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Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalma

Posted on: October 20, 2008

“Kati Patang” was a movie based on a Gulshan Nanda novel of the same name. Gulshan Nanda incidentally was a very popular Hindi novelist. “Jheel ke us paar” was another of his novels that was made into another movie.

I read the novel ” Kati Patang” as a kid and liked it. The novel also had pictures from the movie. Yes, the movie was already produced by the time I read the novel, and the edition that I read had stills in Black and white from the movie.

To this date, I have only read the novel and watched a few song clips of the movie. But the novel described the story so vividly that I never felt that I was missing anything by not watching the movie.

It is only now ( believe it or not) that I have watched the video of this song “Jis gali me tera ghar na ho baalma” though it is one of my favourite song and it appeared in my 1970s song diary where I had noted down the lyrics of popular songs of that era.

After watching the song, I realised that it was a boat song. When I was collecting the list of boat songs a few years back, I never realised at that time that this song also belonged to that category. Better late than never. At least now I know.

In this movie, Rajesh Khanna looks unbelievably young while Asha ji, forced to wear white dresses throughout the movie looks older which she actually was, I think.

Prem Chopra became famous for his dialogue ” Prem naam hai mera, Prem Chopra” after this movie. (P.S.-Oops, now that a reader has pointed it out, now I recall that the dialogue was from “Bobby” ). In any case, I will reserve my discussion of Prem Chopra for some other song. This discussion is about the song featuring Rajesh Khanna.

Though most songs picturised on Rajesh Khanna in this movie were sung by Kishore Kumar, this particular song was sung by Mukesh. And indeed this song is one of the few songs sung by Mukesh and picturised on Rajesh Khanna. And there is no doubt that this song is just as wonderful to listen to as just about any other Mukesh song. And considering that the music is by R D Burman, all this combination ( not forgetting the lyricist Anand Bakshi) makes this song a delightful experience to listen ( and watch) to.



Song- Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalma (Kati Patang) (1970) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD- R D Burman


jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalmaa
us gali se hame to guzarnaa nahin
jo Dagar tere dwaare se jaatii na ho
us Dagar pe hame paanv rakhnaa nahin
jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalmaa

zindagi mein kayi rangraliyaan sahi
har taraf muskuraati ye galiyaan sahi
zindagi mein kayi rangraliyaan sahi
har taraf muskuraati ye galiyaan sahi
khoobsuurat bahaaron ki kaliyaan sahi
jis chaman mein tere pag mein kaanten chubhe
jis chaman mein tere pag mein kaanten chubhe
us chaman se hamen phool chunnaa nahin
jis gali mein teraa ghar na ho baalmaa …

haan ye rasmen ye kasmen sabhi tod ke
tu chali aa chunar pyaar ki odh ke
haan ye rasmen ye kasmen sabhi tod ke
tu chali aa chunar pyaar ki odh ke
yaa chalaa jaaungaa main ye jag chhod ke
jis jagah yaad teri sataane lage
jis jagah yaad teri sataane lage
us jagah ek pal bhi thaharnaa nahin
jis gali mein teraa ghar na ho baalmaa
us gali se hame to guzarnaa nahin
jis galii mein teraa ghar na ho baalamaa

14 Responses to "Jis gali mein tera ghar na ho baalma"

Fantastic song…it lingers on and on…like many Mukesh songs.
The Kishore songs in this movie may be more famous but this Mukesh song is in no way inferior to them.


Mukesh had a Midas touch. That is the most convincing explanation that I can think of, for the popularity of his songs.


Atul—You really made my day, what a wonderful blog! Just came across it today when I should’ve been working of course. Dreaming about Bombay and the sea and feeling quite, quite homesick and suddenly I chanced upon this, one of my absolute favorites, thank you! The little stories behind the songs/films are manna to the very real pleasure of remembering, listening and seeing. It’s great that you entertain requests :-), here’s one right away. Another favorite Mukesh – Lata duet picturized on Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore in ‘Raja Rani’ i.e., ‘Haan to main kya keh raha tha’. Thanks again—am going to spread the word around about this place of your’s.


Thanks a lot for your kind words, Suhans. Your encouraging words have made my day too.

Let me find out the details about your request, viz youtube links etc. I will post the song of your request as early as I can.


This song is now there on this blog. Enjoy.


Hi Atul,

This particular song was filmed on the famous lake at Nanital. I actually have connections to the place since my
mother & other relatives studied in some of the famous boarding schools there.

In those days Indian Films used to go mostly to the marvelous Hill Stations in India, now they go abroad, such a

I hope you don’t mind me pointing out something – that famous dialogue of Prem Chopra is actually from Bobby not
Kati Patang.

Anyway, you have a marvelous blog with such vivid descriptions of the songs. Keep up the great work !

Asli Jat


You are right. The Prem Chopra dialogue is from “Bobby”.

So nice of you to inform us about the identity of the lake.

And thanks for your appreciation.


Hi Atul,

you are welcome. I was thinking here is a new category for you – ‘Nanital’ songs since I know others have been filmed on the famous lake, e.g. Waqt – Sharmila Tagore’s birthday song (I think).

Or if you want a broader category ‘Hill Station’ songs …
e.g. Ooty, so many songs have been filmed there like ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, Asaam (?) – Aradhana – ‘Mere Sapno Ki Rani’

Asli Jat


If you inform me about the songs, that were filmed there, then new categories can definitely be required. “Hill station” songs, yes, that is definitely a category to be created.


Aha AJ, good to see you here! Regrading “Mere Sapno Ki Rani” from Aradhana, that’s in Darjeeling by the way. I have a particularly soft spot for Darj, it was/is so very very beautiful 🙂

Atul, another song filmed among the tea estates of Darjeeling is “Mere dil ne tadap ke” from Kaka’s Anurodh.


I was not aware about “Anurodh” song being picturised in Darjeeling. Thanks for the information.


very nice n moving song 😀


Dear Atul ji,

Am so so glad I saved the link to your blog:) and just took a chance to see if you had posted this particular song which happens to be one of my FAV songs! And Kati Patang has just GOT to be my all time fav movies. And I am pleased to know that you call them ‘boat songs’ I refer to some of my favourites as ‘river songs’ 🙂 So happy to know we are not alone.Feel a kind of kinship here.
A request please.Would Sudhir ji please provide the English translation yet again?
Thanks in advance.



A movie with all songs sung by Kishore.. and yet this one song stands out.. Mukesh is really wonderful!


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