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Koyi chupke se aake

Posted on: March 6, 2009

“Anubhav”, a 1971 movie had a few nice songs. But few people were aware of them since the movie sank without a trace and took the songs with it.

In case one is in the lookout for forgotten musical treasures from old Bollywood movies, “Anubhav” offers good results. There are at least four nice songs in this movie. I have already posted three of them.

Here is the fourth song from this movie. Sung by Geeta Dutt ( perhaps her last movie as a playback singer), this song is written by Kapil Kumar and the music is composed by Kanu Roy.

Listening to this song is indeed a nice anubhav (experience).

Song-Koyi chupke se aake (Anubhav) (1971) Song-Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Kapil Kumar, MD- Kanu Roy


koyi chupke se aake
sapne sulaake
mujhko jagaake bole
ki main aa rahaa hoon
kaun aaye
ye main kaise jaanun
koyi chupake se aake …

door kahin bole papeehaa
piyaa aa, mausam suhaanaa
tarse hai koyi yahaan
aa bhi jaa, karke bahaanaa
kaun saa bahaanaa, kaisaa bahaanaa
kitnaa mushkil hai ye bataanaa
dekho phir bhi koyi bhaa rahaa hai
kaun bhaaye ye main kaise jaanun
koyi chupke se aake …

pyaasaa hai dil kaa gagan
pyaar ki agni jalaaye
palkon mein qaid hai saawan
honthon tak baat naa aaye
baat aate aate raat ho gayi
chaahon ki baaraat chhod gayi saath
baat aate aate ho gayi raat
itnii raat gaye kaise gaaun
dekho phir bhi koyi gaa rahaa hai
kaun gaaye ye main kaise jaanun
koyi chupke se aake …


6 Responses to "Koyi chupke se aake"

Thanks ever so much, Atul, for playing all my favorite Geeta Dutt farmaishes, and all the songs from Anubhav. I saw what you said about the movie and its songs sinking without a trace, and I am surprised because these songs are so beautiful. I am not even sure how I remember these songs, but I do know I saw this movie with my parents, and I cannot recall its making any great impression on me then. I was looking for all the romantic movies then!

Thanks again, Atul, for playing all these wonderful songs.

Anubhav is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Music is wonderful. Even after so many decades I still love those beautiful and melodies songs. Thanks for playing them. Unfortunate that the movie was a box office failure.


Revisited this song after years as I was getting stuck.and I found a typo in the first line of the mukhda
koyi chupke se aake sapne sajaake
sapne sulaake mujhko jagaake

I think it should be only
koyi chupke se aake
sapne sulaake mujhko jagaake
Can u please check it up

Wow,you have reminded me of what wonderful songs today. They are Lalitha ji’s fairmaish .

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