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Din hai suhaana aaj pahli taarikh hai

Posted on: September 1, 2008

For those who lived in India during 1960s and 1970s, and who listened to radio Ceylon every morning, 7-30 to 8 AM was the time for old songs. Most people (masses) including kids like me scoffed at these old songs and waited for 8 AM. Last song of that programme was by K L Sehgal, and we would know that the “aaphi ke geet” programme, where new songs were played was just round the corner. All over the country, listeners, including the farmaish senders from Jhumri Tilaiyya and elsewhere would start paying more attention.

There was one exception during this time slot between 7-30 to 8 AM though, and that would arrive on the first day of every new month. This was a song of Kishore Kumar that would go ” din hai suhana aj pahli tarikh hai”. Even those who could not stand old songs would approve of this song. It was the only song of that programme that no one ever found boring or grumbled against.

Now that those days are gone for ever,this song reminds us of those days when life was so simple and uncomplicated. Most working people were salaried people, who barely managed to make both ends meet towards the end of the month. They would be broke by the time a month entered the last week. They would be forced to purchase their groceries etc on credit, and the creditors would grumble.

The sole breadwinners of the families that they were, they would eagerly look forward to their next pay day, which came on the first day of the month. With this salary, they would not only be able to appear before their creditors with their heads high, but they would also be able to buy peace with their wives and children.

When the first day of the month dawned,disapproving people would all of a sudden turn a new leaf. The wife would start showing affection towards her husband, grocer would soften his stand, knowing that he would get his money back on this day. Movie halls would expect to see a good business, what with the wife wanting to watch a movie that day. And the kids, who would not even recognise their father till yesterday, would start staking claims on their father, and giving their farmaishes for toys and sweets.

Wow, what simple and joyous days those were ! India has come a long way from those days, and I do not think people these days depend on the first day of the month to tide over their financial woes. One can watch all the movies they want sitting at their homes, the days of buying on credit from neighbourhood grocer is long gone, and kids have so many toys and sweets these days that this day is a non event for them.

I always say that small pleasures are always the biggest pleasures that we can have in our lives. And those days of such unalloyed simple pleasures are sadly long gone.

Everyone knew who sang this song, but that was all. Till recently,I did not know that this song from “Pahli taarikh” (1954) was written by Qamar Jalalabadi and that the music was by Sudhir Phadke. And how well the lyricist has captured the sentiments of ordinary real life of people. He has been at his observant and eloquent best and he has written a very long and detailed song. In fact, this has to be the longest lyrics for a bollywood song. And as if on cue, my description of this song has turned out to be just as long.

This song was so difficult to come by. I finally discovered this song in and made a video out of it showing Kishore Kumar’s picture in it. If someone has the video of the song from this movie, I request that they should upload it on the internet. This gem of a song deserves to be heard (and watched if possible) by all those who like to listen to Bollywood songs.

All these days,I thought that this song was picturised on Kishore Kumar. Now I have come to know that this song was picturised on Raja Nene and Nirupa Roy. Raja Nene was the director of this movie as well. I am thankful to Yunus Khan (Vividh Bharati announcer and author of a popular music blog) for this information.

Here is this song. I proudly present this immortal Kishore Kumar song, because ” Aaj pahli tarikh hai ji pahli taarikh hai”.

Song- Din hai suhana aaj pahli taarikh hai (Pahli tarikh 1954) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD- Sudhir Phadke


din hai suhaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
din hai suhaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

bivi boli ghar zaraa jaldi se aanaa, jaldi se aanaa
shaam ko piyaaji hamen cinemaa dikhaanaa, hamen cinemaa dikhaanaa

karo naa bahaanaa haan bahaanaa bahaanaa
karo naa bahaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

kis ne pukara ruk gaya babu
lalaji ki jaan aaj aaya hai kaabu
aaya hai kaabu
o paisa zara laana
o paisa zara laana
laana laana
o paisa zara laana
aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaana aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

