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Piya Milan Ko Jaana

Posted on: April 16, 2023

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Songs Repeated in Hindi Films – 27
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Haan ji, yes. Reuse of songs in Hindi films goes back a long way. I had no inkling of this particular episode that goes back all the way to 1944. A very dear friend, Anoop ji Gadodia, pointed it out to me recently.

We have earlier presented songs of 30s, which have been used in later films. Examples are “Ik Bangla Bane Nyaara” – a song from the 1937 film ‘President’, which was later used in the film ‘Do Raaste’ of 1969. Then we have another song for the same year – “Babul Mora Naihar Chhooto Hi Jaaye” from the film ‘Street Singer’, which has been reused in the 1973 film ‘Aavishkaar’. The thing to note is that both these reuse events occurred decades after the original song was released.

The song that I present today is an iconic creation originally from the 1939 film ‘Kapaal Kundla’. And the reuse of this song happened almost immediately, within 5 years.  It was reused in the 1944 film ‘My Sister’.  This reuse must have been quite easy, since both films are produced by the same studio – New Theaters, and both films have the same music director – Pankaj Babu.

The first film ‘Kapaal Kundala’ is unfortunately not available, and so we do not have any details about the filming of this song, which is originally sung by Pankaj Babu himself.  The reuse scenario is however available from the latter picture.

In ‘My Sister’, the song is used as a party song. In the film, Ramesh (role played by KL Saigal) and Krishna (role played by Sumitra Devi) like each other and want to get married. Krishna’s father (role played by Nawab) gets to know about this scenario, and he asks his daughter to call Ramesh to meet him. So Krishna brings Ramesh home. Incidentally, it is Krishna’s birthday that day, and there is a party in progress at Krishna’s home. When Ramesh enters the living room, we see a set of performers, one is playing the piano, one lady is dancing, and third lady standing next to the piano, and singing this song.

I have no information about the three performing ladies. And also, not about the singing voice that has rendered this song. The singing voice is that of Ila Ghosh. Thanks to Arun ji, Partha Chanda ji and Sadanand ji for confirming this. 🙂

The reuse clip does not use the complete song, in that only one stanza of the original song is presented. As the performance is in progress, one of the attendants comes and announces that the Seth ji will now see Ramesh. And Ramesh obliges by getting up and proceeding to one of the inner rooms. And so the song being performed in the party goes out of earshot.

But nonetheless, a very interesting reuse of the song. The conversation about Krishna’s betrothal with Ramesh is about to begin, so the director already announces the outcome by telling Krishna – “Piya Milan Ko Jaana”.

As mentioned before, the film ‘Kapaal Kundala’ is not available, but from some accounts it is indicated that this song is performed on screen by Pankaj Mullick himself. The star cast of this film is listed in Geet Kosh as Leela Desai, Najmul Hussain, Kamlesh Kumari, Panna, Jagdish Sethi, Sailen Chowdhary, Rani, Pankaj Mallik, Manorama, Parvati, Satya Mukherjee, and AH Shor. The film has 8 songs listed. It appears that all the songs are not released on gramophone records. Currently we have only two songs available from this film.

The star cast of the film ‘My Sister’ is listed as KL Saigal, Sumitra Devi, Nawab, Akhtar Jahan, Chandrawati, Heera Lal, Tulsi Chakravarty, Tandon, AH Shor, and Rajlaxmi. This film has 7 songs listed. The film and its songs are available.

Before closing, I must acknowledge the source of this information. This song has been pointed out to me by Shri Anoop ji Gadodia of Kolkata. I first met Anoop ji at a seminar related to film music, in Bombay. This was before the Corona lockdowns had disrupted life. Anoop ji is a film buff. From a very young age, he has had an ear for music. He listens to meaningful music of all eras, but his area of interest is the initial years of Hindi cinema. His depth of knowledge about Hindi cinema, its music, the artists and the performers is breathtaking. He remains away from limelight, almost a reclusive lifestyle. He was in Delhi last month, to present a webinar on the initial years of Hindi film music. This song came up in our discussions, and he then pointed out this obscure reuse.

Let’s view and listen to this surprising female version of the iconic song.


Song – Piya Milan Ko Jaana  (My Sister) (1944) Singer – Ila Ghosh, Lyrics – Unattributed, MD – Pankaj Mullick


piyaa milan ko jaanaa. . .
piyaa milan ko jaanaa

kaante bikhraa ke chaloon
paani dhalkaa ke chaloon
kaante bikhraa ke chaloon
paani dhalkaa ke chaloon
sukh ke liye seekh rakhoon
sukh ke liye seekh rakhoon
pehle dukh uthaanaa..aa..aa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir Kapur)

पिया मिलन को जाना॰ ॰ ॰
पिया मिलन को जाना

कांटे बिखरा के चलूँ
पानी ढलका के चलूँ
कांटे बिखरा के चलूँ
पानी ढलका के चलूँ
सुख के लिए सीख रखूँ
सुख के लिए सीख रखूँ
पहले दुख उठाना॰॰आ॰॰आ
पिया मिलन को जाना
पिया मिलन को जाना

6 Responses to "Piya Milan Ko Jaana"

Sudhir ji,
I had given the cross reference of this song a decade back to the song of Kapal Kundla (1939). At that time you had not started the series ‘Song repeated in Hindi Films’.
According to Arun ji, this song was sung by Ila Ghosh.


Dear Sadanand ji

Yes, thanks for your earlier references. That time I feel I was not so fully engaged with this blog, and have missed taking cue from your comments.

I have now made extensive updates to the original post also.

Thanks to yourself and Arun ji, for identifying the female singer for this clip.



Dear Sudhir ji,

A much awaited Post after some time and so interesting. The search for the Singer of that song led to a wild chase on the Internet and it turned out that the Singer was ILA GHOSH, a Singer you have covered in of your Posts back in 2011 for a Film named MANZOOR (1949).

You may like to see this Page which gives the details for the Songs of MY SISTER

The song did go out of earshot when Ramesh goes out of the room, but comes back again when Ramesh returns to the room, only to walk out of the house. You may like to see this

Interestingly, the tune was used years later in a Malayalam Movie THENMAVIN KOMBATH (1994)

And by evidence available on YouTube, many cover versions have been made by many Amateur Performers since 1994. So “Piya Milan Ko Jaana” lives on!

With warm regards



Thanks so much Partha Chanda ji,
For your appreciation of my post and comments. Yes, I have been very inactive on the blog, and that too for many many months now. I have to and I must get back on track. Thanks for your encouragement.

Thanks also for the identification of the female voice in this song.

You are right about the numerous cover versions, as well as variants of this song. I had a hard time finding a simple audio upload of the original song in the voice of Pankaj Babu, for updating the original post. I have now added to the post of the original song, a detailed section on the lyrics of the song, and their explanation. Please see that update and let me know your comments.

Thanks and regards


Sudhir ji,

Above private recording by Mukesh all of 16-17 years old was in Delhi, before he came to Mumbai to act and sing in Nirdosh 1940.

It will be interesting to know how the lyric writer and composer in this NFS bhajan based their work on the original song by Pankaj Mullick.


Thanks Mahesh ji

For this connect. It will take some time to dig that out the information you mention.
We shall try.



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