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Chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai

Posted on: February 20, 2009

Just a few days back, I had commented that Bollywood movie songs containing the word “Chaand” which were quite frequent till 1960 had become conspicuous by their absence in the later decades.

The fact that mankind had landed on the moon was one reason, but another reason was that lyrics had been losing their importance in Bollywood songs and it was thought that music ( read disco music) could cover up for the absence of lyrics.

I am pleasantly surprised to find one song from 1980s that actually contains the word “Chaand”. And this song is very much similar to the nice songs that one got to listen to in the earlier decades.

The movie is “Sweekaar kiya maine ” (1983) and this song is a duet sung by Lata and Kishore Kumar.

Nida Fazli is the lyricist and Usha Khanna composed the music. This song was picturised on Vinod Mehra and Shabana Azmi who play a newly married couple who go off on a honeymoon. I have in fact put this song under a newly created category called “just married” song. I could have called it a honeymoon” song too, but then I decided on a more desi sounding category. 😉



Song-Chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai (Sweekaar kiya maine) (1983) Singers-Lata, Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Nida Fazli, MD-Usha Khanna


Chaand ke paas jo
Chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai
wo sitaara haseen lagta hai
wo sitaara haseen lagta hai
jab se tum ho meri nigaahon me
jab se tum ho meri nigaahon me
har nazaara haseen lagta hai
har nazaara haseen lagta hai
Chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai

zindagi do dilon ki chaahat hai
zindagi do dilon ki chaahat hai
zindagi do dilon ki chaahat hai
har khushi pyar ki amaanat hai
pyaar ke paas jo
pyaar ke paas jo sahaara hai
wo sahaara haseen lagta hai
wo sahaara haseen lagta hai
chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai

aaj ki raat hai muraadon ki
aaj ki raat hai muraadon ki
aaj ki raat hai muraadon ki
roshni hai naye iraadon ki
shama ke paas jo
shama ke paas jo sharaara hai
wo sharaara haseen lagta hai
wo sharaara haseen lagta hai
chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai
chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai
wo sitaara haseen lagta hai
wo sitaara haseen lagta hai
chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai

7 Responses to "Chaand ke paas jo sitaara hai"

Nice name “just married” instead of “honeymoon”. 🙂

You know what ? When I saw the title you posted, I thought – I’ve never heard this song before.

Then when I listened to it, I realised I had last heard this ages ago. Must have been around the time the movie was released. And not once since then. So it was very nice to listen to this song again.

And am seeing the picturisation for the first time. Have never even heard of this movie. Seeing the video made me a bit nostalgic – watch @1.00 to se e what I mean. She is having an “Illustrated Weekly” in her hand. 🙂

Nice song. Thanks, Atul.


“Illustarted weekly” in her hand. Yes, that magazine was still not defunct. Preetish Nandy, when he became the boss of this publication group, he made this magazine ( and in fact all magazines of the Bennett and Coleman group) defunct. I think that magazine group needed someone like IPL supremo to sell such magazines.

Back to the topic. This movie was well known to me thanks to its audio cassette. My memory is failing me, but I may even have watched this movie.


‘Illustrated Weekly’ reminds me color and black white photographs of great cricketers, which we use to cut and make album of them!!
‘Cricket’ used to be so ‘pure’ then…


I have never heard this song before or the movie, but I like this song, so it shows that some nice songs existed even after man landed on the moon!

I remembered two more “chand” songs:

1. Ae chand jahan woh jayen … from Sharda by Lataji
2. Ja jare chanda ja re … by Lataji from some unknown movie

and here is one more chayageet song:

Yeh raat yeh fizayen phir aayen ya na aayen … by Rafi and Asha

and an ode to mothers everywhere:

chalo chalein maa … by Asha

Thanks for all these great songs, Atul

My husband wants to know where you live in India, so that he can come and look at your collection of songs, on his next visit. Watch out!


My collection is not physical. It lies on my hard disk. So one cannot find it out however hard one looks. 🙂


i heard this song in my childhood on redio… after that i heard this before sometime… i thought this is the real melody of indian clasic…




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