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Bainya na dharo balma

Posted on: February 21, 2009

“Dastak” was far ahead of its time in 1970 when it was released. Forget 1970, the movie is ahead of its time even if it was released in 2009.

Little wonder that the movie failed to find much of an audience.

Luckily, its music was appreciated by Indian government and this movie got the award for best music in a movie awrd of 1970. It was the only such recognition that Madan Mohan got in his lifetime.

Despite such recognition, public recognition eluded the music of this movie.

Now, albeit belatedly, the music of “Dastak” is receiving rave reviews from knowledgeable listeners.

There are many nice songs in this movie. In fact, this movie is a treasure trove of Lata-Madan Mohan classic songs.

I have already posted two songs from this movie. Here is another superb Lata song from this movie that goes “Bainya na dharo, balma.”. It is a superb composition, as always. And let us not forget th contribution of Majrooh Sultanpuri. It was perhaps the first and last time that Majrooh worked with Madan Mohan, and what superb lyrics he wrote for this movie. Just out of this world.

Song-Bainya na dharo balma (Dastak) (1970) Singer- Lata, Lyrics- Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD- Madan Mohan


bainyaa na dharo, o balmaa,

bainyaa na dharo, o balmaa
bainyaa na dharo, o balmaa
na karo mose raa… r
bainyaa na dharo o balmaa

dhalegi chunariyaa, tan se
dhalegi chunariyaa, tan se … tan se …tan se
aa aa aa…
dhalegi chunariyaa, tan se
hansengi re choodiyaan chhan se
hansengi re choodiyaan chhan se … chhan se
hansengi re choodiyaan
machegi jhanakaa … r …
bainyaa na dharo … na dharo … na dharo, o balmaa

Mohe chhodo haaye, sajna, mohe chhodo haye,
mohe chhodo, mohe, chhodo, chhodo sajna
Mohe chhodo haaye, sajna
Diya sees uthaaye, sajna
Diya sees uthaaye, uthaaye, sajna,
deeya sees uthaaye sajna
rahaa mohe nihaar
baiyyan na dharo na dharo na dharo o balma

main to aap bahki bahki
main to aap bahki bahki bahki,bahki bahki aa … aa … aa
main to aap bahki bahki
chaloon jaise mahki mahki
chaloon jaise mahki … mahki
chaloon jaise mahki

chameliyaa ki daa … r
bainyaa na dharo, o balamaa
na karo mose raa … r
bainyaa na dharo … na dharo … na dharo,


10 Responses to "Bainya na dharo balma"

What a beautiful song! Lata’s voice and Madan Mohan’s music – an unbeatable combination!

Glad to see your review of this superb song. As I had pointed out in an earlier comment at a different Dastak song, the special feature of this particular song is that Lata has sung it using her lowest pitch ever (I had also read this in a music experts’ essay on Lata Mangeshkar). Typically most of Lata’s popular songs are sung in a higher pitch.

The lyrics of the song given here are not complete . there is another stanza which goes like “mohe chhodo hai sajna ……” . Request you to kindly update the complete lyrics of the song .

There is absolutely no doubt that the era of timeless and superb music went away with the 70’s . These days they donot make the kind of songs that we can swoon over even 5 years hence forget 30 years .

Have been hearing Dastak songs on your site since last 2 days and can’t have enough of it, especially, Mayi ri main kaase kahoon…woh gaana dil ke aar paar utar jata hai..
wrt to this song, the second antara is missing which is as below.
Atulji kindly update the song.
Mohe chhodo haaye, sajna, mohe chhodo haye,
mohe chhodo, mohe, chhodo, chhodo sajna
Mohe chhodo haaye, sajna
Diya sees uthaye, sajna
Diya sees uthaye, uthaye, sajna, deeya sees uthaye sajna
Raha mohe nihaar
Baiyyan na dharo o balma

Also would like to chip in a few thoughts; the film was very well appreciated especially as a bold, arty and a realistic movie vis-a-vis the song and dance movie. the movie won several awards national and otherwise. Rehana Sultan instantly got acclaimed as a bold and sensitive actress. Unfortunately after a couple of movies her boldness got exploited in C grade movies and she was then rejected.
Sanjeev kumar also got a new image of being a sensitive actor.
And of course the music was the strong hold of the film.
As far as I remember the movie was a hot discussion of the elite intellectuals.
And I would also like to humbly say that Madan Mohan’s music was always appreciated unlike what is written in your posts. People were in fact very sympathetic about the fate of his films. Lata Mangeshkar used to tie a rakhee on him and he was quite a favourite.
But awards are not just based on ones calibre and quality, there are many factors, the fate, success and popularity of the film, the lobby that you belong to, the competitors, etc.
Also would like to add, Atulji you are doing a great service to people like us who appreciate not just music but the history, geography, physics, chemistry of it..
thank you

Indeed it is a stunning composition. Now I have included link to a diffeent clip containing the full song, as well as the missing lyrics.

Dear Atul,
Other movies for which Majrooh Sultanpuri wote where MD was Madan Mohan
Aakhri Daao (1958), Akeli Mat Jaiyyo (1963), Baaghi (1953), Chirag (1969), Ek Sholaa (1958), Night Club (1958)
This is in response to your statement ” It was perhaps the first and last time that Majrooh worked with Madan Mohan, and what superb lyrics he wrote for this movie” in the above post.

Thanks for this information.


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