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Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai

Posted on: November 30, 2008

If news channels decide to work Bollywood style where every news would be presented in the form of a song, then which song would be sung for weather news ?

Simple. Look no further than the song “Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai.. aanewaala koyi toofan hai, aaj mausam.” Subsequently, the song also discussed “kali kali ghataayen” (black clouds). In fact, the picturisation of this song actually shows the sky and white clouds, making it a perfect song for the meteorological department.

This song from “Loafer” was picturised on Dharmendra and Mumtaz, though it is just Dharmendra who gets to sing here.Earlier, I had posted another song from this movie with reversed roles where only Mumtaz got to sing and Dharmendra was left high and dry. Unlike how Dharmendra was seen sulking in that other song, Mumtaz does not sulk here. Good girl ! As the villain Ajit would have appreciated her.

The two are seen walking in a place full of greenery, and I kept expecting throughout the song that they would start running around the trees at any moment. I kept waiting and waiting but they just would refuse to move any faster than gentle walking. And thus, my search for the archtypical Bollywood song, where the boy and girl are supposed to run around trees singing a song,remains unrealised. Seeing how many trees were there, it was such a golden opportunity for the two, but then our Indian actors are not known for making the most of their opportunities.

Towards the end of the song, the camera all of a sudden hurriedly starts showing topmost branch of a tall tree. Does it mean that the duo were creating another opportunity for themselves after the weather news was over ?



Song- Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai (Loafer ) (1973) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD- Laxmikant Pyarelal


hmm hmm hmm
ho aaj mausam badaa beimaan hai
badaa beimaan hai, aaj mausam
ho aaj mausam badaa beimaan hai
badaa beimaan hai, aaj mausam
aane waalaa koyi toofaan hai
koyi toofaan hai, aaj mausam
ho aaj mausam badaa beimaan hai
badaa beimaan hai, aaj mausam

kaali-kaali ghataa dar rahi hai
kaali-kaali ghataa dar rahi hai
thandi aahen hawaa bhar rahi hai
sabko kyaa-kyaa gumaan ho rahe hain
har kali ham pe shak kar rahi hai
phoolon kaa dil bhi kuchh badgumaan hai
aaj mausam
ho aaj mausam badaa beimaan hai
badaa beimaan hai, aaj mausam

ai mere yaar ai husn waale
ai mere yaar ai husn waale
dil kiyaa maine tere hawaale
teri marzi pe ab baat thahri
jeene de chaahe tu maar daale
tere haathon mein ab meri jaan hai
aaj mausam
ho aaj mausam badaa beimaan hai
badaa beimaan hai, aaj mausam
aane waalaa koyi toofaan hai
koyi toofaan hai, aaj mausam

8 Responses to "Aaj mausam bada beimaan hai"

Love this song, it’s one of my favorites (okay, you’ve probably already noticed that I say that a lot. But it’s true.)…


Indeed one can have many favourites when it comes to songs. There are so many of them, after all.


One of my favourites too.
And I too say that every second song. 🙂
What to do, so many excellent songs out there.

This one is really one of my favourites.
I can listen to it any number of times.


I love this song bcz it describes a lot at the time of first rain, the writer of this songs has to pay tribute on the composition.


such a cute song 🙂


I would, if possible, recommend the other popular Asha Bhosle number that featured Farida Jalal and Mumtaz. Koi Shehri Babu, Dil Lahiri Babu Hay Re, Pag Bandh Gaya Ghungroo, main nach bikirai… But was this song from the movie – Loafer?
It is also a mystery why Dharam-Mumtaz acted in so few films together. I only recall – Aadmi Aur Insan where Dharam and Mumtaz acted besides Loafer. In the former, Dharam was paired with Saira.



Love this song.. every time it is about to rain or the weather turns nippy and nice.. this song comes to mind.. Rafi saab as I always say.. is GOD!


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