini-gang out’ planned there.

When I was in the hospital and brought outside the operation theatre I was still gaining consciousness after the anesthesia.

My younger daughter told me that the first thing I asked her in my semi-conscious state was to play some songs. 🙂

So, I am like that when it comes to movies and their music- Hindi movies and music I must say.

There have been many great lyricists in our country who have given us timeless classics.

They have penned songs for almost every human emotion and human struggle in life. And at times one may find many such songs turning out to be ‘prophetic’ in case of one’s life or ‘situations’ in life.

Today’s song is one such song which when I listened to, for the first time I think, and like it very much given my current ‘thought process’.

Today I present you this song penned by none other than Pt Narendra Sharma ji.

Couple of months back and later also when I was noting down the filmography of Pt Narendra Sharma ji I had noted the title of this song but had not listened to it then. Nevertheless I think it was the right time today I listened to it and it provided the much needed solace to me.

This song is from the movie ‘Mera Suhaag-1947’.

“Mera Suhaag-1947” was directed by Amey Chakravarti for ‘Famous Pictures’. It had Kamla Kotnis, Sulochana Chatterjee, Arun, Baby Tabassum, Narmada Shankar, Ghulam Mohammad, Ganjoo, Sajjan, Karadkar, Arjun, Rane and others.

This movie has seven songs written by Pt Narendra Sharma – five songs and Qamar Jalalabadi – two songs.

Music for this film was composed by Khemchand Prakash.

HFGK Vol-II (1941-1950) doesn’t mentions any Singer’s name for either the individual songs or singer’s names in general for this movie.

Here is the list of songs this movie has.

SNo Song Title Lyricist Posted On
01 Khidki to kholo maharaja ji Narendra Sharma
02 Baaj uthhi mere man ki muraliya Narendra Sharma
03 Meri banni chhabili gori-gori re Narendra Sharma
04 Tumne nazar uthhaayi, mujhe pyaar ho gaya Qamar Jalalabadi 11.08.2014
05 Surdas ki suno kahaani (four parts) Narendra Sharma
06 Ab raat andheri hai aur door kinaara hai Narendra Sharma
07 Apne haathhon se hi apne dil ke tukde kar diye Qamar Jalalabadi

As mentioned above only one song from this movie has been posted earlier. This song was also shared by ‘yours sincerely’ only, long time back in 2014.

That song was written by Qamar Jalalabadi. Today’s song, as mentioned above, is written by Pt. Narendra Sharma.

Singer’s name for the today’s song is not mentioned in HFGK. However, the audio- link of the song mentioned the singer as Zohrabai Ambalewali.

Music is composed by Khemchand Prakash.

Let us now listen to this song …

“ab raat andheri hai ae
aur door kinaara hai…”

Song-Ab raat andheri hai aur door kinaara hai (Mera Suhaag)(1947) Singer-Unknown female voice, Lyrics-Pt Narendra Sharma, MD-Khemchand Prakash


raat andheri hai ae …
ab raat andheri hai ae
aur door kinaara hai ae ae
raat andheri hai
naiyya ko mere maalik a a a
naiyya ko mere maalik a a
bas teraa sahaaraa hai
raat andheri hai ae
aur door kinaara hai ae ae
raat andheri hai ae

patwaaar gir gaye hain ae
manjhdhaar beech naiyya aa
patwaaar gir gaye hain ae
manjhdhaar beech naiyya
rakh laaj aaj meri ee
ho naao ke khewaiyya
ab kaali ghataaon mein ae ae
ab kaali ghataaon mein ae ae
kismat ka sitaaraa hai ae ae ae
hai ae ae ae
raat andheri hai
aur door kinaara hai ae ae
raat andheri hai

chhoti si zindagi hai ae
dukh dard ka samandar r
chhoti si zindagi hai
dukh dard ka samandar
hans hans ke mit rahi hoon oon
main tere aasre par
apne na rahe apne ae ae
apne na rahe apne
ab kaun hamaaraa hai ae ae
raat andheri hai ae
aur door kinaara hai ae ae
raat andheri hai ae


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To me the singer is Surayya.


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