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O phirkiwali tu kal phir aana

Posted on: January 15, 2009

This song was quite a timepass song during its time and it was very popular with kids like me.

With passage of time, I forgot all about this song, though I did not realise that timepass= passage of time= forgotten song. This song, despite its light hearted nature was a good song to listen to.

Now I have rediscovered this song again. It is only now that I have gathered more details about this song. The fact that it is a song from the movie “Raja aur Rank” was not known to me, nor was I aware that the song was picturised on Sanjeev Kumar. Any idea who is the lady in the picturistion ?
(Now I am informed that she is Nazima).

The music makers of those days had the knack of creating good songs even out of timepass situations, and the team involved in creating this song (Rafi, Anand Bakshi, Laxmikant-Pyarelal) have come up with a song that deserves to be better known even today.



Song-O phirki wali tu kal phir aana (Raja aur Rank) (1968 ) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


o phirki waali tu kal phir aanaa
nahin phir jaanaa tu apni jubaan se
ke tere nainaa hain zaraa beimaan se
matwaali ye dil kyon todaa
ye teer kaahe chhodaa
nazar ki kamaan se
ke mar jaaungaa main bas muskaan se

pahle bhi toone ik roz ye kahaa thaa
pahle bhi toone ik roz ye kahaa thaa
aaungi tu naa aayi
waadaa kiyaa thaa sainyaa ban ke badariyaa
chhaaungi tu naa chhaayi
mere pyaase
mere pyaase nainaa tarse
tu nikli naa ghar se
kaise beeti wo raat suhaani
tu sun le kahaani ye saare jahaan se
ke tere nainaa hain zara beimaan se
o phirki waali tu kal phir aanaa
nahin phir jaanaa tu apni jubaan se
ke tere nainaa hain zaraa beimaan se…

sochaa thaa maine kisi roz gori hans ke
sochaa thaa maine kisi roz gori hans ke
bolegi tu naa boli
meri mohabbat bhari baaten sun-sun ke
dolegi tu naa doli
o sapnon mein
o sapnon mein aane waali
ruk jaa jaane waali
kiyaa toone meraa dil chori
ye poochh le gori zameen aasmaan se
ki tere nainaa hain zaraa beimaan se
o phirki waali tu kal phir aanaa
nahin phir jaanaa tu apni jubaan se
ke tere nainaa hain zaraa beimaan se
ke tere nainaa hain zaraa beimaan se…

9 Responses to "O phirkiwali tu kal phir aana"

This now almost forgotten film had a brilliant and Hit soundtrack
Other songs that became very popular, Mera naam hai chameli, sang basanti, ang basanti, rang basanti and tu kitni achhi hai,

As for the actress, she reminds me of Shashikala a lot but I think it is the actress NAZIMA, who appeared in films, mostly late 60s early 70s.


wow, “mera naam hai chameli” “rang basanti ang basanti” are also from this movie ? They were brilliant songs. Now I must get the VCD of this movie. wait a minute, I think I already have the VCD of this movie.

This movie in that case must be regarded as a forgotten movie full of amazing songs.


Hmmm, it sounds like you have a house full of VCDs of long forgotten movies! I should come and visit!

This was a great song, but I always imagined it being sung by Shammi Kapoor, or his clones Joy Mukherji or Biswajeet, never imagined it being sung by Sanjeev Kumar. Thanks for including a song which I had all but forgotten.


It is Nazima 🙂


this is a sweet song n one of my fev songs in this song u can feel the magic of the great RAFI’S VOICE…


What is phirki means


A paper fan whose stand is made of thin stick is called phirki. If one holds it and runs, the fan rotates. Phirki was a popular toy in 1960s and 70s that was sold in fairs those days.


EVEN TODAY: Not Only O PhirkeeWaali,Also Equally Catchy &,Of Course,Melodious Songs Like Tu Kitni Achchhee Hai…..O Maa And Rang Basanti Chhaa Gaya Mastaana Mausam Aa Gaya …R Heard In Vividh Bharati ,Probably,Every Week Or Fortnight….Give A Real Nostalgic Feel Taking Me Back To Those GoodOld School Days..




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