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Zindagi mein har kisi ka apna apna aasmaan

Posted on: April 16, 2023

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‘Apna Apna Aasmaan’ (TV Serial, 1992) was telecast on Doordarshan’s National Channel from December 1992. The main cast of the TV Serial included Girish Karnad, Beena, Shreeram Lagoo, Viplav Malhotra, Lalit Parimoo, Parveen Pandey, Dinesh Khanna, Hemant Mishra, Nandlal Sharma, Usha Suhail, Priya Wadhwa, Rekha Babbal, B Sushma, Kishori Ballal etc. The 13-episode serial was based on a Telugu novel, ‘Kausalya’ by Polapragada Satyanarayana Murthy, with some more characters added in the screenplay to make it a family drama. The TV Serial was produced and directed by Kailash Tuli.

The serial is based on a true story of a freedom fighter from Andhra Pradesh who participated in ‘Quit India’ movement and was jailed. His participation in freedom movement and his imprisonment affected his family and created a crack in his married life. The gist of the story of the ‘Apna Apna Aasmaan’ (1992) is as under:

Venkatramaiah (Girish Karnad) is travelling in a train to Vijayawada where he meets one of his acquaintances who was his cellmate in jail during the Quit India movement. Both of them exchanges pleasantries during which Venkatramaiah tells him that he is staying in his village with his late elder brother’s family and looking after them. He also tells him that his wife Kausalya (Beena) and his son are staying separately in her late father’s house. From here, the story goes ‘on’ and ‘off’ in flashback mode.

On the advice of his stepmother, Venkatramaiah marries Kausalya, the daughter of a wealthy lawyer. Immediately, after the marriage, Venkatramaiah has to leave the house to join some agitation which is resented by Kausalya. However, reluctantly, she allows him to join the agitation. This becomes his routine and sometime, he goes to jail also. It is only when Venkatramaiah is to join one more agitation when Kausalya is pregnant, she threatens him that if he leaves to join the agitation, she will leave the house forever. Venkatramaiah joins agitation and serves 3 years in jail. Kausalya goes to her father’s house never to return.

Venkatramaiah is released from jail. His pride comes in the way of meeting Kausalya and goes to his elder brother’s house where he starts living. The elder brother tries his best to bring the rapprochement between his younger brother and his wife but in vain as both are adamant. After some years, Kausalya’s father dies leaving his wealth and land to her which she starts managing. Venkatramaiah’s elder brother and his wife die in a boat accident leaving his family of two sons and two daughters to be looked after by him. He manages with the money he earns from tilling his elder brother’s small landholding.

Kausalya brings up her son, Tilak with good education. She put him in a medical college in Kakinada where he stays in a hostel. Venkatramaiah takes care of the education of his nephews and nieces and get them married. However, in the house, there is tension as excessive rains destroyed the crops making the family out of money which his nephews are in need for further education. One day, the built up tensions in his nephews and the widowed niece comes out, blaming Venkatramaiah for imposing his dictates on them as they are not allowed to do things as per their wishes. Venkatramaiah agrees with them and decides to shift himself to a different village where he had 5 acres of land given to him by the government as a freedom-fighter.

While walking on the road aimlessly, Venkatramaiah gets hit by a bike-rider, Tilak, a medical student (who is his own son and neither of them had seen each other since his birth). Tilak takes Venkatramaiah to his hostel room. He gives him some money to enable him to reach his village. In his elder brother’s family, the younger nephew, Anand (Lalit Parimoo) gets police inspector’s job which enable him to send his younger sister, Janaki to higher studies in Kakinada college where she stays in the hostel. In an inter-collegiate elocution competition, Tilak meets Janaki and they become good friends. Their friendship is not liked by Anand. He gets Tilak arrested on a false charge.

When Venkatramaiah comes to know about his arrest through a newspaper, he comes to Kakinada and exposes the false charge which forces Inspector Anand to withdraw the charge. Tilak is set free and return to his mother’s place to tell the story of his arrest and his subsequent release due to the help from Venkatramaiah. He takes his mother to Venkatramaiah’s house where they get united as they feel that for the betterment of their son, Tilak, they will rather give up their rigid stands towards each other.

