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Tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diya

Posted on: February 21, 2009

The movie is called “Chhaila Babu”, but it is not the Rajesh Khanna starrer of 1970s, rather this was a movie that was produced in early 1960s.

This movie was produced by small time producers who were unable to produce the movie in time. Finally they were able to release it after 5-6 years, in 1967, and the movie flopped.

As befits a movie made on a shoe string budget, the producers had adopted various cost cutting measures. One of these measures was hiring newcomer music directors to compose music.

Luckily for the makers of this movie, the music directors that they hired were called Laxmikant Pyarelal. Even more luckily, Rafi, the leading male singer of the day would help out just about anyone who sought his help.

Legend has it that when Laxmikant Pyarelal, summoning great courage, handed over an envelope to Rafi saab as his fees, containing a few rupees that they had managed to somehow collect, Rafi handed the money back to them, telling them that it was the shagun that he was giving them on the occasion of their debut recording as music directors. He wished that the duo would scale great peaks in their career.

Whenever I recall this incidence, I cannot but help feel humbled by the greatness of Rafi as a human being.

I am not sure if this was the song in which this happened. But there is a good chance that this was indeed that song. Arguable, this was the very first song that Rafi recorded for Laxmikant Pyarelal. Thanks to the financial troubles that th makers of this movie faced, this song did not see the light of the day for the next five years. In the meanwhile, “Parasmani” was released and the Rafi song from that movie “Salaamat raho” became the first Rafi-LP song to get released.

But the fact remains that this Rafi-LP song from “ChhailaBabu” was the first Rafi song that was recorded for LP.

So here is this historical song from “Chhaila Babu”. And this is a superb song. Asad Bhopali was its lyricist. Video recording of this song is not available so far, but I am informed that this song was picturised on Subiraj.
PS-Thanks to Mr Sadanand Kamath, now I am aware of the video of this song too, which is picturised on Subbiraj and Naaz.

Here is this rare and historical song from the movie “Chhaila Babu”.



Song-Tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diya (Chhaila Babu) (1967) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diyaa tere gham ki umr daraaz ho
tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diyaa tere gham ki umr daraaz ho
wo zamaanaa aaye Khudaa kare mere pyaar par tujhe naaz ho
tere pyaar ne

meraa pyaar lootne waale jaa tu tamaam umr jawaan rahe
meraa pyaar lootne waale jaa tu tamaam umr jawaan rahe
teri zindagi mein bahaar ho
teri zindagi mein bahaar ho
meri zindagi me khizaan rahe
mere saath ho meri bebasi tere saath naghmaa-o-saaz ho
tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diyaa tere gham ki umr daraaz ho
tere pyaar ne

kahin aur chal mere dil yahaan kabhi laut kar nahin aayenge
kahin aur chal mere dil yahaan kabhi laut kar nahin aayenge
mili dil lagaane ki wo sazaa
mili dil lagaane ki wo sazaa ke kahin bhi dil na lagaayenge
use kyaa pataa ke wafaa hai kyaa jise bewafaayi pe naaz ho
tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diyaa tere gham ki umr daraaz ho
wo zamaanaa aaye Khudaa kare mere pyaar par tujhe naaz ho
tere pyaar ne


13 Responses to "Tere pyaar ne mujhe gham diya"

Hi Atul,

What a grandiose song !!!! I first heard of this song 5 years back, in connection with a Shraddanjali prog that we did in Muscat for Rafi’s 25 th death anniversary. While this song was not in the prog, the VOICE of Radio Ceylone , the great Ameen Sayaniji, who graciously presented our program, sent us a clipping of this song over mail. Yes you are indeed right, it was this song for which the great Rafi returned Rs 500 each to Lakshmikant and Pyarelal (they only had Rs 1000 to give him , which was far below his market rate then), saying that they must produce more such melodies together for posterity to enjoy ! I have heard an interview by LP in which they acknowledge this.

I dont have this song with me and the audio above keeps buffering… What a voice, LP went to Rafi saying that none but he could do justice to this song and his velvet voice just carresses each syllable that was penned by Asad Bhopali. Did you notice that this song reminds one of Salamat Raho… (same raaag base)- as you say it was recorded around the same time by LP… another of their early beautiful creations. Let us see if we can get the original video sequence and update ourselves if we find it.

Thanks for commenting and that too in such detail on this song,Mr Venkat Krishnan. And welcome to this blog.

And I just remembered that the VCDs of this movie are indeed available. In fact, I too had it with me. Let me see if the video of this song is there in the VCD.

I chanced upon this informative artcile posted by squarecutatul after I had downloaded the song from youtube. I had heard this song on akashwani in my childhood and the song has always haunted me. It is a rare gem. I am amazed that this was the first song recorded by Rafi for LP! Thanks for the info.

For me this is one of the few greatest songs I have ever heared.I have been searching through countless web sites to get it downloaded but invain.Hope u will help me.

This song is picturised on Subi Raj and Baby also there in the picturisation. I feel, readers may be better off listening to the audio clip than the video clip. Anyway, the video link is here :

This song truly belongs to Mohammed Rafi and Asad Bhopali. The sparkles in the composition of L-P have come from them.

Excellent….!!!!! I had listened this song, a few years back and since then I am fond of this.. thanks Atul for the wonderful info!

When I read the article , I was surprised at the information since I had forgotten all about it myself. 🙂

before about a year i had come to know about this song and it touched me a lot……..thanx for a vast and useful information about this song

Thanks for the comment. Thanks to you I myself had an opportunity to read my own article after such a long time. 🙂

can someone please translate this for the those who do not understand all the words—i can understand most of it, but not all, pls help

Just chanced upon to know the background story behind recording of this evergreen Rafi’s magnificent song. He was really a great human being yet so humble and polite.

Subhanallah , gods gift to mankind Mohammad rafis voice was amazing and so pleasant to the human ear that when he sang effortless his voice makes us feel addicted , surely with his humbleness and highly moral character he was a Sufi of his time which no singer can compare on to him as confirmed by the whole world. This song really touches your inner self .

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