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Preetmay sansaar pyaare

Posted on: May 26, 2023

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In this post I present a song from the movie “Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu-1953”.
When I came across this movie while browsing the blog I realised that I had heard about the movie, but I had not listened to any songs from this movie.

When I checked for the songs of this movie from HFGK Vol-III (1951-1960), I noticed that it has as many as sixteen songs in it. I also discovered that it had two songs sung by Talat Mahmood which were yet to be represented on the blog. Fortunately these songs are available on the internet. So, today, I present one of the Talat Mahmood songs from this movie.

“Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu-1953” had made its debut on the blog on 09.11.2013 when our respected Shri Arunkumar ji had presented its song ‘bol mukund madhav jai ghanshyaam’.

Two more songs from this movie were posted after that.

“Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu-1953” was directed by Vijay Bhatt for ‘Prakash Pictures, Bombay’. It was a ‘devotional genre’ (or ‘bhakti pradhaan) movie.

This movie was passed by Censor Board on 03.12.1953.

The cast of this movie included Bharat Bhushan, Ameeta, Durga Khote, Kanhaiyya Lal, B.M. Vyas, Krishnakumari, Sulochana Chatterjee, Rai Mohan, Madan Puri, Ram Mohan, Umakant, Kamlakant, Pinakin Shah, Shravankumar, Gadadhar Sharma, Kusum, Rajkumar, Narbada Shankar, Tribhuvan Sinha, Kamlesh Thakkar, Narendra, Bhimji Bhai, Balwant Loban, Radheshyam Sharma, Sitaram, Tikaram, Athawale, Ramesh and others.

Here is the story of this movie which Shri Arunkumar ji described while covering a song of this movie:-

It happened in the fifteenth Century. . The tyranny of the rulers, the hypocrisy of the priests, the meaningless austerity of the pedantic Pandits who had turned away from God and the apathy of the rich towards the poor – all combined together to create a chaos in the midst of which the soul of the country prayed for a Messiah. And a Messiah was born in the house of Jagannath Misra, in the year 1486, on the night of Lunar eclipse when the sky was rent up with the sacred name of Hari. Chaitanya was that Messiah. . After the death of eight children, Biswarup was the ninth son and Chaitanya was the tenth issue. . He was named as Vishwambhar but was called by his mother Sachi Devi as Nimai, whereas the neighbours used to call him Gouranga because he was extremely fair-looking. Nimai was very wild in his childhood and resembled very much the boy Krishna.

As Nimai grew up the economic condition of the family became very bad. Kalipada Basu, the money-lending neighbour, began to press hard for his dues. He was an evil-minded man who was associated with a low- spirited Tantrik named Bhairabananda and used to blaspheme and belittle the Vaishnavas. Nimai became young and completed his education only to lose his father for ever. He earned reputation as a Pandit, won the love of all for his sacrificing, loving nature and his devotion to God. Kalipada tried to occupy his house but failed.

Nimai started a school of his own. A career being settled Nimai was now married to Vishnupriya, daughter of the Court-Pandit Sanatan Misra. The death anniversary of his father approached and Nimai went to Gaya. After having a darshan of the Vishnu-Pada-Padma in the temple and after listening to the Krishna-Leela from a Sadhu named Iswarpuri, Nimai fainted. The power that was so long waiting and lying dormant in him now broke up. Thereafter he seemed a changed man. He was lost as a husband to Vishnupriya, lost as a son to Sachi Devi. He was lost IN Krishna and was all the time crying.
Thereafter he changed totally to Krishna Bhakti. He started many keertan schools and hundreds of people became his followers. He did lot of miracles too.
He converted the local Qazi to Krishna bhakti, who had come to convert him to Islam. Chaitanya travelled to Puri and from there toured South India, up to Cape Comarin (Kanyakumari), winning many learned scholars to his following.

He came back to Puri and after 18 years in Puri, one day simply disappeared with his soul and body, while doing keertan.

Today’s song is the fourth song from this movie. This song is sung by Talat Mahmood. It is a very nice soothing song to listen to. Only audio of the song is available.

Lyrics are by Bharat Vyas and music is composed by R.C. Boral.

Let us listen to the song now…


Song-Preetmay sansaar pyaare (Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)(1953) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-R C Boral


preetmay sansaar pyaare
preetmay sansaar
pyaare ae
preetmay sansaar
preetmay sansaar pyaare
preetmay sansaar
pyaare ae
preetmay sansaar

preet ki murli bajaa ke
ae ae ae ae ae ae
preet ki murli bajaa ke
jeet le sansaar pyaare re
preetmay ay ay
preetmay sansaar pyaare
preetmay sansaar

preet hi parmaatmaa aa
preet hi parmaatmaa
parmaatmaa hi preet hai
preet hi parmaatmaa
parmaatmaa hi preet hai
preet hi is aatmaa kaa
sukh bharaa sangeet hai
ae ae ae
preet hi is aatmaa kaa
suk hbharaa sangeet hai
preet ki patwaaar se
bhavsindhu ko kar paar pyaare ae
preetmay ae
preet ki patwaaar se
bhavsindhu ko kar paar pyaare ae
preetmay ae
preetmay sansaar pyaare
preetmay sansaar pyaare ae
preetmay ae
preetmay ae
preetmay ae


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