I had heard the title song of the TV serial, ‘Apna Apna Aasmaan’ (1992) few years back but I do not recall that I had watched TV Serial. Now that I have watched all the 13 episodes of the TV Serial, thanks to the Doordarshan who uploaded the digital version, I am in a position to understand the underlying theme in the title song.

I present the title song ‘zindagi mein har kisi kaa apna apna aasmaan’ from the TV Serial, ‘Apna Apna Aasmaan’ (1992). The song is rendered by Jagjit Singh and is written and composed by Satish Bhatia who retired as the Chief Producer (Light Music) at All India Radio (AIR), Delhi in 1987. Satish Bhatia (1929-2005) was the music director for Hindi films, ‘Maaldaar’ (1951) and ‘Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti’ (1967). He has also composed the patriotic song, ‘ham honge kamyaab ek din’ and a mega project, the musical ‘Ramcharitmanas’ which was broadcasted on AIR with more than 400 episodes. Many prominent singers including Lata Mangeshkar had rendered songs in ‘Ramcharitmanas’. He has composed hundreds of choral songs for AIR.

There is a trivia on the recording of the title song under discussion which I feel I should share with the readers because it highlights the importance of the ‘riyaaz’ for the singer. It also shows Jagjit Singh’s high regard for Satish Bhatia as a music director. He traveled from Mumbai to Delhi to record the song. Normally, it would have been other way round for Jagjit Singh.Satish Bhatia was entrusted with composing the title song for Doordarshan’s TV serial, ‘Apna Apna Aasmaan’ (1992). Jagjit Singh, the singer flew from Mumbai to Delhi by early morning flight and reached the recording studio at Daryaganj in Old Delhi. He was to rehearse the song with Satish Bhatia and record the song. For Jagjit Singh, the rehearsal and recording would not have taken much time. But he had missed his daily riyaaz that day due to an early morning flight. So, he sat in the studio with a harmonium and began his riyaaz which took about 3 hours. He was offered lunch which he said he would take after recording. After rehearsal and a couple of retakes, the title song was ready by early evening after which Jagjit Singh had lunch. He returned to Mumbai by the late evening flight. [Source: Ajay Mankotia, nephew of Satish Bhatia, in an article on Jagjit Singh in ‘DailyO’ dated 10/10/2020].

In the serial, the mukhda with first antara appears at the start of each episode. However, each of the three antaras of the song appears randomly at the end of each episode. I have collated the three antaras in one video clip to watch the song seamlessly.

Video Clip:

Audio Clip:

Song-Zindagi mein har kisi ka apna apna aasmaan (Apna Apna Aasmaan)(TV serial)(1992) Singer-Jagjit Singh, Lyrics-Satish Bhatia, MD-Satish Bhatia


aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa
zindagi mein har kisi kaa
apna apna aasmaan
har koi apne junoon ki
kah raha hai daastaan

zindagi ki talkhiyaan aur
har taraf naakaamiyaan
dil ko ghaayal kar gayin
aur badh gayin bechainiyaan
zakhm-e-dil to bhar gaye ae
na mit sakey unke nishaan
apna apna aasmaan

kyun kabhi nazdeekiyaan aur
kyun kabhi ye dooriyaan
kyun kabhi aanchal mehakta
kyun kabhi chingaariyaan
ye paheli sab ki hai
aaa aaa aaa
ye paheli sab ki hai ae
wo dharti ho yaa aasmaan
apna apna aasmaan

pyaar ki parchhaayiyaan
yaa apni hai naadaaniyaan
dil kabhi aabaad hai
yaa chhaa gayin barbaadiyaan
zindagi kya hai haqeeqat
yaa hai khwaabon kaa jahaan
har koi apne junoon ki
kah raha hai daastaan
apna apna aasmaan
apna apna aasmaan
apna apna aasmaan


3 Responses to "Zindagi mein har kisi ka apna apna aasmaan"

In the blog, we have a music director called Satish Bhatia who gave music in 1951 in “Maaldaar” and in 1967 in “Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti”. Is this Satish Bhatia same person ?


Yes. He is the same.
Satish Bhatia and his singer sister Usha Bhatia both retired from A.I.R. Delhi.
– AD


Thanks for this information.


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