banda bekaar hai qismat ki maar hai
sab din ek hain roz-e-aitabaar hai
mujhe na sunaana haan sunaana sunaana
mujhe na sunaana aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

dar ke saamne aaye mehmaan hain
bade hi sharif hain puraane meharbaan hain
bade hi sharif hain puraane meharbaan hain
are jeb ko bachaana bachaana bachaana
jeb ko bachaana aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaana aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

dil beqaraar hai soye nahin raat se
sethji ko gham hai ki paiso chalo haath se
are lootega khazaana khazaana khazaana
lootega khazaana aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaana aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

ai cinemawaalon aao aao khel mazedaar hai
ho khel mazedaar hai ji khel mazedaar hai

Agha hai Bhagwan hai Kishore Kumar hai
Nimmi Geeta Bali hai Ashok Kumar hai
Nargis Raj Kapoor hai Dilip Kumar hai

geeton ka toofan hai naach ki bahaar hai,
naach ki bahaar hai
paanch aane kaa das aanaa
paanch aane kaa das aanaa
paanch aane kaa das aanaa
are waapas nahin jaanaa jaanaa jaanaa
waapas nahin jaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai

miljul ke bachchon ne baapu ko gheraa, baapu ko gheraa
kahte hain saare ki baapu hai meraa, baapu hai meraa
khilaune zaraa laanaa, khilaune zalaa laanaa aaj pahli taalikh hai
khush hai zamaanaa aj pahli taarikh hai
pahi tarikh aji pahli tarikh hai
din hai suhaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
khush hai zamaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai
pahli taarikh aji pahli taarikh hai


34 Responses to "Din hai suhaana aaj pahli taarikh hai"

I didn’t know this song had already been posted but I am glad I found it on the first day of the new year! It takes me right back to my childhood when we would wait to hear this on the first day of every month, before I even knew what the significance of pehli taareekh was.

Thank you for this beautiful song. Wishing all friends who follow this blog a very happy New year.

I had posted this song on the very first “pahli taarikh” opportunity of this blog, viz on 1st september 2008. Searching for this song was a tall order, and this blog is now one place where this song including its lyrics are readily available, That was not the case before that day.

Can u give my the song in downloadable form

dear friend
thankyou very much for placing this song on the net.i am still a regular listener of this song but of late due to disturbances in radio in catching the station srilanka broadcasting corp. i am not able to hear the i tried to search in net.i felt happy to note that there are people like me who are interested,(perhaps much more) in hearing the old songs (purani filmoki geet) from ceylon radio.

thanks so much for sharing the lyrics of this song. i also grew up listening to ceylon radio. we would look forward to listening to this song on the 1st of every month. do you remember that only the first stanza of the song would be played on all months, except january ? on 1st january, the entire song would be played. it was really something worth waiting for one whole year. ha ha ha…

its a pity that in this fast paced life that we now live in, we’ve forgotten the simple things that used to give us so much joy.

thanks once again.

Thanks for your detailed response to this song, Srini.

This song deserved to be much better known than just being played on the first day of the month.

Hopefully this post of mine will allow people to listen to the entire song on any day of the year, and not just on first january.

I was searching this song. We used to hear this song on Radio Ceylon in the 60s without fail. Thanks so much

Thanks for your service. I appreciate your collection. Pls keep it up. Nowadays old songs are rare to listen.

Dear Sir

I am listening to this song on radio Ceylon at 7.30 AM, on first of every month, since 1964. Still the Radio Station broadcast this song. Please accept my heartly thanks for this video.

Do reply to this e-mail.

With Regards

Ashwani Sharma

Thanks a lot for this comment of yours, Mr Sharma. You made my day with this comment.

You have been listening to this song since 1964, wow. Any idea when this song began to be played on “purani filmon ke geet” programme ? This song is from 1954, and it was considered an old song in 1964, how interesting ?

I was not aware that this was the first song of “purani filmon ke geet” programme on 1st day of the month. Thanks for pointing this out.

