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Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai

Posted on: January 23, 2009

I have heard this song “jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai” quite a few times in the past and I have liked it too. It is an ideal song when you feel sad, as the song says.

But I had no idea what movie this song was from. Now I know. It is from a 1971 movie called Seema. Incidentally there was another movie called Seema in 1955 and this older Seema had some great songs.

This new Seema boasts of this great Rafi -Sharda song.

The picturisation shows Simi Garewal listening to a Radio. Rafi’s voice is coming out of the radio and Simi Garewal is listening to this song and joining in singing ( in Sharda’s voice) towards the end of each of the three paras. The hero is also visible in the picturisation who is listening to the same song on a record player. Sans beard and mustache that became his identification marks later, he is difficult to identify, but it is none other than Kabir Bedi.

One can watch this video to see how Kabir Bedi and Simi Garewal looked in their younger days. Simi Garewal looks pretty in her all yellow dress. Kabir Bedi in his yellow shirt and blue pants, and cleanshaved appearance looks strange.

One can enjoy the song just by listening to the audio as well. Gulzar was the lyricist and Shankar Jaikishan had composed the music. Though it is a very nice song to listen to, it was nowhere in contention in Binaca geetmala programmes of that year, because the year 1971 was extremely rich in the quality and quantity of songs that were available for the listeners to choose from.



Song-Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai (Seema) (1971) Singer-Rafi, Sharda, lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai

honth chup chaap bolte ho jab
saans kuchh tez tez chalti ho
aankhen jab de rahi hon aawaazen
thandi aahon mein saans jalti ho
thandi aahon mein saans jalti ho
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai

aankhon mein tairti hai tasveeren
teraa chehraa teraa khayaal liye
aainaa dekhtaa hai jab mujhko
ek maasoom saa sawaal liye
ek maasoom saa sawaal liye
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai

koyi waadaa nahin kiyaa lekin
kyun teraa intzaar rahtaa hai
bewajah jab karaar mil jaaye
dil badaa bekaraar rahtaa hai
dil badaa bekaraar rahtaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai
jaane kaun aas paas hotaa hai
jab bhi ye dil udaas hotaa hai

16 Responses to "Jab bhi ye dil udaas hota hai"

Silent Chemistry between Kabir and Simi! Well done by Rafi!!


though i was born 18 yrs after the song was released..
m in love with it..
used 2 hear it over radio, but could not really know the whereabouts…
the descriptions vivid..


Another song from the movie is
wakt thoda sa abhi kuch aur guzar jane de,
dil mein uthta hua toofan theher jane de…
if you could find the song …..


hey atul please can you do something for the audio/video link. its not working anymore


I have provided a working link now.


thank you so very much


thank you. once again. saw the video after ages.
my chachu used to call it an “audience participation” song on the lines of Sunil dutt’s “Na Mooh Chhupa Ke Jiyo”.
if this was Simi’s “sad expression” then what must ve been her “Happy look” like!!!!????
and Kabir Bedi looks pensive and deeeeeep in thought
all said and done a wonderful song of that time, which i started liking after i grew up


Indeed Simi’s sad expression is indistinguishable from most people’s happy expression.


saw this song again today.
i am sure see is not sad in this song. when she is humming along with Rafi she is twirling and smiling.
same can be said about Kabir Bedi he is also smiling when pensive


I think, there is one pensive expression and then there is another pensive, i.e. dreamy of musing pensive. Also the colour co-ordinated clothes kind of pensive in this song 🙂 .

Saw and heard this song after a long time. Used to be my sister’s favourite songs.


This song has some divine effect, which is unexplainable.
Rafi’s voice and Sharda humming has taken this song to new heights of greatness. One never get tired of listening to this song again and again.


This song reminds me of my dad. He was so dear to me. Whenever I am in a depressing phase lost in his memories I always listen this song.


Heard It For The VERY FIRST Time In NOVEMBER 1971,Even TODAY It’s Impact Is,Amazingly,The SAME..! Just Gem Of A Rare-Awesome Combination Of ShankarJaikishan-Gulzar..One Can Notice Feel Of Prominence Of The Violins Right From The Very Beginning Of The Song&,Of Course,The ImaginationStimulating Lyrics & The Way They’ve Been Rendered By Rafi Saahab And ShaardaJi…Also I’m Sure Most Of The FilmMusic Lovers Must B Aware Of One More Coincidence:Music For BOTH The Movies,Seema(1955)&Seema(1971) Was Composed By ShankarJaikishan(Same With ChoriChori:1956 & ChoriChori:1972..!)


audio link




another video


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