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Man re tu kaahe na dheer dhare

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Public have their own rankings for songs, but what about the elite, those who create such songs ? How do they rank songs and which are the songs that they rate the best ? A couple of years ago, an Indian magazine ( Outlook ) had taken a poll of people associated with Bollywood music industry ( singers, music directors, lyricists ) to find out their favourite songs.

And guess which song was rated the best by them ? This song was “man re tu kaahe na dheer dhare” from Chitralekha (1964). This song failed to cause any ripples in Binaca geetmala at that time as it was far too classy for the tastes of the masses. The music director Roshan, who had given his all in this song and this movie was heartbroken at this lukewarm response from the public. This song was Ameen Sayani’s favourite song as well and he was just as disappointed as Roshan that his Binaca geetmala programme failed to appreciate this song.

So here is this song, the best movie song of all time as voted by Bollywood personalities.

PS-PS-Mr Ravindra Mathur has informed me that the Sarod in this song was played by Mr Arvind Kumar Mathur, a noted Sarod Player of those days, who was also the father of Mr Ravindra Mathur.

Song- Man re tu kaahe na dheer dhare (Chitralekha) ( 1964) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics- Sahir Ludhianvi, MD- Roshan


man re tu kaahe naa dheer dhare
wo nirmohi moh naa jaane, jinkaa moh kare
man re tu kaahe naa dheer dhare

is jeevan ki chadhti dhalti
dhoop ko kisne baandha
rang pe kisane pahre daale
roop ko kisne baandha
kaahe ye jatan kare
man re tu kaahe naa dheer dhare

utnaa hi upkaar samajh koi
jitnaa saath nibhaa de
janma maran kaa mel hai sapnaa
ye sapnaa bisraa de
koi na sang mare
man re tu kaahe naa dheer dhare
wo nirmohi moh naa jaane, jinkaa moh kare
man re tu kaahe naa dheer dhare

14 Responses to "Man re tu kaahe na dheer dhare"

Intensely beautiful song!the meaning touches the soul each time!


Thanks a lot for your encouraging words, Indyana.


Rafi’s class.
Rafi was class.
I have nothing more to say, you know what I think about Rafi saab’s voice.


It is indeed a masterclass.


1964 this song. So beautifully composed. Brilliantly sung.
Authenticity and purity of music from the yester years. Touches the heart every time i hear this song.
What happened to indian cinema? Where are the composers and where is the charisma? Lost in translation to west.


just because a song was not in Binaca does not mean anything. Dharmendra never got a filmfare award does not ke away his success as one of most popular actors of our times.

Most of the competitions were, are and will be rigged.


Priceless. True beauty is very often missed.


Beautiful song! Incidentally, it should be ‘O nirmohi..’ and not ‘wo nirmohi..’ as mentioned above in the lyrices.


I can listen to this song again and again without getting bored.
Actually I have a CD, with this song only, and my day ends by listenting to this song atleast 3 times.


Link to where this has been voted the number one song:


Atul ji – thanks for the post !!! thanks to all comments and Imdad ji for sharing the information !!!


Very nicely worded, soul touching and thought provoking philosophical song. It is my very favourite song and would like to hear it time and again.Of course, it has come from none but Sahir’s pen.


As the song is too slow and common people always relish ‘ dhoom dhadaka ‘ song .
This might be the reason , it was not appreciated by common people . They don’t have much patience to listen to the lyrics of the song . Nevertheless , excellent job is done by Sahirji , Rafi Sahib , Roshanji and of course by the elite jury .


Atul ji,

Can you or any of your highly knowledgeable followers tell me who was the costume designer- if any research went into the costume designing. The kurtz type garment worn by Pradeep Kumar looks inauthentic to me, for the period depicted. This looks something more post-Mughal era, or at least belonging to the 14th-15th century period.
Thanks in advance.


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