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Titli udi ud jo chali

Posted on: April 7, 2009

“Suraj”(1966) was the biggest musical blockbuster of the year and its song “bahaaron” phool barsaao” went on to become the most popular song of the year in Binaca geetmala finals.

The second most popular song from the movie (21st in Binaca geetmala finals that year) was a song which had really caught the imaginations of the nation. It was called “titli udi, ud jo chali”. The unusual lyrics by Shailendra and the unusual voice of Sharda, who was being promoted big time by Shankar Jaikishan, was a big rage at the time.

With passage of time, no one will now call this song a timeless classic. A song that people could not have enough of those days in not really all that hot now. And reasons are not far to seek. The limitations of Sharda’s voice could not stand the test of time. She sounds so nasal and shrill now that I found it a pain to listen to this song enough number of times that was needed to get the lyrics right.

This is a “chariot” song, what with Vyjyanti Mala and Mumtaz driving a chariot and Vyjyanti Mala singing this song.

So here is this song, for old times sake.

Song-Titl udi (Suraj) (1966) Singer-Sharda, Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


titli udi ud jo chali
phool ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli kahe main chali aakash
titli udi ud jo chali
phool ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli kahe main chali aakash

khilen hain gagan me taaron ke jo phool
wahin meri manzil kaise jaaun bhool
jahan nahin bandhan na koyi riwaaz
jaana hai wahaan mujhe badalon ke paar
titli udi ud jo chali
phool ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli kahe main chali aakash

phool ne kahaa tera jaana hai bekaar
kaun hai wahan jo kare tera intezaar
boli titli donon pankh pasaar
wahan pe milega mera Rajkumar
titli udi ud jo chali
phool ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli kahe main chali aakash

titli ne poori jab kar lee udaan
nayi duniya mein huyi nayi pehchaan
mila use sapanon kKa Rajkumar
titli ko mil gaya mann chaha pyaar
titli udi ud jo chali
phool ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli kahe main chali aakash
titli udi ud jo chali
phool ne kaha
aaja mere paas
titli kahe main chali aakash

5 Responses to "Titli udi ud jo chali"

Thanks for posting this, Atul.
I know that you don’t like Sharada’s voice at all, so you probably posted this because of my farmaish. Thanks.

Her voice is refreshingly different.
Am not comparing it with Lata or Asha or anybody but it is always nice to have variety. In that sense, it was good to have a new singer around at that time.

Anyway, the “market” decided and she did not go too far with her voice. She managed just a handful of hits – this is definitely one of her biggest hits, if not her biggest.


iam a new comer to this site but thanks a great job being done by you.
the song succeeded in spite of a new comer’s odd voice introduced by shankar when his relations with latha soured.
this speaks of the great musical wizards that s-j were.
incidently,if i remember correct, the surAj scored over guide bagging filmfare best music award raising a controversy.


Welcome to this blog, Mr Partha sarathy.


Beautiful song, at least I like it and never went off my memory.
Can someone make out which garden is in the background at the beginning of song?
“Chandigarh – Pinjour or Mysore – Vrindavan”


Recently i saw a video clip on that Sharda ji is singing same song in a private party.I think she is settled in USA.
nice song.LOve to see VaijantiMala in this..So beautiful!


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