And Radio Ceylon is still around. Thanks again for pointing this out.

Please do listen to it on April 1, 2009 at 25M band, 11905KHz.

Time: 7.30AM

Radio Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation

Indeed, I will. It is no nice to know that this radio station still broadcasts its Hindi service programmes. This radio station plus Vividh Bharati are doing yeoman service for music lovers.

Please check Mr. Chiman Hingorani’s feedback. Name of program & Timings could have slipped my memory.

I hope some of us have enjoyed this song on Radio Ceylon, today at 7.30AM.

Others can enjoy here because today’s “Din Hai Suhana” kyonki aaj “Pehli Tarikh Hai”.

After this one can enjoy “April Fool Banaya.

Have a Nice Day.

Ashwani Sharma

Thanks, but how to download the song

Puraani yaadein taaja kara din aapne.

how I wish that the video of this song was available.

AAj pehli tarik hai:)

this song really rocks

Hi Atul,

I just found this song searching at your site.

It was indeed surprising to listen the orginal song here because it is more often being played on TV nowadyas in India as a TV Advertisement.

I would like to inform that here In India, recently this song has been used by the CADBURY Chocolate company in their latest advertisement.

It is now on air more than a month and has been widely appreciated as a comedy item shown in the advert.

Though I think it is resung in the Ad, but it was really great to listen to the original song here.

Thanks for that Atul.


The original song is unbeatable. I do not think any resung version can come anywhere near the original.

i like to download this song

thank u very much for placing the song in the net now i am now 62 years old i have been hearing the song from my childhood in radio ceylon of late i am deprived of this melodious song now to my hearts pleasure iam listening to it a number of times to my hearts content i once again thank u for keeping the song in the net-agkrishna visakhapatnam

It is my pleasure, Sir.

First my I am on this page. This is another good reason for my happiness in New Year.
Thank You and applause for this initiative.

Thanks, Ankur. Happy new year !

[…] Here is this much loved and much hummed song from my ( and Raja’s) formative days. The lyrics of this song may not have posed much challenge to the lyricist who in the past had given as a masterpiece in the form of Din hai suhaana aaj pahli taarikh hai(Pahli taarikh) (1954). […]

“Kishore Kumar” is magic of music, 8th wonder of the world, king of bollywood singer, great singer and many many………..first Kishore Kumar last Kishore Kumar.

Your description is such that I was literally transported in the 60s. Haye! Wo bhi kya din the….However, this song though very relevant to the decades past,faded gradually as the salaries to the employees started being paid/credited by the end of the month or in certain case even earlier.

Happy new year 2016 with my idol Great kishore da
“na bhuto na bhavishyati”
I am a fan of great kishore kumar

This morning I was listening to Volume 4 of Ameen Sayani presents गीतमाला की छाव मे . This song (din hai suhaanaa aaj pahli taarikh hai) is included in that volume and Ameen Sayani clearly says that it was picturised on comedian Maruti.

Today, on 1st December 2016, I am listening to this immortal and one of my favorite nostalgic songs.
I am doing it on first of every month(except a few unavoidable exceptions) since 60 yrs. This was the first song on Radio Ceylon on first of every month at 7-30 a.m. and at 7-55 was K.L. Saigal song.
Yes, “Those Were The Days, My Friends”, when everything was simple, we were happy without complexities of modern life. Kishore Kumar a versatile singer has given us some very beautiful songs during his career, and this is one of them. We virtually are taken back to those days when we listen to this song.
Atulbhai, thanks for your interesting, informative and impressing blog which for many of us, creates nostalgic moments. With Best Regards
and Sincere Appreciation for your tremendous work in creating the blog.
God bless You!

Thanks a lot for your detailed comments. This article was written eight years ago, and even I enjoyed reading it again. 🙂

A video clip of this iconic number is at

Video is from “Miss Mary” (1957) and not from “Pahli Taareekh”(1954). There are lots of people who superimpose famous songs (whosevideos are not available) on videos of other songs and gullible fans are misled.

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