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Mere paas aao mere doston ek kissa suno

Posted on: July 30, 2008

Here is a cute song for the whole family. The song is meant for tiny tots, and indeed the song was picturised as such. Kids love to listen to story, especially at bedtime.Here the kids are shepherds out in a jungle and Amitabh Bachchan is a stranger. Amitabh tries to befriend the kids by offering to tell them a story. Wary at first, the kids are lured by the offer of a story. And what is the topic of story? It is not the story of kings and queens, or fairies. He would tell them the story of a tiger. The mention of a tiger naturally make the kids nervous.

As the story progresses, the kids become engrossed in the story. They are woken up from their reverie when they notice that Amitabh was stalling and was not taking his story forward. “Off O, ab aage bhi to bolo” (tell us what happens next), a kid chides him. “batata hoon, batata hoon”( Yes, I am going to do that), Amitabh assures him.

What a great idea from the lyricist Ananad Bakshi for a song ! After Amitabh calls the kids over to listen to the story, the music of Rajesh Roshan created such a wonderful atmosphere. You actually feel that you have been transported to the jungle. And the way the story builds up, keeps everyone on tenterhooks,wanting to know what happened next.

And the words ! Simple, day to day words, that build the suspense and make the listeners nervous and anxious. So when Amitabh stalls a bit, repeating himself, he is asked to get a move on by a kid. And how well does he get a move on. I do not think one can describe the fear and trepidation of the wanna be hunter any better. The lines ” nahin bhoolti wo jungle ki raat, mujhe yaah hai wo thi mangal ki raat, chala ja raha tha main darta hua hanuman chalisa padhta hua, bolo hanuman ki jai, bola bajrang bali ki jai”- It is brilliant imagination and penmanship from Anand Bakshi.

The next lines are just as natural and interesting, especially the reference to the time of the night -“koi dus sava das ka waqt tha”, followed by the sound of clock striking ten times. Then Amitabh does a nice mimicry of a langoor hanging out from a branch.

The description about the encounter with a tiger is made at a breathless pace, and has everyone really scared stiff. And people naturally wonder what happened next. So the kid cannot help but ask- “phir kya hua”. Reply- “Khuda ki qasam maza aa gaya,mujhe maar kar besaram kha gaya”
Kid persists- “kha gaya , magar aap to zinda hain”

Pat comes the reply-” Ye jeena bhi koi jeena hai Lalloo ?”
This must be one of the greatest punch lines in a Bollywood song !

Amitabh Bachchan was reinventing himself in those days. The previous year, he established his dancing credentials in “Don”, and here he sang in a movie for the first time in what turned out to be a brilliant song. Great lyrics by Anand Bakshi, set to such a lovely tune by Rajesh Roshan. This song helped Amitabh establish himself as a hero who could laugh at himself. The song where he describes himself as a mortal who was afraid of a tiger was so endearingly different and refreshing for the audience. And this song enabled Rajesh Roshan to scale greater heights in his career.

A truly memorable and adorable song indeed.

Song- mere paas aao mere doston ek kissa suno (Mr Natwarlal) (1979) Singers-Amitabh Bachchan, Master Ravi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Rajesh Roshan


aao bachcho
aaj tumhen ek kahaani sunaata hoon main
sher ki kahaani sunoge ?
hmm ?
jaa munna

hmm hmm
mere pass aao mere dosto ek kissa suno
mere pass aao mere dosto ek kissa suno

kai saal pahle ki ye baat hai

bolo naa chup kyun ho gaye
bhayaanak andheri siyaah raat mein
liye apni bandook main haath mein
ghane jangalon se guzartaa huaa kahin jaa raha tha
ghane jangalon se guzartaa huaa kahin jaa raha tha
jaa rahaa thaa
nahin aa rahaa tha
nahin jaa raha tha

off o aage bhi to bolo naa
bataata hoon bataata hoon

nahi bhoolti uff wo jangal ki raat
mujhe yaad hai wo thi mangal ki raat
chalaa jaa raha tha main darta hua
hanuman chaleesa padhta hua
bolo hanuman ki jai
jai jai bajrang bali ki jai
haan bolo hanuman ki jai
jai ho bajrang bali ki jai

ghadi thi andheraa magar sakht tha
koi bas das sawaa das kaa waqt tha

laraztaa tha koyal ki bhi kook se
buraa haal huaa us pe bhookh se
lagaa todne ek beri se ber
mere saamne aa gayaa ek sher

koi ghighhi bandhi nazar phir gayi
to bandook bhi haath se gir gayi

main lapkaa wo jhapakaa
main upar wo neeche
wo aage main peechhe
main ped pe wo peechhe
are bachaao are bachaao
main daal-daal wo paat-paat
main paseenaa wo baag-baag
main sur mein wo taal mein
ye jangal paataal mein
bachaao bachaao
are bhaago re bhaago
are bhaago

phir kyaa huaa
Khudaa ki qasam maza aa gaya
mujhe maar kar besaram kha gayaa

khaa gayaa ?
lekin aap to zindaa hain

arre ye jeenaa bhi koi jeena hai, Lalloo ?
haan ?

la la la ra la la
la la la ra la la
hmm hmm hmm hmm
la la la ra la la
la la la ra la la


Come here, kids
I will tell you a story
Would you like to listen to the story of a tiger ?

This is a story of many years ago

Why did you stop. Tell us what happened

It was a scary dark night
I had my gun in my hand
In a thick jungle
I was going somewhere
No, I was coming from somewhere
No,I was going somewhere

Off O, tell us what happened next
Yes I will, yes, I will

It was dark
The time must be around ten or quarter past ten
Birds were calling
and moreover I was hungry
I started picking some fruits from a tree
And suddenly, I was face to face with a tiger

I was so afraid that I could not react at all
And the gun fell out of my hands
I ran, he chased
I above, he beneath
I was on the tree, he was on my hot pursuit
Help, help

I ran all over the place in desperation with the tiger giving me a hot chase
Run, Run, help help

What happened next ?
By God, It was wonderful. The tiger killed me and ate me .

Ate you ? But you are alive.

Do you call it a life, Lalloo ?


9 Responses to "Mere paas aao mere doston ek kissa suno"

As you say, cute song !

Btw, Atul, hats off to you for the effort you put in for each song.
You describe the context of the song to get the listener to see the “bigger picture”, you then write down the complete lyrics in Hindi. And then you translate the whole thing into English !

Wow…that is a lot of effort.
That too, keeping up the routine of posting a song everyday !
Shows your involvement – it is like a labour of love.

Keep it up ! Whether anybody else reads your posts or appreciates them, you know I check out your blogs daily.

Raja, it is a labour of love all right, otherwise it is hard work, if done regularly.

As long as you appreciate it, I am sure I will be able to put a nice catalogue of some memorable songs.

There are so many songs to choose from. Hopefully, sometime in future, when we look at the entire catalogue, it will be sort of like a good source of reference for these songs from a fan’s point of view.

I just saw this film a few days back and loved this. Thanks for the translation! I will try to learn the Hindi words so I can sing along and it will be nice to know what I’m singing at the same time 🙂

Nice to know that my translation was of use to you.

This is the favorite music of myself.

What a delightful song! I can see why children (and adults) would enjoy this song. Thanks for bringing back these songs, because I would never have heard this song if it were not for this blog.

the bestest song ever to be copied

I am very much interested in Bollywood yesteryear songs and movies .To satisfy my quest , I go through your your blog regularly .I find your blog very intersting , always providing authicated and reliable information .
Coming to this very song , ‘ Mere Paas Aao Mere Doston ‘ , your discussion about the song is par excellent . Keep on with your job .

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