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Hullo Atuldom

31st July, was that date in the monsoon of 1980, when the favourite singer of an entire generation left this world without any warning. There are anecdotes about the happenings of that date which keep surfacing now and then. We have heard that he was recording for Laxmikant -Pyarelal that day, a duet with Lata Mangeshkar, and was asked to stay back to record a songlet (if there is such a word) which was to play at the end of the movie and the words of that:

Tere aane ki aas hai dost
shaam phir kyun udhaas hai dost
mehki mehki phiza yeh kehti hain
tu kahin aas paas hai dost
tu kahin aas paas hain dost

seem like written for remembering this legend called Mohammad Rafi.

There is not a single day when a song played over the air-waves or on TV don’t remind us of his wonderful voice. There is not a single day when we don’t hum or sing a song that was a classic because he had sung it. There may be many who try to sing like him but God made only one Mohammad Rafi. Has anyone tried singing “kya hua tera waada, woh kasam woh iraada” in one breath, it is not easy. But when we hear Rafisaab render it, it feels like cakewalk. I will not even throw a challenge to sing “naache mann mora magan dhikna dhik dhik”. But I will definitely ask a Rafi clone to sing “yahoo, chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe” and follow it up with “champi tel maalish”. Both are fun songs abut they need a full-throated voice and range from lower to higher notes. I am not even going to list his soulful songs here; that would be really long and every single one as much on my personal playlist as the ones that I have mentioned here.

I would love to know how he modulated his voice to suit the on-screen actor. He was good for a Mehmood and Rajendra Kumar and sounded different in the same film. He sang for Guru Dutt and Johnny Walker and we could visualize the difference in the characters. No more examples as I have always said, I am not qualified or knowledgeable enough to comment or write about legends.

But I will definitely quote an Amitabh Bachchan song which said:

na phankaar tujh sa tere baad aaya, Mohammad Rafi tu bahut yaad aaya

Getting directly to today’s song. As

rasm e duniyaa bhi hai
maukaa bhi hai
dastoor bhi hai

I will just give the details of the song which is from the 1981 release “Ham Se Badhkar Kaun”. We have thus far, only one song from this movie which is this one. That means we haven’t visited this movie in the last nine years. Atulji has given the gist of this movie in that post in a single line- ‘run of the mill’. I will just add that it also relied on the lost-and-found theme. Today’s duet is Asha Bhonsle with Mohd.Rafi (duet number 533) performed on-screen by Mithun, Ranjeeta, Bhagwan Dada and chorus.



Song-Dekho logon ye kaisa zamaana (Ham Se Badhkar Kaun)(1981) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Ravindra Rawal, MD-Ram Laxman


Oh Tony,
Please leave me alone
I hate you

Oh no dear Tina
I love you

dekho logon
yeh kaisa zamaana
dil churaake bane woh begaana aa
dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
dil churaake bane woh begaana
koi roothhe dilbar ko manaana
usse jaakar samhjaana

aisa chaahne waala toh
milta kismat waalon ko

shut up
dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
dil churaake bane woh begaana
dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
dil churaake bane wog begaana

iss ki kya sunte ho
yeh deewaana hai

aisa kya
bhanwara hai yeh mat samjho
parwaana hai

haye tauba
iss ki suno na yaaron
ye jhooth hai saraasar
is bewafa ko dekho
pehchhaan lo baraabar

main sachh kehta hoon kasam khaa kar
goriye aashiq ko apne sataao na
ab toh maan jaao na

dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
aise jhoothon se daaman bachaana aa
dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
aise jhoothon se daaman bachaana
inki har baat bahaana
dhokhe mein na aa jaana

arre yeh
lagta bhola bhala hai
lekin dil ka kaala hai

oh no
dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
dil churaa ke bane woh begaana
dekho logon yeh kaisa zamana
dil churaake bane wo begaana

meri bala se chaahe na maano ae jaanaa
arre ja ja ja a
yeh dil toh hai aur kisi ka deewaana
kya kya kya
jaane tamanna meri
sun lo tumse behtar hai
dil pyaar ka khazaana
maasoomiyat zewar hai
yeh ab sab kya chakkar hai
arre woh hamse badhkar kaun hai
dekhoon ik jhalak toh main

dekho logon yeh kaisa zamaana
dil churaake chala woh deewaana
haa aa dekho logon yeh kaisa zamana
dil churaake chala woh deewaana
koi roothhe dilbar ko manaana
usse jaakar samhjaana

yaaron inka puraana taanka hai
khaayaa humne jhaansa hai
la laaa
la la la la la la laaa
la laaa
la la la la laaa
la laaa
la la la la la la laaa
la laaa
la la la la laaa

“Ham Se Badhkar Kaun” (1981) was a run of the mill kind of a movie that are produced every year and which are then soon forgotten after a few weeks.

As far as I was concerned, I actually forgot all about this movie soon after I watched it.
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